Nacasa & Partners

TANGO:private residence & commercial space

N MAEDA ATELIER as Architects

This is a quest for how to intentionally generate communication between private space and public space.

The space configuration is simple, five "rings" randomly embedded in the cross-sectional deign between the walls on either side.

The use for the rings is primarily appropriated to private rooms such as bedroom and nursery, and the space remaining after positioning the rings turns out to be the lounge, vaulted great room, and bath. The rings are positioned away from each other, so the outside world and the actions of the dweller flow through.

The scenery looking up at the vaulted ceiling at first seems to be quite complicated, but this is just unintentional scenes suddenly manifesting themselves from each gap or opening.

The public area is the consequential remainder of the private area, so the form of the walls and ceiling creating this is not planned, but rather due to after-the-fact decisions. However, the absence of planning generates an air which could not be obtained through normal communication.

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Build completed in 2004
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