The Bronze

The Bronze

Kod Arkitekter
Mariehäll, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden
Project Year
Måns Berg

The Bronze

Kod Arkitekter as Architects

How do you design a high quality residential building on a site that largely consists of a blasted rock face? With The Bronze we saw the possibility to heal the landscape and strengthen the surroundings. We wanted to create a visual connection between the adjacent street and the rock face and woodland behind the site. In order to achieve this, we decided to divide the structure into three separate housing blocks. With a careful placing of the volumes and terracing of the courtyards we could then ensure that the right views were established. Different heights, shapes and angles utilize the site in the best way possible.


The rock also worked as an inspiration when deciding on the visual expression of the project. Sharpness and clarity are two words that can describe the architecture of The Bronze. The bronze-shimmering façade is the signature of the building, made of sheet metal panels with different tint and embossing. By arranging the panels in a certain pattern, visual effects were created, highlighting the different material treatments.

The sheet metal panels also emphasize the sharp angles and corners of the housing blocks. The balconies are an example of this, where the panels visually seal and hold the volume together while accentuating the edges of the building. The perforated panels with square pattern gives the balconies transparency and connects to the pattern of the French balconies. The shiny surface of the façade works well in contrast to the gentle expression of the wood windows and the glazed wood panel behind the balconies. The façade goes all the way down to the ground, which makes the housing blocks look like monoliths, and the expression of the façade changes depending on the current weather. In sunshine it glows in the shades of gold, and in overcast weather it appears matt and sober.


The well-planned apartments all have large windows and either a balcony or a French balcony to enable for the light to reach far into the rooms. Each apartment is given a maximum of façade wall to create bright open interiors. Altogether, The Bronze is a building that corresponds with the surrounding nature as well as the adjacent street. It is also a building with a strong visual expression – the sharp form and shiny materials providing connotations to bronze and stone. 

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