Victoria Ámbar

Victoria Ámbar

Faci Leboreiro
San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico | View Map
Jaime navarro

Victoria Ámbar – Joyería de ámbar

Faci Leboreiro as Architects

Like the amazing journey to arrive to San Cristobal de Las Casas–in its mysterious mist, its magic and mysticism, that is how I would describe this project of amber jewelry.

Victoria Ámbar is the result of a love story in which the client wanted to give a piece of their heart and soul to San Cris, the place where they live and work. That was their inspiration, to work with the most human feeling of them all, love: A love for San Cristobal and a love for Chiapas, for its devoted artisans, and for its immaculate textiles.

Our unifying thread to create this great project was the passion for textiles and for its creators, its geometries, its deep and sacred meaning, and the strength in its colors.

The project was born from the idea of weaving the space as if it was a textile. Our first weave–based on the descriptions of textiles from the region–can be seen in the first floor, where we find a central prism flanked by four lateral prisms. The central one represents the heart of the universe, while the lateral ones represent the frontiers of space and time, as well as the cardinal points and the sun path.

Taking these points as reference, we unfolded our composition towards the walls of the store, where one can appreciate different displays in the form of glass cabinets and cases. All of the displays were exhaustively and meticulously designed for the exhibition of the amber pieces and they are inspired in the different shapes from the textiles of the region. Furthermore, some displays were specially created for the shop to allow the right amount of light to enter for every type of ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings in the store, making it possible to appreciate the natural beauty of the pieces.

The exhibition bordering bands that are adorned with amber reflect its most elegant hues joyously, because they embrace the majestic loom that conquers the double-height ceilings of the jewelry. Such loom is a museographic piece specially weaved for the space by Lucy, an indigenous and expert artisan from Chiapas. Always with a smile on her face, Lucy captures her professional domain of textile art in this piece, which bathes the store with its gray and pink tones, reminds us how amazing is Mexico and our people and traditions, and fills our souls with life.

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