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Product • By ezoBordSuspended Office

Suspended Office

There really is no “one size fits all” solution, privacy encompasses many different needs and behaviors, each form of privacy – acoustical, informational or visual, helps people to feel free, to share ideas and to make work visible. Designed in collaboration with B2Lab, Suspended Office is an ecosystem of spaces that re-define the privacy of the work area and shape collaborative work. Featuring ezoBord acoustical surface materials in a variety of visually interesting patterns, colors, and configurations that perfectly balance design and functionality. More

Product • By Richporter LightingVapor®


Vapor® ceiling systems offer a variety of patterns generated from simple, repeated elements. Panels are compatible with industry-standard grid systems and their scrim-like design allows HVAC, lighting elements, and other infrastructure to be shrouded yet fully operational. Optional backing materials can be added - frosted, polycarbonate, for dramatic backlighting effects, or our Soft Sound" acoustical material, available in a wide range of colors, to reduce sound reverberation. More



Studio Series Soundproof Interior Windows are engineered to be the market's most affordable and highest performing acoustical window. A world-class studio window with maximum performance and appearance, as well as an affordable price. The windows are easy to install and available in many sizes and several optional finishes. More

Product • By FIBANDCOGreen Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade Acoustic Panels are performant sustainable acoustic solutions. FibandCo offer a wide range of acoustic solutions, each with their own acoustic performance. All of the Green Blade acoustic solutions have been professionally tested in a Europe laboratory for acoustics. Solutions possess an NRC value ranging from 60 to 90% and can be implemented on walls, ceilings or partition walls. More

Project • By WSDGNightclubs


OverviewWhen the celebrated EDM nightclub Nordstern was forced to vacate its original premises in an industrial building in Basel, Switzerland, owner Agi Isaku selected a former riverboat docked in the Rhine River for its new location, and called upon WSDG to tackle the challenging task of external sound isolation and internal room acoustics for the ultimate floating discotheque experience.  Before its transformation into the latest version of Nordstern, the whole ship was skinned and redone with the nightclub inside, under the direction of the architect in charge of interior design, Gabriel Heusser. ProgramWSDG Partner and Director of Acoustics Gabe Hauser was in charge of Nordstern’s sound isolation, acoustics, and audio desig... More

Project • By WSDGAuditoriums

Goshen High School

OverviewGoshen High School in Goshen, NY received a $30 million-dollar bond to update the school’s academic, athletic, and arts facilities.  WSDG collaborated with architectural firm LAN Associates to assist in the comprehensive renovation of the school’s auditorium.  This included measuring and updating the space’s acoustics, seating accommodations, A/V equipment, and accessibility for the school’s growing music and theatre programs. ProgramThe auditorium is 6,000 ft2/557 m2 in total and seats 654.  The initial space had been built in 1976 and was not optimized for musical or theatrical productions.  It had a low reverberation time, but the absorptive ceiling provided little in terms of reflecti... More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsFluid - Acoustic parametric bench

Fluid - Acoustic parametric seating

   FLUID is a parametric bench created through the understanding of flowing organic volumes and the relation of elements which have been parametrised into simpler 2 dimensional components and then assembled to reveal a complex 3 dimensional form which would stand out as a gallery piece in its own right. Designed to entice conversation in any environment it inhabits with the intention of prompting interaction with its users not only as a bench but through a sensory exploration of its organic fluidity, the warmth of its material DNA and juxtaposition of individual elements. This holistic approach to design understanding is what makes this piece truly unique. More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsPulse - Acoustic parametric bench

Pulse - Acoustic parametric seating

PULSE is a parametric exploration of individual organic forms and study of how one affects the other to create an architectural statement through unified design integrity and vision. Inspired by the natural form, fluidity and motion of nature it is a journey into the appreciation of spatial awareness within volume and an expression of organic boldness in simplicity, transforming any spatial envelope into an inspiring architectural haven. More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsSwarm - Acoustic office partition

Swarm - Acoustic office partition

As a modular, self construct and free standing system, office spaces can now be divided into an array of almost infinite configurations to suit any size or footprint open plan office environment. The system can be assembled to a desired length, height or linear configuration to divide an open plan footprint while offering an incredible acoustic presence within the space. The system can also be disassembled and rearranged as a day two scenario which allows for an ever changing office landscape if necessary without having to employ costly, invasive onsite contracting work to demolish and reconstruct partition systems. “SWARM” would also mitigate the need to redesign or perform any civil MEP works if the office landscape had to und... More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsHarmony - Acoustic suspended system

Harmony - Suspended acoustic system

In a new era of architectural design, intimacy and acoustic comfort within work environments are at the forefront. Combine that with vision and the result is a harmonious suspended acoustic element which is created from two-dimensional profiles assembled to unveil a three-dimensional geometric shell acting as a barrier for reverberating sound within spaces. Whether it be over desks and meeting tables or as artistic volumes in large open areas “HARMONY” encompasses style, form and function with the additional appeal of having the choice of a vast array of solid, patterned or customisable panels to create unique solutions. Dream it. Configure it. More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsGroove - Acoustic office partition

Groove - Acoustic office partition

Office design has progressed a long way over the years with an ever increasing global trend for large open plan working environments. There has however been many compromises that have had to be addressed with this trend such as acoustic considerations, a sense of privacy when required and a broad spectrum of general comfort within the office environment. These considerations are the catalysts behind GROOVE while still maintaining a strong design ethos of form and function. The system is highly modular and can be assembled and configured into an array of almost endless possibilities to create inspiring geometric landscapes within an envelope with the added convenience of day two re-stacks. Essentially, this kinetic architectural system can... More

Project • By Barbora Léblová interiors & architectureShops

VOIX – showroom audio video

The VOIX Showroom was established by combining two independent spaces, located in the left and right sections of the ground floor of the building at the corner of Dušní and Salvátorská Streets in the historical location of the Old Town (Staré Město). Our brief was to create several listening rooms, a home cinema, a shop and an office with a back room.The right-hand section of the premises had earlier housed a clothes store, whose features were reflected in the interior design. The recessed part of the ground floor was completely reconstructed. This space was used to insert the biggest listening room and the home cinema. Since the Client brief demanded that fundamental acoustic requirements must be respected, all the new construction element... More

Product • By Brintons AmericasMaterialize by Stacy Garcia for Brintons


Global industry leader in luxury woven carpets, Brintons, teams up with New Yorkdesign studio Stacy Garcia to create their latest Axminster collaboration, Materialize.Inspired by ingredients, Materialize brings the raw, deconstructed elements of the creative process to the surface. Colors, textures, and forms are derived from an array of mixed medias formulating wool-rich Axminster designs teeming with dimension.“As designers, we are constantly sourcing inspiration from the world around us.We are continuously digesting the way light hits surfaces, how lines intersect, how value changes and colors cope next to one another.” Chief Inspiration Officer, Stacy Garcia explains.“But how often do we stop to look at the materials laid... More

Product • By dTankCoArt Acoustic Wall Mount Art

CoArt Acoustic Wall Mount

Mount against any wall with lightweight aluminum cleats holding it perfectly in place. The acoustically transparent fabric can be dry-cleaned or easily interchanged. The frame comes in aluminum, silver, black, or white.RECOMMENDED SPACE APPLICATION:Private officesConference roomsLecture hallsLobbies and open spacesReception areasRetail + DiningCommunal areas More

Project • By Schubert StudioConcert Halls

Blawan Project Music Laboratory in Berlin

Jamie Roberts is Berlin based Music Producer from UK, request us to design and build acoustic treatment for his Music Studio) Laboratory More