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Project • By Harikrushna Pattani & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Concrete House In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Bungalow Design: Nestled in the heart of vibrant Ahmedabad, a striking contemporary bungalow emerges, masterfully weaving together wood and concrete in a symphony of aesthetics and sustainability. This 6000 sq. ft. residence, perched on a 380 sq. yd. plot, redefines urban living by seamlessly blending nature and design. Harikrushna Pattani & Associates Harikrushna Pattani & Associates Harikrushna Pattani & Associates Sustainable Architecture: Exposed concrete walls offer strength and a modern touch, while expansive wooden decks and beams exude warmth. Sunlight dances through strategically placed slats, creating a mesmerizing effect on polished concrete floors. Vertical gardens and potted plants soften... More

Project • By Gottsmann ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Nestled within a serene suburban landscape, the single-storey concrete home seeks to blend with the landscape rather than stick out. Furthermore, it seeks to embody a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, offering an ideal sanctuary for a modern family. Caption Caption The centrepiece of the home is a central long, tall passage, aptly referred to as the gallery, which both divides and connects various living spaces. Natural light streams in through the clerestory windows as well as through the central garden atrium. The gallery not only enhances the spatial flow but also acts as an artful display for personal art pieces and provides views of the seasonal landscape, fostering a sense of fluidity and connectivity.... More

Project • By AR Design StudioPrivate Houses

The Woodland House

Woodland House is a private, bespoke replacement dwelling located in East Devoncompleted in late 2022 by award-winning Winchester-based Architects, AR Design Studio. The clients approached AR seeking to relocate from the hustle and bustle of London to the tranquillity of rural Devon. Their children had left home, meaning that they were able to downsize, and so they were presented with the opportunity to pursue their lifelong dream and create their dream contemporary home. Martin Gardner Martin Gardner Martin Gardner Having previously lived in Grade II listed London properties they were keen to create a high quality new build house that was warm, air tight and most importantly, energy efficient. With now grown up children th... More

Project • By Bezzon ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Casa AC

Casa AC is located in the city of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. The 760m² of irregularly shaped land with a 6m slope is located in the Alphaville II residential condominium. Carolina Mossin Caption The challenge was to design a single-story house on this rugged terrain that would relate to the external space and its native vegetation on the northeast and northwest borders. Carolina Mossin Carolina Mossin After understanding the opportunities of the land, the project was organized, firstly, into two large blocks, the social and the intimate block, being parallel to the respective lateral boundaries of the land that intersect. The difference in the heights of the blocks ind... More

NewsNews • 3 Aug 2023

Studio Farris Architects’ Zottegem residential project integrates contemporary and historic architecture

Studio Farris Architects has completed a new residential project in Zottegem, a small city in East Flanders, Belgium. An urban redevelopment and regeneration scheme, it is located on the site of the former OLV Collegium, a 19th century building in Zottegem’s center. The project’s integration of contemporary and historic architecture reconnects this once abandoned site to the city’s urban fabric. Martino Pietropoli OLV Collegium, a former neo-Gothic school built in 1862, was a neglected building in Zottegem’s historic center and was damaged by a fire in 2012. Purchased by a developer in 2017, Studio Farris Architects was selected to design a masterplan for new homes and public underground parking. In line wi... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosHousing

Casa Orea

Located on irregularly shaped land, has a unique architectural program, where each space is conceived with the intention of improving the relationship between interior and exterior space, both visually and physically. Caption It’s designed after looking for the best orientation in order to create terraces, allowing sunlight entrance and working as visual points and social areas. From the access different volumes can be observed that arise through the correct use of proportion, from which a large vertical volume of concrete stands out that precedes the horizontality of the project where a compositional axis establishes the spatial organization, accentuating and framing access to housing. Caption Caption More
Photo: Jackie Meiring
Photo: Jackie Meiring
Photo: Jackie Meiring
Dining area. Photo: Jackie Meiring
Kitchen. Photo: Jackie Meiring

Project • By Herriot Melhuish O’Neill ArchitectsHousing

Whangārei House

On a small cliff-front section overlooking the town basin and Hundertwasser Art Centre, HMOA has designed a new three-storey, three-bedroom house with a pool and plenty of space for entertaining. Caption Board-formed, in-situ concrete walls and stair core balance the extensive use of timber. Caption In keeping with the Northland climate, the top level is predominantly for indoor and outdoor living. There’s also an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area and a separate TV lounge. A lift provides access from the entry. Caption The second level houses the bedrooms and provides access to the pool terrace while the ground floor includes the garage, entry spaces and plenty of storage, including a wine cellar. Caption... More

Project • By Charles Tashima ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Wilkes Street

The interior of this Grade 2 Listed house in Spitalfields had still retained many of its original features, including timber wall partitions with panelling, original floorboards, cornicing and architraves. Acknowledging the critical value of this property’s Grade 2 listing and heritage, our design approach throughout is to maintain all period features, treating the introduction of anything new literally as ‘pieces of furniture’ - distinct elements separate from the main architecture and easily removable.  Anna Batchelor Anna Batchelor We proposed the introduction of two kitchen elements in a manner that is minimal similar to a chest of drawers. The design of the free-standing units is such that the design i... More

Project • By TetroPrivate Houses

Café House

The Café House is located in a Cerrado region, in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, which is a place of rural landscape, where the image of red earth and twisted tree trunks predominates. From where, as in all Minas Gerais territory, coffee is an invitation to a long conversation. Luisa Lage Thinking about an architecture that interprets the context in which it is inserted, making a sensitive reading about the place, the culture and the people who will inhabit the space can be one of the best ways to find the answers for the creation of design concepts. The design for this house sought an understanding and connection between the place and the residents, their habits and interests. In this sense, understanding how much... More

Project • By Murat GedikArt Galleries

BSG Cultural Center

The BSG cultural center has a large multi-purpose theater and rehearsal spaces, a small theater and amphitheater for local artists. The amphitheater has been designed to provide the opportunity to watch enjoyable artistic activities in summer evenings. Thanks to the indoor and outdoor setup in the amphitheater, it is possible to watch artistic activities accompanied by the works of art exhibited indoors. Caption BSG cultural center, café, restaurant, reading corners, resting and waiting corners were designed to serve art lovers. Apart from the BSG cultural center, the large exhibition area, every corner of the building, including the stairwells, was designed as an exhibition space for works of art. There is a waiting, informati... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsOffices

Veiled commercial complex

The client’s brief was to design a shopping complex on a very prominent and busy road in a tight urban site in Gandhi Nagar near railway station and Bus stand, Bangalore. The challenge was attracting and offering an experience of sophisticated street shopping to various genre of people, from villager to an urban dweller. As al lot of tier 2, tier 3 and villagers move around in the area for their shopping needs. Satisfying the retail experience was main criteria. From old civilization we have been experiencing street shopping, we have tried to maintain the same experiential journey, veiling it with socio- cultural context of urban settings. We also wanted to provide the inmates with open lung spaces and create a buffer between the inma... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Private house in Paros

The property is located in close proximity to the sea, but due to the nature of its topography, there is no direct view of it. The area has low grass and shrub vegetation and no existing natural protection from the sun. These factors, together with the investor’s wish for a house larger than the permitted above-ground construction on the island, are fundamental in the development of the project idea. Caption The house is completely sunken into the ground and consists of 13 modules with a square-shaped plan that are combined in different ways to create a spatial organization. The modules are divided into residential units and patio units with the basic principle being that each residential unit has at least one adjacent patio. Th... More

Project • By andblack design studioExhibition Centres

Darwin Bucky

CONCEPT DARWIN Live light, live smart! We are temporary visitors to this planet. It is important that we don’t leave any footprints that impact future generations. Therefore, we must cohabit with nature and not inhabit it. Permanently impermanent buildings are the future. Darwin is designed as a prefabricated kit of parts that can be dry assembled on site (and disassembled when required). It is made from legacy materials like steel, wood, aluminium and glass. The durability and cost of a Darwin is comparable to that of  a conventional building. It does not require a plinth to build on, heavy equipment to transport or cranes to erect. Hence, a Darwin Product is ideal for locations where road access is difficult, electricity sca... More

NewsNews • 11 Sep 2022

House 212 by NEBR Arquitetura takes cues from its surrounding natural landscape

Set amidst the scenic rocky lands of Agreste, Pernambucana in Brazil, Casa 212, designed by NEBR Arquitetura, is a 400sqm private house that beautifully addresses the surrounding landscape.  Maíra Acayaba The white monolith combines the unique green context with modern geometry. The concrete symbiosis of solid and voids create a rhythmic composition. Everything emerges and translates to nature in the poetry of the rectilinear mass. Maíra Acayaba The countryside house, clad in white and black stone, appears to emulate the sloping profile of the site, harmonizing substantial sections with generous volumes and openings. Natural light floods the design's plain façade through the definite voids, whil... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsOffices

Stenciled Facade

The client brief was to design a commercial complex on a very prominent and busy road in a tight urban site. The fact that due to massive urban development in last two decades, the green cover of city has depleted drastically. We took it as a challenge to provide the inmates with open lung spaces and create a buffer between the inmates and the busy, noisy, polluted node in the city, especially after the pandemic.  A.J Architects  What struck us most was the presence of a huge tree on site. These two characteristics helped us formulate the generative diagram for the conception of the project. We decided to conceive the plan, such that the building weaves around the existing tree, not just physically but also phenomenally in a... More