Transparent Landscape

Transparent Landscape

Unsangdong Architects

Transparent Landscape

Unsangdong Architects as Architects

No place is formed without the origin, the past, and the construction. Everything is composed by numerous vestiges piled one by one. By the way of composing accumulation of the vestiges, place's memory and scenery is changing.

We suggest a transparent hill, a sculpture-like landscape, that is made in a process of changing the stacked land's memory and the scenery in to an artificial hill. The transparent landscape is a transparent intervention that is not clearly appeared in nature and is simultaneously a frame of the scenery. We compose an iron plate-stepped landscape to make combination and communication of the future and the past. The inside of the stepped landscape is a semi-external space, in-between the space we put the chimney-recycling flower pot with the natural landscape on the mound. Through the transparent stepped sculpture, we tried to make a piece of the harmony between the chimney of the past and the scenery of the present.

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