The Danish Sommerhus

The Danish Sommerhus

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The Danish Sommerhus – Inspiring life

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Whether on the edge of a serene lake among pine trees or nestled in the soft white dunes of the Danish coastline, the archetypal summerhouse or in Danish –sommerhus represents far more than just a holiday home.  It embodies the unique Danish way of life, its culture and values.

The tradition of the summerhouse goes back to the 19th century when Danes would move to the vast coastal areas during the summer months, to escape busy city life and enjoy time with family and friends. 

Lasse Andersson, Creative Director of the Utzon Centre, explains how the summerhouse is woven into the fabric of Danish life, through its relationship with the landscape, use of natural materials, pure design and the idea of ‘small living’.

The warm natural materials perfectly frame the unique brushed gold finish - it is one of the 27 VOLA colours available and is part of the Exclusive Colour Series.


The essence of the summerhouse is its proximity to nature and to water. It is nothing to do with status or wealth but all about the celebration of tradition, the memories collected and the way that the limited space encourages a re-evaluation of life. This relationship with the natural world helps to refocus the way we live. 

Sustainability has always been ingrained in the Danish DNA, so the concept of the summerhouse perfectly demonstrates the idea of intelligent design within small spaces, conscious consumption and valuing the simple things in life.


It showcases the Danish love of natural materials that are sustainably sourced and long-lasting, as well as a tradition of pure design and craft techniques that go back centuries, including carpentry, masonry and thatching.

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