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Project • By Peiman AminzadehHousing


L-Don Residential villa is designed for people to live alone for relaxation, The initial concept of this design is taken from the two main elements of yin and yang, meaning light and darkness, which has reached its true meaning by combining these two volumes, north and south. Peiman Aminzadeh Peiman Aminzadeh Peiman Aminzadeh Peiman Aminzadeh More

Project • By ExpolightHotels

Emily Resort Event Hall

This event hall is in a premium hotel complex near the lake in the middle of the forest. Covering an area of 2,000 square meters, 28 tons of bricks strung on metal strings without support create a unique wavy wall, which we used as a screen. Expolight Thirty-eight laser video projectors synchronously broadcast content sewn into one image with a length of 60 meters and a height of 7 meters. Complicating the work is that this is not a projection on a flat screen. Here we worked with a brick "screen" - a mesh wall, where the brick is laid by amplitude waves. Expolight Especially for this project, we have developed dozens of thematic and diverse content: seasonal, holiday, art, and individual events. The front and rear lighting of t... More

Project • By Lunas VisualizationApartments

3D interior rendering of a hi-end loft

3D interior refurbishment proposal from Jenya Lykasova. The interior designer's goal was to create more space and give life to an ordinary small-sized flat in a panel house. While the concept itself has already been a success, Lunas team has added even more value to the project by creating a series of photorealistic 3D renderings to convince the client that he will get the best result. Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By VISIONAL STUDIOOffices


 visional Studio, we provide a wide range of excellent architectural visualization services in a quick time frame at affordable prices. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More
Clubroom 3D Rendering
Clubroom Finished Photo
Courtyard & Pool 3D Rendering
Trellis in Courtyard 3D Rendering
Rooftop 3D Rendering

Project • By 3DAS [3D Architectural Solutions]Apartments

Federal Hill

Share good times with friends and family at these luxury Baltimore apartments inspired by an authentic Federal Hill neighborhood. It’s an environment designed for celebration and for bringing people together like never before. Revel in living well at Alta Federal Hill. Interior and exterior 3D renderings were completed to showcase Alta’s residential amenities.   Outdoor enterainment area in the courtyard.  Caption Rooftop overlooking the city of Baltimore. Caption Clubroom / fireplace lounge overlooking the courtyard. Includes a see-through fire place. Caption Typical 1/1 apartment interior. This view includes the kitchen & living area. Caption More
3D + Aerial Photomontage
4 West Plaza: Christmas 3D Rendering
4 West Plaza: Original Photo
4 West Plaza: 3D Rendering
4 West View 2: 3D Rendering

Project • By 3DAS [3D Architectural Solutions]Apartments


Situated directly across from the Riverwalk, Brookland delivers unparalleled riverfront and city views coupled with a culturally rich environment. Caption Aerial and exterior daytime / dusk 3D renderings were completed to showcase their four main residential buildings. Caption Caption Caption Review the 4 West and Brookland gallery below. Images include aerial photomontages for day, evening and a Christmas theme for the plaza area.   >> Learn more about West Columbia's 4 West & the other Brookland buildings.  More
Aqua Lounge Completed Renovation
Social Room Completed Renovation
Social Room 3D Rendering
Social Room 3D Rendering (Detail)
Aqua Lounge 3D Rendering

Project • By 3DAS [3D Architectural Solutions]Apartments


Waterline Miami River commissioned 3DAS to create apartment amenity 3D renderings. These areas include the aqua lounge and social room. Caption   Photo of the completed social room (above) and the 3D rendering (below).  Caption Waterline Miami River is the newest luxury, ultra-amenitized apartment development located in the heart of the City of Miami. Set just half a mile south of Miami’s Health District and one mile west from Downtown Brickell along the Miami River. Our residents will enjoy close proximity to burgeoning dining and entertainment destinations, and the most high-end lifestyle-centered property amenities. The Miami River is a focal point of the city, with Waterline Miami River sitting on over 1,000... More

Project • By JVA Renders - Architecture VisualizationResidential Landscape

Grey apartment C1

Title: GREY APARTMENT C1Software: 3dsmax + Unreal Engine JVA Renders (Juan Verdaguer Aguerrebehere + Ezequiel Mill)\ Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By JVA Renders - Architecture VisualizationResidential Landscape

House H110HC

An urban house that rests like a monolith on the garden; a single volume that cubic contains the functions, opening and closing towards the outside. Each project has its own rules, which give shape to the structure. The rule here is to inhabit a pure volume, which opens when necessary and takes climatic conditions into account. Caption Caption Architects: Juan Manuel Olivares, Ezequiel Mill JVA Renders (Juan Verdaguer Aguerrebehere + Ezequiel Mill) Software: 3dsmax - Lumion - Photoshop Caption Caption More

Project • By JVA Renders - Architecture VisualizationRural


We love Hengki Koentjoro photography, so we made this inspired in his black and white mood photos. Personal project that's done to improve my skills. Environment is full CG. It's full modelled in Rhinoceros testing the RhinoNature Plug-in. JVA Renders (Juan Verdaguer Aguerrebehere + Ezequiel Mill) Software: Rhinoceros - Vray - Photoshop Caption Web: https://jvarenders.com/Cuenta de Instagran: https://www.instagram.com/jvarenders/Cuenta de facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jvarenders/ More

Project • By Lunas VisualizationExhibition Centres

3D exterior rendering of Queen Tower in Toronto

Ethereal forms, fineness and subtlety of details, the magic of geometry - all you can find in Lunas recent 3D work.Beautiful view of Queen Tower in Toronto on a swirling city street where warm summer evenings have just begun.   More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsBanks

Ameria bank

Modern style in its best - we offered solutions one can hardly find anywhere else in the country.  This design relies on three main pillars: brand identity, innovative approach, and comfort.  Caption Starting from the color range and ending with lights, the interior highlights the brand identity. Look up at the led lights: they have the shape of the bank's logo! When it came to innovation, we made sure to use the latest trends: stainless steel, led screens, live banners, and concrete parts. Details say it all.  Caption And finally, our team pays significant attention to providing each client with comfort and trust. Every project we implement has to be satisfying for our clients. This interior, too, is ultimate fo... More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsRestaurants

Panda Yerevan

"Panda" hookah lounge is a place to chill.  Whether you had a long day or are coming here for an "afters," the lounge will offer the ultimate conditions for rest.  Caption We describe the design as modern luxury. A collision of Eastern vibes, served within the loft-style with a thimbleful of neon? Yes, sir!  The elements of chandeliers, walls, and furniture play an enormous role in this interior: the devil is in the details.  Caption Textures and materials reflect the presence of Eastern currents: the tables look like ocean water touched by the wind. And then, the chandeliers look like dried leaves, which still carry a life source within.  Caption The bar stand is made of concrete and looks like... More

Project • By Lunas VisualizationHousing

3D exterior render of a house in the Netherlands

Visualization series for a small residence in the luxury region of the Netherlands strikes with its realism and tasteful precision. Inspired by a Kings of Leon album it bottles up and serves hot with marshmallows the summer memories and feeling of coziness and comfort – like a well though-after fluffy blanket on an autumn afternoon. https://www.lunas.pro/3d-rendering/architectural-visualization-small-house-netherlands     More

Project • By ENECA RenderingHousing

Lake Tahoe Dream Home

Built in the style of New Mountain architecture, this dream home on Lake Tahoe in California offers a modern twist on the traditional, rustic mountain house. The eclectic mix of furniture and accessories with unexpected bursts of bright colors and soft textures add to the cozy atmosphere. More