Taipei MRT Daan Park Station

Taipei MRT Daan Park Station

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Department of Rapid Transit Systems of Taipei City

Taipei MRT Daan Park Station

SCFC as Architects

It has been 20 years since the Metro system first established in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei. As an underground system, the entrance to the station normally appears like a matchbox on the streetlike cities worldwide, without any opportunity to interact with its environment. When the extension plan revealed, an ambitious new line, which needles the city’s hot attractions carried out by the city’s public transport bureau. A proposed station site in the city’s biggest green space, the Daan Forest Park, creates a great opportunity to introduce a new idea for Metro station design.

The schemeproposed by the design team during the competition was totally out of the juries’ imagination. Unlike the matchbox design, it is literally a station in the park, which breaks the boundary between station and Daan ForestPark.But enormous debatesacross departments within the city governmentcomes after. In the long run,theconclusion was made by the mayor so the radical idea was able to live up. The proposal aims to transform the metro station from a passive transport service into a vibrant city hub, which connects people, environment and at the same time stimulates porosity. The tactic of embedding the station into the park has also created a gate in the North, which used to be alow active section. The park is therefore getting more accessible and the station has become a jolly linkage, leading citizens to multiple destinations and activities.

The station tries to fit in the park and melt in the landform. A semi-circular sunken, stepping down to the platform level extends the landscape into underground. It opens up the dark tubular station to sunlight and fresh air. With the arrangement of elevation control, layers of plaza, corridor and meeting placeswere created and thesurrounding plantation can effectively absorb the noise from people’s activities. While travelers alight at the station, they will be driven by their biological instinct, seeking sunlight and breeze to lead their way to the park. The transition between inside and outside brings the joyof nature and ultimately, turning the daily commuteintoa wonderful journey.

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