Think different

Think different

Sergio Walter Nieto
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Think different

Sergio Walter Nieto as Architects

Thinkdifferent The main idea for the Factory Wall is think different. Why not use the opportunity of change the facade to change the interior of the Factory? For this reason the idea proyecto consist in create a secon skin, one of these in the exterior and the other inside the Factory. We can change the Windows, change the light of the Factory and we can change the use of this Wall.

And what happend if we think different a little bit more. We use the change to change the volume of the Factory, we can use two new volumes to make a new space arround the Factory.

System Euromax systemis a new way to understand the skin of a building, we can use our imagination to make art with aluminium, for this reason Think different use the aluminium and the capacity of this material to reflec light to incorporate to the Project.

The panels are the way to introduce light inside the Factory. The Project consist of three parts: First, doble skin of aluminium panels, exterior and inside Factory. Second use light to change the interior space Third change the volume of the Factory with two new volumes that run away of the facade.

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Mixed Use properties at Markt Street
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Mixed Use properties at Markt Street

Bielefeld, Germany - Build completed in 2018
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