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Project • By Office WinhovOffices

Vroom & Dreesmann

The historic department store of Vroom & Dreesmann forms a beacon for the center of Amsterdam. The complex consists of a combination of different buildings which have been rebuilt several times over the last hundred years. The main part of the complex is the former department store that was designed in 1912 by the architect Francois Caron and radically renovated in the 1930s by the Amsterdam School architect Jan Kuijt. The second part of the complex consists of the eighteenth-century warehouses on the Rokin and the nineteenth-century building of Jacot and & Oldewelt on the Kalverstraat, where caterer La Place is located. The design for the V&D complex fits in the tradition of critical reconstruction. The individual buildings hav... More

Project • By concreteHotels

citizenM Amsterdam Amstel

concrete celebrates the homecoming of the 17th citizenM hotel: Amstel. As concrete is standing at the cradle of every citizenM, it feels extraordinary to open up a new hotel in the hometown of citizenM ánd concrete. The former bank counts fewer keys and mixes modern design with the historic architecture of the building, which creates a quirky boutique hotel feel.After opening up at Schiphol in 2008 and Amsterdam Zuid in 2009, this is the first hotel located in the historic centre of the city. The existing bank building dates back from 1928 and is characterised by the Amsterdam School style of architecture. On the ground floor, the former bank is transformed into the public areas of citizenM. On the upper floors, 88 guest rooms are created w... More

Project • By Team Paul de Vroom + SputnikResidential Landscape

Dutch House

In Wellton Park, a district in Moscow with a very high building density, the Dutch architecture firm Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik has completed two apartment buildings with outspoken brick facades.When the client requested “Dutch” architecture, the architects let themselves to be inspired by the Amsterdam School style of the early 1900’s, and re-invent it for a contemporary high-rise design. ExplanationThe project ‘Dutch House’ is part of the re-development of District 75, situated in the western part of Moscow. Renamed Wellton Park, the district has been transformed by Russian construction-industrial company KROST, over a period of 20 years, into a luxury residential area with a very high density and a carefully landscaped ground leve... More

Project • By BLOOT ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Fig Tree House

In The Hague’s Vogelwijk district in The Netherlands, a minimalist house extension contrasts sharply with the expressive brick architecture of a 1927’s house, exposing the ‘hidden’ qualities.The house has an original annex at the front side with behind it a beautiful fig tree in the garden that was not visible from inside the old house. Because the new extension extends beyond the existing width of the house, the glass extension is going into a relationship with the existing annex. This creates a semi-enclosed outdoor space around the old fig tree. By widening the extension, a third world arises around the hidden fig tree alongside the old and the new world.The design for the extension of the house balances between a sharp contrast and the... More

Project • By Marc Koehler ArchitectsResidential Landscape

House like Garden

The 140 m2 house is located on a small plot in IJburg; a recently developed suburb of the city of Amsterdam. The house is designed as a vertical garden giving space to flora and fauna to grow in a densly urbanised area. Closed private spaces contrast with open collective spaces, that seem to have been ‘carved out’ from the solid volume as a continous transparent void. In this way the interior space is visually and physically connected to the street, the garden and roof terraces. Outdoor and indoor spaces become one and natural daylight flows into the interior.Three bedrooms, a small bathroom, WC and a ‘multipurpose hall’ are situated on the groundfloor whereas the first floor remains completely open for living, cooking and eating, flooded w... More

Project • By INTERALTER interiorarchitectsHotels

Kaboom Hotel

On the outside, the Kaboom Hotel reflects the architectural style in which in was built - the Amsterdam School. On the inside, it is ultra-modern and designed for the modern traveler. Interior designer Roger Hann decided to work with Mosa tiles in this design, partly because the tiles are produced locally, but also because of the durability and scalability offered by ceramics. In most hotels, high traffic areas like corridors tend to show signs of wear and tear due to a constant stream of suitcases and linen carts. Here, halls for instance include partial wall tiling made from diagonal ceramic tiles that protects walls from damage and also creates an unusual look. Corridor floor tiles come from the same tile collection from Mosa. The ma... More
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIApartments

Brick Villa, Amsterdam

Tradition and craftsmanship are reflected in the refined detail of the brick villa. The horizontal concrete beams refer to the traditional architecture of the Amsterdam School. The used sustainable materials have proven themselves over the centuries. On the open road the house looks closed and introverted. On the other side, the sun shines deep into the house through the large glass windows. More

Project • By LEVS architectenHousing


On Kop Zuidas in the south of Amsterdam the scaffolding of project Square has been dismantled, revealing the nicely detailed masonry of the outer façade. Square is a compact residential building with 111 mid-market rental apartments. With its on-site restaurant and young inhabitants, Square will serve as a lively center-spot for this new neighborhood between the Rivierenbuurt, RAI and Amstelpark. A linden tree has recently been planted in the inner courtyard, soon to be a showpiece of 8 metres tall. The gate will be enriched with an art piece, a filigree fence with bronze linden branches. At the beginning of May, the new inhabitants will move into their new homes. The volume consists of 5 to 8 floors surrounding a green courtyard. Large... More

Project • By B+O ArchitectsApartments

Apartment Buidling

In the center of Hoogeveen an apartment building of 22 apartments of four floors has been built. The ground floor space has been designed to house one or more retail outlets. Besides that, the building has a parking garage with 17 parking spaces, intended to be used by residents of the apartments. In the design hallmarks of the Amsterdam School are noticeable. This is mainly reflected in the piers of the facade, the heavy wooden frame and richly detailed brickwork. Each apartment has two bedrooms, a spacious living room and an indoor winter garden. The total floor space covers 80 m2. The residents also have access to a communal roof terrace on the first floor. More

Project • By B+O ArchitectsShops

Appartment building with retail spaces

In Steenwijk a special apartment building has been built. The design is inspired by the style ‘Amsterdam School’ and the Scheepsvaarthuis in Amsterdam. The building consists of four floors with two penthouses on top. The bottom floor is for two retail spaces and above are 25 spacious rental apartments. The characteristic style of the Amsterdam School can be found in the vertical lines and rich detailing of the façade with its ornaments and piers. The ornamental brickwork and masonry ties give the building a strong monumental character. The building is also a tribute to the sculptor Hildo Krop. His work has been reflected in many buildings and bridges in the style of the Amsterdam School. The residential building is designed in the... More

Project • By Space and MatterHotels


Sweets started out as an idea to create a distributed hotel concept for the city of Amsterdam that optimally re-uses existing small scale real estate as individual hotel suites. Our eyes soon fell on the rich collection of 'bridge houses' (brugwachtershuisjes) along the Amsterdam canals that give shelter to the bridge operators. When we found out that within the next few years these tiny buildings will become obsolete as new technology will centralize the bridge control system, we saw a chance to realize our idea. In collaboration with Grayfield development we pitched the concept to the entrepreneurs of the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam who instantly fell for it. In close collaboration with these three parties, the idea is now developed into a uniq... More

Project • By ADP architectenSecondary Schools

Hogeland College, Warffum

ADP Architects designed a new building and renovation for The Hogeland College in the north of the Netherlands. The client explicitly asked for an architecture based on the style of the Amsterdam School, a reference to the Berlage-designed town hall in the neighbouring village. Besides the Amsterdam School ADP Architects studied the relation between the building and its surroundings thoroughly which resulted in a composition of several volumes around a central courtyard. Natural materials were used in the color of the local soil; yellow clay, this way the building blends in with the typical rural landscape. The sloping roofs also relate to the traditional shads common in this area. The building is connected to the surrounding open field... More

Project • By derksen|windt architectenRestaurants

Cafeteria van Ruyven

The young architectural firm derksen|windt architecten created the design for this striking cafeteria, which lies in its surroundings as a stopping place in an environment dominated by industrial activity. The design for the new Cafeteria is based on a contemporary fusion of American 50's diners and the style of the Amsterdam School. The cafeteria is located alongside a busy connecting road which separates the old centre of Maassluis and the adjacent business park. In the background of the cafeteria lies the train track which connects Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland. The pavilion-like building has a beautiful brick layer with rounded corners over which a flat roof, also with rounded corners, is hanging over. The masonry is inte... More
Interior appartment Amsterdam

Project • By Rent a DesignerApartments

Interior design private house

Rent a Designer re-odered and designed the interior for an 'Amsterdam School' appartment by architect Berlage in the south of Amsterdam. The former 4 room appartment, (still in '70 style) and the seperate attik, were internally connected in order to create a 6 room family appartment. In the middle of the space a console was created wich holds the new staircase, parts of the kitchen, storage, cupboards and a toilet. The bathroom was enlarged, walls between livingroom, dinningroom and kitchen openend to create an open, very light space. By using original '30 elements such as curly wooden stairhandles, paneldoors and black wood/steel doorhandles, the appartment is now a modern family house restyled with respect for the 'Amsterdam school' ar... More

Project • By OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanismHousing


Living in Saendelft: rural, but nevertheless close to a "town". Surrounded by vast farmlands and yet part of a large livingresidential area, where privacy and freedom are the most important. The urban designer devised a mosaic, in which each part had to get its own atmosphere. The atmostphere of this district is the atmosphere of the Amsterdam School style, in which the rural part of this style got the most attention. In order to get a good synergy in the plan we fell back on the rural character of the Amsterdam School style, namely the roof. Each dwelling has the same characteristic roof, adjusted to the section of the dwelling. We have called this roof a "bell-jar roof". More