Wastewater Pumping Station – EBE Cristal

Wastewater Pumping Station – EBE Cristal

Av. Diário de Notícias, 969 - Cristal, Porto Alegre - RS, 90810-080, Brazil | View Map
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Wastewater Pumping Station – EBE Cristal

MooMAA as Moacyr Moojen Marques e Sergio M. Marques

Urban action, usually of poor visibility and utmost importance, the pipe system and wastewater treatment Integrated Program Partner Environmental - PISA , the Municipality of Porto Alegre - PMPA ongoing, follows the others that there are now more than thirty years with water supply and sanitation and wastewater treatment in the watershed of the estuary Guaiba , involving 40 % of the territory of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in addition to the obvious environmental and health gains, return the short term river bathing in the capital , with a significant social impact. The current phase, composed of piping system robust sub - soil, parallel to margin, from the historic center to the Cristal neighborhood ( 7 km ), receiving contributions cross and subfluvial to the Effluent Treatment Station - ETE in the Serraria neighborhood has several pumping stations to pressurize the network, and the EBE Cristal preceding the underwater passage, of approximately 11 km, the largest of them.

The architectural design of this season, however, solving the technical requirements inherent in the program, also aimed at designing equipment for collective use, adding spaces for events, exhibitions, and public belvedere idea of ​​recovering urban formal expression of public works of this nature, nominated for example, the hydraulics Moinhos de Vento in Porto Alegre (1917). The twin rooms , one on the ground floor , another floating at the top level, give exposure sequence and information about the environmental recovery program Guaiba, where the last image is visible through his own viewpoint. The idea of ​​"infra-architecture" finally materializes with formal deeply reinforced structural solution in the building where the very balance chimneys anchor the metallic elements in balance, in frank dialogue with the tribunes Fresnedo Siri located beside the which the project pays tribute. Speaking of character in public work is redundant, since the nature of the work defines its social responsibility and its representativeness. Speaking of form, however it is essential. In this project , besides the visual relationship with the balance of the coverage of the Jockey Club, the technique had extraordinary circumstances determination, that contrary to assumption , contributed to the solution and the formal system adopted recurrent in constructivist approaches of the Modern Movement.

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Moacyr Moojen Marques e Sergio M. Marques
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