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Project • By OADD arquitectosPrivate Houses

PH Larralde

The current PH is the result of successive interventions and renovations to an old “chorizo” house, located in the City of Buenos Aires. The passage of time shows the different interventions that modified its identity until it became an accumulation of spaces and a commercial premises on the street. Bruto Studio Bruto Studio Bruto Studio We understand that the fragmentation of space and the lack of light were the challenges to be solved, from which we set out to create a large patio, to illuminate and ventilate all sectors of the home. Bruto Studio Aware of the radical idea of ​​creating a void around the social area and adding meters to the existing terrace, we understood that the decisions had to be few a... More

Project • By TAU ArquitetosTrade Shows

Oblique Pavillion

The Oblique Pavilion is an ephemeral space, configured in a 12x9 area, located between three access streets at an event fair. The proposal arises from this challenge: to design a pavilion without pre-established facades, that could dialog with all its views, as well as allow fluidity on all sides. Studio Gui Uemura Studio Gui Uemura Studio Gui Uemura Because of this, the design is defined by the sum of angles and organic lines, which provides fluidity to a space that would be constantly busy on event days and also favors the sectoring of the program. Studio Gui Uemura Studio Gui Uemura Studio Gui Uemura In a single, closed volume at the back of the pavilion, we concentrate the entire administrative and servic... More

Project • By Martins da Cruz ArquitecturaOffices

Triumcare - Psychology Clinic

Starting from an existing abandoned space, the aim of the project was to install three psychology offices, supported by a reception, a waiting area, two storage/technical areas and two sanitary facilities (men, women + reduced mobility). Miguel Marques The existing structure, from the outset, paved the way for a simple and functional layout to be established, with a unique “L” shaped path, around which the necessary compartments are located. Miguel Marques The three offices were installed to take advantage of the existing windows, the reception and waiting area immediately next to the only entrance, and the sanitary facilities in the place where there is already a water and sanitation network. Miguel Marques Kn... More

Project • By dds architettiHousing


Dino Maglie The project looks with a lot of attention the sorrounding city, made by abandoned spaces and buildings with a low quality. That's why the project's choise is the one of a not-dialog with the city, in order to get an architecture which discovers its-self in its inner spaces: a 12x12mt inner courtyard where all the spaces (living, kitchen, studio) can look. Dino Maglie More

Project • By Lemonme InteriorApartments

Umber red 3.76

The task was to create a clean, modern and comfortable space for a young family to live. It turned out soft and bold at the same time. Emphasis was placed on the red shade of burning umber. Caption The main idea of ​​the project was to implement a minimalist, but at the same time bright interior, free from unnecessary things. Caption A three-room apartment with an area of ​​76 sq.m is located in the center of Kyiv, in a house built in 1980, built according to a special project. The designer's arsenal included ceilings 2.7 meters high, a large corridor and a miniature kitchen.  Caption The apartment is conditionally divided into a public area and a private block. The first part consists of a living room, a tiny kitchen... More

Project • By Paly ArchitectsPrivate Houses


"Whether it be dusk or dawn,  the jasmine remains white." George Seferis. PANAGIOTIS VOUMVAKIS PANAGIOTIS VOUMVAKIS A two-story house with basement, on a corner plot in Kifisia, Athens. Need for privacy, orientation and a large garden were the main factors that defined the design of this “U” shape house. Placed on the northwest edge of the plot, letting free space on the southeast corner, with planting through the boundaries and thickening on the south. The spaces are design to have south and east orientation and view to the large garden. The semi-open spaces protect the house from the weather conditions and help the transition from close indoor the to the open outdoor spaces. PANAGIOTIS VOUMVAKIS PANAGIO... More

Project • By uc21 architectsOffices


proposal project for Nestle' Head Quarters in Tehran uc21 architects uc21 architects uc21 architects uc21 architects uc21 architects uc21 architects More

Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Private house in Sozopol

The house is located near the Black sea town of Sozopol and is situated on a plot with panoramic sea view. Assen Emilov Assen Emilov The project consists of partial reconstruction and complete visual transformation of the existing house. The old house was built around 15 years ago in a style imitating the authentic for Sozopol architectural elements and materials: multitude of inclined roofs with tiles, facade planking and tile cladding, bay-windows and arches. Assen Emilov Assen Emilov The wish of the contractor has been to achieve the exactly opposite effect: to have a contrasting, memorable, minimalistic and contemporary architecture. The biggest challenge of the project has been to reduce as much as feasible the cl... More



White Coffee interior tells a history of how classic background can successfully interact with modern furniture and decor. At the background of plaster stucco you can see an elegant chandelier which is an uneven curve of freely suspended flexible neon hov Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko Caption More

Project • By Murado & Elvira ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Galgo house

The house is built in a long and narrow plot in a quiet residential area in Madrid, unused for years due to its unusual proportions. It accommodates the floor plan requirements inside a volume only 4 meters wide, resulting in a thin and compact prism.  imagen subliminal imagen subliminal On each level small outdoor spaces are inserted, allowing for a rich spatial experience while keeping the necessary privacy in a dense residential neighborhood. This sequence encompasses a courtyard on the basement level, a garden with a swimming pool on the ground floor and a double-height terrace on the first floor expand and complement the tight interior of the house. Thus, the usual sequence of stacked levels is challenged and turned int... More


Casa Arco Iris

Casa Arco Iris is a project which remodels the 1990s-built detached villa located adjacent to a golf course in the Algarve. The concept specified the use of white marble, typical of Portuguese architecture during the past century.  The use of the same material on all of the internal and external surface areas creates a collective feeling of fluidity and elegance which add to the sense of light and space.  The architectural dark timber staircase provides a sculptured link between levels and is lit from above by a large skylight.  Ultramarino, the in-house interior design element of the studio designed the ‘white concept’ for the whole interior, including the kitchen and bathroom elements.  The gardens wer... More

Project • By HOLLEGHA arquitectosApartments

15th Floor

Three adjacently located apartments in a building of the 1950ies were turned into a 6000ft2 flat. The spacious, light-flooded rooms are connected through a central corridor, while the 1700ft2 living and dining area occupies the whole west part, giving view to the Madrid skyline on three sides. Two of the big openings have been converted in huge eye-catching panels of fixed glazing that impressively display the view on the city. Pablo Casares Walls and ceilings are painted all white, emphasizing the effect of changing lightbeams coming from six skylights. Floors and bathrooms are covered with sandstone. Pablo Casares Clear lines, light colours and well-shaped proportions create a neutral, timeless and elegant space to be brought... More

Project • By Jimenez LinaresPrivate Houses

Cruz House

Cruz House is located within a landscape of olive trees in the Aljarafe region of Seville. The house moves away from any nearby urban nucleus, dissolving the limits of the plot with the rest of the landscape. Jimenez Linares The functional scheme of the house resembles the structure of Palladio's Villa Rotonda, where the exterior volume is intersected by a second cross-shaped volume, which empties the interior of the house. Jimenez Linares The outer shell of the house, a two-story white cylinder, is interrupted by a cross-shaped piece, connecting the opposite facades and achieving transparency towards the four orientations. Furthermore, in height the central space is expanded with a double height, connected to the upper gallery... More

Project • By Jimenez LinaresPrivate Houses

Berro House

Close to the Quinta del Berro Park, in a street bordered by leafy trees, we find this house built at the end of the 1920s. David Zarzoso The house, which was the residence of the sculptor Jorge de Oteiza in the 50s, was very damaged, and its facades had undergone numerous modifications. We began developing an investigation in the Archives of the city, which allowed us to discover the plans of the original project. David Zarzoso Based on this documentation, it is decided to recover the original image of the house: a white volume, with large windows to the outside and a Roman ceramic roof, surrounded by a garden that seems to climb the facade, by incorporating forged steel planters . David Zarzoso Inside the house we find a... More

Project • By HENRIQUEZ Y LOPEZPrivate Houses


The house is located in Agaete, in the picturesque fishing community of NuestraSeñora de las Nieves, located in the west of the island of Gran Canaria. Thissmall fishing neighborhood, made of white constructions with blue windows anddoors, offers stunning views of the dock and the imposing topography of theisland and, behind it, the Atlantic Ocean with magical sunsets. Caption The first line of white and blue buildings, where the house sits, erects as acontinuous wall of different heights, where, occasionally, the boundariesbetween one building and the other cannot be accurately appreciated. Thehouse is intended to be part of this continuity. In its rear elevation, it assumesthe alignments given by the adjoining constructions,... More