The Fairy O

The Fairy O

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The Fairy O - Museum of Hans Christian Andersen

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The Fairy O is a “Fairytale break“ in the urban form of Odense.The garden brings visitors to enter in a surreal world in a sudden: the woods, the dunes, a single tall fir,flowers, and grass.

The itinerary to the House of Fairytale starts in the garden, which is made with the elements that tellsimplicitly the fragments and recalls the various scene of the fairytale. The ramp on the side of Bangs Boderconnects the roof to the ground and makes it as a part of the garden. The visitors are firstly guided by theinternal loop to the underground world of Andersen’s fairytale, where the various scenes of fairytale arerepresented by the change of natural light. Then the loop brings the visitors to the world above ground,always circulated by the fairytale garden. In the end, the itinerary finishes at the birth house of Andersen,where visitors are able to discover the life of the author and create their own story with the personalelectronic device.

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