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Triade takes place in the Saint-Sauveur downtown neighbourhood in Quebec City, in which many buildings are in old, in poor conditions and are slowly being replaced by new projects that contribute to the urban densification. The configuration of the townhouses is a hybrid between the plex (a urban housing typology born in Scotland during the 1830’s and imported in Montreal around the 1880’s that consists in the superposition of two to four one-story flat) and the traditional family house; the occupants enjoy the urban location’s amenities such as public life and public transportation systems while keeping their privacy and their independence from neighbours The alcoves at the front entrances create thresholds that privatize units, while above, the frames dynamize the whole facade. Split-levels are the key for the extremely compact three-story units, giving the impression they were much bigger. The central staircase, illuminated by the open raisers on the higher flights, becomes the heart of the house as it distributes the rooms on every floor. Each bedroom has its own floor and the living space is located completely upstairs, connected to the roof terrace the wonderful view on the Quebec City upper city skyline. The terrace makes the highest floor almost invisible from the street and improves the urban integration of the project. Units are differentiated by a slight change in the color of their bricks, all associated with the main palette of the neighborhood.

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Horizontal metal cladding
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