Tamás Bujnovszky

THE THREAD by Artem Kitaev & Leonid Slonimskiy (Kosmos Architects) and Blanca Garcia Gardelegui

Kosmos Architects as Architects

Team: Willie Vogel, Aleksandra Liszewska, Niklas Niemeyer, Patryk Slusarski, Martin Spalek, Esther Ellingsen, Martyna Rajewska, Jazmin Charalambous In the world of communication and global exchange of cultures, walls should unite people and not divide them. As such this project is a wall but a new kind of wall - it attracts rather than separates. It questions physical borders and proposes transforming the typology of a wall from a space-divider into a functional infrastructural space itself which can provide shelter as well as provide for communal, commercial and cultural activities.The structure is built in layers according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The ground floor provides shelter for basic human necessities such as sleeping and the top floor offers space for spiritual necessities such as the need for self-expression. The team built one layer per day, each marked by a ritual of one activity: from sleeping and eating on first days to love and self-actualization on the last days.

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An Intimate Apartment In Lavasan
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An Intimate Apartment In Lavasan

End alley golemaryam, Sarafarazian Street, Imam Khomeini Blvd, lavasan, Iran - Build completed in 2016
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