The Straw
Trieu Chien

The Straw

MIA design studio as Architects

The pavilion is designed to be a venue for architectural events. When first come to the site, we immediately feel the presence of nature here, of various plants and greenery, and the need to assert it through out our design.

We decide to create a structure that can be blend itself into its surrounding environment, the special features is all about the mixing, the lightness, the hiding,the penetration.. The result is an organic structure just like a straw sitting the garden.  

The straw is an image of memory, one that belongs to the Vietnamese countryside. Once Architect attaches to consiousness and arouse memories, it touches the heart of the people who see it.

The straw is an also entity that is able to completely blend itself into the nature context. Not parading around shapes as well as materials, we hope it is able to appear and disappear with time slightly with no direct interaction to the garden itself.

In the most perspicuous way, this is a structure which does not damage the one existing, it blends in smoothly. 

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Product Spec Sheet
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