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Technologiezentrum Seestadt tz2

Technologiezentrum Seestadt tz2

ATP architects engineers
Seestadtstraße, Vienna, Austria | View Map
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Technologiezentrum Seestadt tz2

ATP architects engineers as Architects

A campus for innovation and industry 4.0

A “Hotspot for Industry 4.0” in Vienna:

The newly-opened tz2 is located right next to the first phase of the Technology Center, the very first building in Seestadt. Known as “aspern IQ” this was completed in 2012 according to plans drawn up by ATP architects engineers (Vienna). As a ‘Plus Energie’ office building tz1 received a number of awards and was declared the flagship project of the 240-hectare Seestadt complex. The new building is now writing the next chapter of this story: ATP also won an anonymous, EU-wide, realization competition for the execution of this second phase, as a result of which it was commissioned to provide integrated design services with BIM (Building Information Modeling). In order to meet the requirements for efficiency and flexibility the experience gained by the facility managers of the first building was also incorporated into the design of the second phase.


Urban gesture:

The designers were required to develop a modular building structure with individually expandable rental areas. To achieve this, ATP designed – in contrast with the perimeter block approach taken by most office buildings – a systematic and flexible structure based on an H form and the fan-like organization of the building elements. Shifts in the geometry enabled the 5,600 m² of lettable space to be optimally positioned on Plot C4 of the complex. An open entrance area acts as a meeting place that establishes the character of the ensemble and provides an interface with the public realm.


Light and electricity for the tenants:

The central foyer is home to a Europe-wide innovation. Roof-mounted daylight collectors follow the sun during the day and use innovative fiber optic technology to carry daylight into the heart of the building and flood the foyer with light. When combined with artificial light this innovative system not only achieves a new quality of illumination but also saves electricity and enlivens the interior. The roof of the zero-energy building, which was built to passive building standards, is home to the largest photovoltaic plant of its type to be found on a commercial building, from which the individual tenants can directly draw their electricity.


Industrial aesthetic:

While tz2 resembles “number one” in terms of materiality and color it has more industrial flair. A heavy-duty screed, steel balustrades and fair-faced concrete columns are particularly prominent on the ground floor, where the workshop courtyards and multifunctional production areas meet the needs of Industry 4.0. Office space for research and development in the areas of automation and production technology is planned for the upper floors. ATP also used the language of industrial architecture externally by stylistically continuing but subtly varying the metal façade of tz1. 

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