Trancoso, Brazil

Private Houses
Triptyque, VZO Studio and Luigi Dias


Triptyque as Architects

Triptyque Architecture introduces TEMPO, a set of 9 houses integrated in the exuberant nature of the Trancoso village, in the Bahia region of Brazil.

Trancoso, an historic village who became the fantasy of the lost tropical paradise, the symbol of a fully preservation of the colonial architecture and the Bahia flora. The village is placed on top of a hill overlooking the sea and the river, behind, the dense jungle extends. In the village center, the Quadrado, a rectangular square dominated by a small white church and surrounded by colored houses; at its entrance: the land of 1776m2 dedicated to the residential project TEMPO.

This land is a piece of the jungle where there are among others, Gamaleira, a huge tree of 10m diameter, sacred in African culture and symbolizing the time. No trees will be removed, on the contrary, each of the 9 housing units will receive a local tree who will grow in the center of its architecture. The project promotes a process of reforestation instead of a designed landscape.

This architecture echoes the traditional pattern of colonial houses: the hub of life is at the center of the house, it is a large outdoor terrace integrated in the surrounding nature. The architecture is refined, leaving the first part to the wealth nature of the place. The materials: wood and concrete, come from the region within an area of maximum 250km around Trancoso. The scale respects the density of the village, the units are unique and privileged. The residential complex offers a common area to relax around a pool and a bar.

TEMPO is also a social initiative: Crescendo com TEMPO in which all providers guarantee the training of local apprentices to enhance and sustain local crafts (carpentry, weaving straw, clay ...).

TEMPO invested into time of growth, time of learning; and the project meets its environment by integrating it gently.

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