The Photo Company

The Photo Company

Lovekar Design Associates
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Project Year
Hemant Patil

The Photo Company

Lovekar Design Associates as Architects

The Photo Company-A Photographer’s studio


The project is a photography studio complex. The premise, based in Pune, India, which was earlier a factory complex, was in an abandoned and dilapidated state. This area was in a no-development zone, hence it was not allowed to build any additional covered structure outside the limits of the existing structures in the complex.


A Factory shed was converted into the studio for the photography, while the other 2 low- rise structures were converted into an image processing unit and an office respectively. An unused space between the new office and the factory shed was converted into a transition court. This court provides light and ventilation to the office. An L- shaped wall flanks the court on the front side, providing some enclosure and highlights the entrance to the office. Linear, multi-colored windows in wood, open out the office façade to the landscaped entrance court with plants and green benches.


On the other side of the plot was the main access to the factory shed with a watchman’s cabin and an outdoor toilet. This area was worked on by re-designing the toilet area and creating a frame in brickwork with a bamboo pergola that gave an identity to the space. Sustainability is achieved by using the existing structure with minimal changes to the architectural footprint. The climate in India being hot, doesn’t allow for large openings. The structure, therefore, has minimal windows and obtains light and ventilation through the front windows and the open to sky side court. Natural elements such as light and air along with architectural characters and colors that are local to the tropical climate of India forms the design language. An unused factory complex was thus converted into a contemporary studio for a young photographer with minimal expenditure and in a short time frame.


Material Used :

1. Paints – Asian Paints
2. Glass - Saint Gobain
3. Flooring Indian Patent Stone

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Asian PaintsPaints
Saint-Gobain Glass HQSaint-Gobain Glass HQGlass
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