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Vlasta Burian community centre

Vlasta Burian community centre

Šťastný Pavel Architekt
Široká 179/38, Liberec 460 01, Czech Republic | View Map
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Stastny Pavel Architekt

Vlasta Burian community centre

Šťastný Pavel Architekt as Architects

The main aim is to build new multifunctional centre of Vlasta Burian. The building will serve as a social and cultural centre of the former Liberec native Vlasta Burian, presentation of his life and lifestyle through lectures, leisure activities, courses, creative workshops etc. The building should increase attractiveness of adjacent old town.

Plot is located in a historical part of the town, near the city centre. This object completes the free vacant lot, trying to complete a city district that is damaged by time interventions and inaction of real estate owners and developers.

House respects the scale, volume, street line, architectural typology, morphology, rhythm of surrounding buildings.

Architecture of the building is based on the height and mass of the neighbouring apartment building. New building is keeping cornice line. Hipped roof is a result of analyse for the optimal roof volume from the insolation of the neighbouring house point view. Floor plan copies the limits of the plot.

Colour and material uniformity of the external skin including roof and facade is reached by the slate tiles. The main architectural principle of the exterior material should be naturalness, truthfulness. Rhythm of the windows is symmetrical, and respects the surrounding apartment buildings articulation.

The proposed building has four floors, no basement. The main entrance to the building is from southwest side from Široká Street. The main entrance for employers and parking is from courtyard. On the ground floor level is located entrance hall, staff room and toilets. The visitors of the centre continue to the upper floors when they can find the common rooms for leisure time activities, exhibitions, projection, etc.

The construction structure is selected as a combination of reinforced concrete and the columned wall system. Ceiling structures at is made of the reinforced concrete beams around the perimeter of building and reinforced concrete floor slabs. The staircase is designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete anchored to the stair and elevator walls. The supporting structure of the roof is made by sloping reinforced concrete slabs, which are anchored to the perimeter beams and are supported by monolithic walls of stairs and of the elevator shaft. Horizontal rigidity is ensured by communication core with solid concrete walls. The building is founded on piles.

We hope that this building could become future precedent for possible new development in district of down town.

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