Stork Stand

Stork Stand

LXM - Lisboa & Miroto
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Ano do Projeto

Francisco Nogueira
Folha de especificações do produto

ElementoMarcaProduct Name
Cork Supplier/FabricatorAmorim Wise
Stone Supplier/FabricatorGrupo Galrão
Aluminium constructionRH Aluminium
Stone Cladding MaterialStork - Stone and Cork
Stone Supplier/FabricatorUrmal - Joaquim Duarte Urmal e Filhos Lda

Folha de especificações do produto
Cork Supplier/Fabricator
Stone Supplier/Fabricator
Aluminium construction
Stone Cladding Material
Stone Supplier/Fabricator

Stork Stand

LXM - Lisboa & Miroto como architect

The proposal refers to a development of a temporary exhibition stand, with an implantation area of 25 sqm, defined by a quadrangular shape that faces 3 sides with active circulation routes.

The conceptual approach of this very particular design was based on the initial briefing presented by the client and on the potentialities of this revolutionary product (lightweight composite panel of stone and cork) in the construction sector. The design is intended to be disruptive and full of a graphical image in order to suit the purpose of creating an iconic shape that catches the attention of regular visitors.

In this way, it was our intention to create an object that recreates the product framework and its spectrum of applications (e.g. walls, ceilings, roofs, and flooring). It is planned that the object and/or the product itself decodes and makes understandable the product full potential to the most diverse public.

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Double Slash // Coffee Space
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Double Slash // Coffee Space

Bangkok, Thailand - Construção concluída em 2021
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