Rais De la Raja


Rais de Raja is an ecological temple merged in the forest with a sight to the holy mountain of La Raja. The site is sorrounded by paramids built by the pre-hispanic Mocheculture and the Incas. 

Sacred Space Tucume was an architect workshop exploring prehispanic architecture, ecological building methods and sacred spaces. During the workshop we created a a temple located on a historical site by the ancient pyramids of Tucume, Peru. The project is a collaboration between Escuela Profesional de Arquitectura - USMP Filial
Norte, Museo de sitio Tucume en Lambayeque og Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio

The site is occupied by trees and sorrounded by sandy desert sorrounding the mountain La Raja. Around this mountain the mocheculture built their pyramids.

La Raja is constructed by local building techniques and materials as adobe and cana brava. These are old materials even used in the old pyramids. These materials along with an understanding of climate creates a healthy and comfortable environmental space.

La Raja is a temple organized by sacred principles handed over by the local priests and shamans. First we have the altar where negative energy is dispelled and sacrifised to the holy mountain La Raja. The second altar is a place of praying for positive forces to enter your life.
The shaman is seated by the altar which houses sacred objects - including a stone picked from the holy mountain itself.

The temple has a straight view to the mountain top. An adobe wall creates a sheltered space for the cermonies while a natural roof of branches protect from the equatorial sun.

Hans-Petter Bjørnådal - Architect & Teamleader
Ruth Elisabet Gomez Pastor - Architect
Sherryl Muriente - Architect
Beju Lejobart - Master Carpenter

In cooperation with:
Bernarda Delgado Elias - Director  Museo Tucume
Architect department of USMP Filial Norte


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Santiago, Chile - Build completed in 2017
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