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Projeto • By Yellow Cloud StudioCasas Particulares

The Triangle

Working from home, but lacking a dedicated office space for their up-coming startup company, the owners decided to extend their double Victorian house into their backyard, which had been left unused until now. The brief was to create a light-filled study for 2 people, with the ability to occasionally host meetings, and a small external space in the back for some greenery and a herb garden. Alex Forsey Alex Forsey Alex Forsey The north-facing rear yard is located on the lower ground floor and has a unique, though challenging triangular shape, as the house is located at the end of a row of traditional terraced houses, which is interrupted in a very sharp angle. Alex Forsey Our proposal positions a very simple, wooden tri... Mais

Produto • By ArcelorMittal ConstructionGascogne


Gascogne® is a system of siding made of pre-painted steel. Due to its repetitive sequences, rises and depths, Gascogne® enables an architecture based on the rhythms of light   Gascogne® is used on massonery, on twin skin system, on insulation, for new building or refurbishing. Installation in sismic area.Fire : incombustible.Length: up to 6mMetal thickness: Aluminium: 1,5 mm Metal thickness: Stainless steel / Krystal / Pre-coated: 1,0 mmStandard lengths: 300 mm, Other lengths are possible on demand.Different folded geometries can be created (after validation)Perforation possible (on demand)Secret fixingRain screen system.Easy maintenance. Mais

Produto • By ArcelorMittal ConstructionIsis profiles

Isis profiles

In addition to the five standard Isis point-profiles / triangular profiles, ArcelorMittal Specials also supplies custom-made point profiles that allow for variation in profiling. This façade cladding is widely used in the design of exclusive façades, but also in façade renovation and restyling of, among other things, business premises, offices, schools and swimmingpools. The ISIS triangular profiles can be mounted both vertically and horizontally and some versions even have a maximum length of up to 8 meters.  These Isis profiles can also be delivered with perforation such as R03T05, R05T08, R06T09. The exclusive profile sheeting of the Isis type is characterized by shadow effect; they are available in different... Mais

Projeto • By petrjanda/brainworkApartamentos

Loft 32 Zlín

The loft is situated on the 8th floor of a former Baťa shoe factory building in Zlín, overlooking the green heart of the town. Its design aims to integrate the town’s image into the space of the apartment. The design approach contradicts the usual loft-making procedure, which emphasizes industrial materials in the interior, by transforming the space into an abstract composition with the industrial aspect presented through the view of the surrounding area, framed by the Zlín skyscraper and the valley. The inner space features the gradual opening of the individual epicentres of the apartment. Its open space allows the separation of the social and private parts by using multi-level differentiation, rather than sharp divides. The interior is de... Mais
Entrance, from school
View from the city

Projeto • By ER ArchitectesEscolas Primárias

J. Prévert's restaurant school

J.Prevert school need a new restaurant to replace the old one. The elementary school consist of 2 buidings.The new buiding is located on a corner of the school group, surronded by large and high residential areal in green land.The buiding is a simple volume wrapped with steel frame that serve three fonctions : - create unity with the other school building with the same angular geometry, - create solar protection in front of the windows, - protect physically the restaurant from the outside,The volume is very colorful (division of green and yellow) and contrast with the white of the frame and the interior. Mais

Projeto • By AshariArchitectsBares

Triangle Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari,Amir Irandoost HaghighiExecution: Saeid JamaliTriangle CaféCafés have significant power in strengthening the social dimension of urban spaces and urban Cafés are more dynamic than other types of spaces. The connectivity of the café to the unique historical urban environment and creating an attraction to this place were the challenges for the designers. The project ambition was to create a subtle wall surface which has the least impaction on the historical urban environment and the city residential fabric, however it creates a bold sustainable space.The goal was to blend the café interior space to city fabric which is occurred by eliminating the “borde... Mais

Projeto • By SELIM SENINBares

Coffee Shop and Houses

The Coffee Shop is sitting on different levels in itself due to the slope of the land. It describes itself with a space that opens to the road towards the slope of the terrain. Mais

Projeto • By Barcode ArchitectsApartamentos


CasaNova, a 110-meter high tower in the Maritime District in Rotterdam, is the first triangular shaped tower in the Rotterdam skyline. The tower is currently being constructed on the Wijnhaven 65 plot. CasaNova takes the sightlines and daylight of surrounding towers into consideration and is a distinctive yet fitting addition to this urban area. By engaging with the surrounding street on all its sides, it contributes to the liveliness in the Maritime District. The triangular volume is a fitting addition to this highly urban area. With a slender motion towards the plinth volume, the tower becomes a delicately balanced icon. By combining a gentle form with a dynamic transition to the plinth we created an elegant sculpture in the skyline. The... Mais

Produto • By GalulaTrês - stool / table

Três - stool / table

'Três' stool, part of ím-par collection, with elegant legs shape and a triangular cork seat which makes the stool modular. The cork gives a soft and comfortable touch supported by a pinch of color. Mais