The Lighting Gallery by M

The Lighting Gallery by M

Singapore, Singapore
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M+Archguild60 by MYNA completes The Lighting Gallery where Lights meet Colors in Singapore

MYNA as Interior Architects

“The space allows visitors to feel the variety of lights, learn the brands’ philosophy through a small journey “ says Ryo Otsuka, Design Principal.

In order to maximize the visitors’ flow and to control the view, the diagonal layout was proposed. The layout successfully brought the extent and the depth of the perceptual space. The visitors are able to experience a journey of lights in sequence by just walking around the gallery.

Colours solve a puzzle which requires to exhibit 5 brands fit within a limited space, transitions hue and chrome make visitors feel expanse of space. Each brand’s theme colour was carefully chosen through the brands analysis and this theme colour was applied to the ceilings, walls, floors at each brand’s space to represent their brand philosophy as well as to identify the space visually. The special painting method was also essential to showcase the beauty of light where light reflects. Done by specialist, the spotted finish faux painting made possible to vary the shade of light, the tone of colour and the gradation of the sense of brightness. These reflected surfaces are merged into one, leaving only unpainted surface floating to draw visitor’s attention.

On top of the theme colours and their special finishes, the proposal was to represent the transition of time and space along with the sequence by utilizing the difference of colour lightness. Based on 11 stages of Munsell lightness, the theme color assigned to each exhibition area was set to four levels of lightness.

“The custom painting method was essential to visualize the beauty of light within such an abstract space” says Yaeko Hashimoto, Principal Lighting Designer.

M+Archguild60 is a collaborative architectural and lighting design division of MYNA Design & Craft Pte Ltd. Its design approach was unique, lighting design to initiate space planning. In this project, those exhibited products were also curated by designer considering the daylight penetration, to be illuminated, not to be illuminated, how the back ground to be. The lighting fixtures and their emitting light are taking the leading role while the furniture and surfaces as a supporting role within the abstract exhibition space. This “served and servant” relationship between two was expressed by precisely planned lighting effect resulting the project truly represents how the Lighting Gallery should be.

BIO : M+Archguild60 by MYNA M+Archguild60 is a collaborative architectural and lighting design division of MYNA Design & Craft Pte Ltd initiated in 2014 to build a designer’s multi-platform for collaboration in various design projects at Asian countries. Professional architects from both Singapore and Japan to contribute to extend our design meme with unique and authentic methods in tradition of Japanese local construction technique and philosophy into the foreign market in different cultural environment and design ecology. MYNA was founded by Ryo Otsuka, an architect, design principal, working under his direction brings together teams made up of architects, interior designers, lighting designers, graphic designers and artists. Our design consultancy services are specializing in architectural & interior design, lighting design and product design with experiences and vast networks of young professional talents in Singapore.


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