Think Of It! Both Cafe and Restro.

Think Of It! Both Cafe and Restro.

Studio Lagom
Piplod, Surat, Gujarat, India | View Map
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Think Of It! Both Cafe & Restro.

Studio Lagom as Architects

The visual aesthetic at Think of It is organic and free-flowing, with materials, colours and forms that are grounded to the earth. The seating options range from the al fresco to ones with varying degrees of semi-openness. Immediately bordering the void of the courtyard are smooth cement ‘benches’ created in situ. While to one side of the entrance lobby is a section shielded by a slim undulating ferrocement wall with cut-outs — more screen than wall — to the other is an open section, both are roofed by corrugated GI sheets whose edges are cut such that they, collectively, reinforce the organic look and feel. And of course, where would a garden restaurant be without plants. Curated tropical greenery — frangipani, heliconia, dracaena, bamboo, banana, bougainvillea, and many more — imbue the restaurant with natural freshness.

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