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Xochitla Ecological Park

Xochitla Ecological Park

Tepotzotlán, Mexico
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paisaje radical as Landscape Architects

The park is located in what once was the shores of Lake Zumpango, in a lot that since the disappearance of the lake has serve various purposes, such as Dairy farm, landing field and tennis club.

This private park open to the public has two central ideas: One, providing of the development of environmental conscience and be a refuge for the wild life within the rapid growing urban sprawl.

Because of the activities, its divided in educational/recreational zones dedicated to the visitor and production zones, where water its treated, compost its produce and propagation of vegetables that help the development of the reserve.

One of the biggest contributions that Xochitla has as a green area, is the significative environmental services provided on a regional scale, such as:

-Rain water infiltration that benefits and recharges the aquifers. 443,725 m³ of water per year. -Protection to the flora and urban fauna with some kind of protection status. including 98 bird species , 97 tree species, 14 aquatic plants, 8 species of amphibian and reptiles, 40 butterfly species and various mammal species. -It holds the first aquatic botanical garden in Mexico, in an artificial lake bigger than 8,000 m2, that in present day conserves and propagates aquatics plants that existed in the lake, achieving the salvage of some in danger of ilñjl-pi-extinction species. It has also begun the establishment of avifauna native to the basin and it's a shelter to migrating birds that come from 'Del Centro' Migrating Route.

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