The “Heads“: Growing Your Avatar

The “Heads“: Growing Your Avatar

Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.
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Edwin Lo

The “Heads“: Growing Your Avatar

Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd. as Architects

Our two inflatable“heads”, are the houses for two facial scanning machines that will capture the faces of the visitors, their faces will be then projected onto an “avatar” –digital mannequins - by choice, whom are dressed in the works by four fashion designers.

In essence, the creation of these sculptures an attempt to explore the boundaries between architecture, fashion and the digital spatial dimension. The “heads” are monumental in presence, but they are made from very thin membrane material, just like our human body, fragile and are essential the first pieces of “architecture” that houses our soul and mind. This “skin” is metaphorically similar with the nature of fashion; a “second skin” that allow human to be portraited and perceived differently.

Now let us add-on the digital dimension: if our mind is protected by our body, and the clothes we wore protected us, what if both our mind, body and the clothes that we wore were all may enter another world? Is that digital dimension a form of protection, or a fabricated reality?

“Growing your Avatar” is the second collaboration with fashion designer/musician Eugene Leung.

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