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VIMOB was born from the notion of creating a shelter in an area of difficult access; a place where building a traditional construction would be limited by transport of materials and labor. It is a modular housing solution, based on the concept of prefabrication and assembly, capable of holding the essential space of a traditional construction in a practical, flexible, attractive and modern prototype. It is structured from carefully studied modules, articulated with harmony and sobriety in a cozy atmosphere, allowing the enjoyment of the environment and providing an image of high standing.

This archetype of clean, simple lines, aims at being meticulous in the details, in the study of modulation, materials, characteristics and textures that architects differentiate with hues of earth colors.The resource to incorporate the volume is precisely this simplicity of design, the rigorous control of color palette and the sense of lightness, as if rising from the ground that seeks to harmonize with the large green backdrop behind this play. In the interior, it is predominant the use of wood, walls on OSB panel and pine ceilings.In the lounge area the transparency effect is achieved by openings, with large sliding glass doors that provide enjoyment of the environment as well as easy access to the front terrace, for a permanent relationship between the exterior-interior and an interesting effect of light and contrasts.

VIMOB was developed in our workshop, dismantled and sent to the construction site directly; the pieces allowed fast assembly on site, using a minimum of tools. Each component of the project was designed and constructed to be adapted and adjusted to the module frame, thus minimizing on-site finishing and labor, reducing waste in raw materials, carbon footprint, impact on natural site and unforeseen events.

Finally, ease of assembly and dismantling allows you to be from the top of the mountain where you can see the entire landscape or on the beach watching the sunset. With its design, both modern and sophisticated, that integrates itself with any field, it provides an experience of warmth from the simplicity.

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