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VR | AR | MR - Hide Away - reference architecture | interior design | design model

Plan2Plus as Interior Architects

The internationally working Munich architecture | interior design | design office

Plan2Plus design has been researching and experimenting for more than 10 years on future possibilities of immersive and non-immersive spatial representations in the areas of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.


As part of the wide range of tasks, Plan2Plus design has been involved in computer-based design and visualization of real and virtual worlds for decades.

Five years ago, the team around managing director and creative director Ralf Peter Knobloch consistently took the step towards accessible virtual 3D settings on a scale of 1:1 and since then has been continuously testing the limits of display quality and performance with the currently available technologies.

In the meantime, several, on a scale of 1:1 accessible, spatially perceptible, 3D architecture I interior design I design models presenting fascinating spatial experiences in virtual reality as well as in augmented and mixed reality convincingly.

Plan2Plus design strives for a photorealistic, extremely high-quality display in which materials and textures, light and shadow as well as reflections and reflections can be experienced in a sensibility that can be experienced haptically and are thus able to simulate spatial qualities on a scale of 1:1.

Just as important is the future-oriented integration of elements such as
Sound - Soundclouds, Multimedia Content - Video Clouds as well
Special effects - water / reflections / motion.

The holistic design also includes interactivity with the VR model through user-defined functionalities in the VR model and the real world, for example to map smart home simulations and many more.


In the future, human senses such as olfactory systems via fragrance systems and haptics using data gloves and data suits will also be integrated.
The boundaries between the virtual and the real world must be blurred
as well as to allow a fusion of virtual and real space.

From the perspective of Plan2Plus design, these applications will be indispensable in the areas of architecture, interior design and design in the future.

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