Vindinge Parish House

Vindinge Parish House

Private Houses
Vindinge, Denmark - Build completed in 2017
Søren Harder Nielsen


Cornelius Vöge as Architects

Based on the tradition and historic development of the village of Vindinge, the new parish house serves as a natural link between church and village. With a highly visible position on an elevated corner in the heart of the village, the new parish house naturally merges with the daily life in Vindinge. With respect of the historic church the parish house is slightly pushed back on the site to preserve the visibility of the church and its profile. The parish house arrival area connects to the existing arrival to the church, along the churchyard wall and is paved with cobble stones.

The architecture of the parish house stands out with a humble and simple geometry, that interpreters the traditional village farm. Using coal-fired bricks the materiality of the parish house connects to the church’s red large ” monk” bricks both in both shape, detail and colour. Based on these links to both architectural tradition and materiality the brick facades and tiled roof is carefully transformed into a contemporary architecture with different decorative masonry, extruded roof profiles and façade variations. The wish to open the parish house towards the village is achieved with direct visual access to the activities in the parish house’s main rooms. The openness of the windows differentiates from windows with direct visual access to less open using decorative masonry.

The vision and awareness of materiality and details is extended to the interior of the parish house. The combination of oak and coal-fired bricks continues in the choice of flooring which consists of oak and tile floors is the same shade as the bricks used for the façade.

As a subtle reminder of the house’s activities and use the fixed furniture and the detailing is done with a lasting character and in materials that relates to the design and everyday use of the house. In a tightly organized and yet flexible plan the functions of the house is adapted to the many small and large activities and yearly events. A central courtyard extends the adjacent rooms and creates a bright and airy atmosphere in the relatively compact building. A visual connecting from inside the parish house to the church is created from both the courtyard and the priest's office which overlooks the green churchyard that encircles the historic church from 1875.

The new parish house in Vindinge is through both architecture and materiality closely connected to the church and the village itself and through its open and permanent nature this is a house that is open to all.

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