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Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

PV Apartment

Located in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the city, this apartment is a true reflection of the style of old Milan. Sara Magni Sara Magni Sara Magni Its high ceilings, molded frames for doors and windows, geometric patterned cement tiles and decorations are all distinctive elements that evoke the elegance of the era.The renovation of such an important place starts with the desire to respect and maximize the existing elements that have made the apartment so special. Sara Magni Sara Magni Sara Magni The main area of intervention focuses on what used to be the kitchen and the bathroom, both recently renovated without a specific aesthetic criterion.In this core, a easily isolatable area has been created,... More

Project • By buerger katsota architectsApartments

One Athens Apartment

One Athens residential complex at the foot of the Lycabettus hill constitutes a legendary building for Athens and its architecture. The modernist building -designed in 1957, by the prominent Greek architect Constantinos Doxiadis (1913-1975) and fully completed in 1971- served as the Doxiadis Associates headquarters till the late 1990s. The 2014 transformation of the listed office complex to a residential development introduced a new building type and scale to the city dominated by the ‘polykatoikia’ typology. Yiorgis Yerolymbos Yiorgis Yerolymbos Yiorgis Yerolymbos The complete renovation of the double aspect 5th-floor ‘L’-shape apartment aspires to accommodate the contemporary needs for living, by pa... More

Project • By fws_workApartments

House FC

Design firm : fws_work Staging & Art Styling: Noteinsilence Construction Management: ArchinSpace Photographer : Suiyu Studio Artwork: Genggeng Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio The owner is an artist who desired a both tranquil and inspiring environment in a 700 sqft. small apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. fws_work embraces the concept of “a  step at a moment creates a scene”, where every step, every moment, every scene is infused with poetic essence. Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio Suiyu Studio By maximizing the high-ceiling open area with ample windows, the interior is flood... More

Project • By JanskyDunderaApartments

Reconstruction of a First Republic-era Apartment

The authors approached the complete reconstruction of a spacious apartment in Klatovy, Czech Republic, with care worthy of the treatment of family silver. It is located in an apartment building from the 1930s, which was built by the great-grandfather of one of the authors of the design, Zeno Fifka. Moreover, the house remained in the family's ownership to this day, and the renovation was also carried out for close relatives, a young family of four. Honza Zima Thanks to the mutual trust and understanding between designers and clients it was possible to create an unusual family home with many atypical features. "The main intention of the design was to give the apartment some spatial generosity and to further support the modernist First-... More

Project • By Yellow Cloud StudioApartments


Located inside the recently refurbished old Grade II listed Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children in Hackney, London, the project is a two storey flat that has been completely reinvented, from its external building fabric and floor slab being upgraded in terms of thermal performance to its bespoke interior and decoration.  Alex Forsey Alex Forsey True to the studio ethos, the Goldsmiths apartment renovation combines design principles and aesthetics that showcase a belief in the use of natural materials, a muted colour palette with prominent accents and a focus on tactile, timeless qualities. Alex Forsey Alex Forsey On the ground floor, a playful earthy pink tonality introduces you to the space and gets picked up i... More

Project • By Play ArquiteturaApartments

Bandeira Apartments

Two apartments in the Bandeira building: The building housing these apartments is located in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, and was designed by the architectural firm UNA Architects. With a rational floor plan, the 150 sqm apartments originally featured 3 suites, a social area, kitchen, storage room, service bathroom, laundry, powder room, and a balcony/balcony running along almost the entire length of one side of the apartments. Large windows and doors ensure ample natural light in the apartments. André Scarpa André Scarpa André Scarpa André Scarpa André Scarpa Owned by two young siblings, the apartments underwent a partial architectural renovation but a total transformation, a... More

Project • By Sharon KenettApartments

House of CL

This 6-room-turned-into-4 room apartment belongs to a couple with a sweet little boy. The apartmnt recieved a full "face lift" leaving no trace of original materials behind - everything was replaced - hand crafted, custom-made and personally detailed. Oren Amos Oren Amos Carpentry items, lighting, kitchen, living room sofa - all is custom-made accordingly to keep a clean line yet warm and cosy home atmosphere. knowing life with kids has just begun and family is planned to expand - a kids play area in the living area was very important in this case, so a big BIG play area closet was planned to keep everything in-store. Oren Amos Oren Amos Oren Amos Oren Amos closets are all minimal and as integral as possibl... More

Project • By Play ArquiteturaApartments

Consolação Apartment

For this compact 52m² apartment, we proposed the greatest possible integration of the environments, creating, however, the possibility of a subtle separation of the bedroom and bathroom from the other areas, through an iron and corrugated glass partition, with a shrimp-type opening. The balcony was incorporated into the apartment area to allow for the creation of a dining table, as well as a small closet attached to the bedroom. Ricardo Bassetti Ricardo Bassetti Ricardo Bassetti Ricardo Bassetti All the carpentry was designed to make the most of the space possible. Thus, functions such as a bookcase share space with a place to store a ladder for domestic use, the bench in the social area is used as a work space on... More

Project • By Milena VillalbaApartments

La serpiente del Botànic

One of the housing typologies that we most frequently come across in València for renovation is that of the mid-20th century extensions: elongated pieces between the street and the interior of a large block, with narrow façades and small courtyards attached to the sides. These dwellings generally invite major changes with small improvements.  Milena Villalba In this case the aim was to renovate an inheritance that had modified the original dwelling by lowering its ceilings and concealing the floors, which made it somewhat dark and labyrinthine. However, the final result should not stray too far from its origin in order to preserve the memory of the house in which the grandparents had lived and of which many of the f... More

Project • By RooviceIndividual Buildings

Akabane House

This two-story house from the seventies is located in Akabane, a residential area with a retro atmosphere on the border of Tokyo and Saitama prefectures. Popular with Tokyo's workers, the area comes alive at night when the narrow alleys around the station glow with red paper lanterns, and revellers spill out of inexpensive bars and restaurants.  Akira Nakamura The owner, who was born and lived in the house until elementary school, inherited it from his parents. When the family first moved out to another area of Tokyo, the property was put up for rent. Then, after the tenants left, it sat empty for more than 10 years. Akira Nakamura The owner already possessed a place to live in, but didn’t want to sell the inherited h... More

Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsApartments

Central Park West Penthouse

Studio ST Architects renovated a pre-war Manhattan penthouse apartment to accommodate a multi-generational, Asia-based family and highlight the wrap-around views of Central Park. Studio ST Architects collaborated with interior designer Atelier + Concept to create a classy and fresh interior which mixes “high” and “low” cost elements. Angela Hau & Alex Krauss The apartment layout was reconfigured to create a clear and simple circulation, separating the public spaces from the three bedrooms and creating an en-suite primary bathroom. A new foyer was introduced—clad in antique mirrors and De Gournay wallpaper—which leads to the long hallway that acts as the apartment spine, punctuated by a series of... More

Project • By Gabrielle Vinson ArchitecteApartments


Rénovation d’un studio, conception & réalisation d’un meuble linéaire intégrant éléments de cuisine, rangements & bureau. gabrielle vinson gabrielle vinson gabrielle vinson Caption More

Project • By DarkefazaHousing

Salimi Terrace

The story goes back to 20 years ago in the Sheikh Baha’i area of Tehran.A villa which most important space was its yard. A space that was gradually forgotten by unprecedented expansion of building too many apartments in Tehran in the 70s and 80s. This apartment was five-storey building with high occupancy rate, up to the fourth floor. (in accordance with the construction permit of Tehran Municipality at the time of construction of the project). Caption Caption Caption Caption After a while, because of new laws owners of some buildings with a higher occupancy rate were forced to reduce that area and the main useful space of the apartment. This is how 30 square meters Terrace remained in the apartment. According to... More

Project • By SKOLNICK Architecture + Design PartnershipApartments

Urban Waterfront Home

SKOLNICK was retained to completely renovate this apartment, located inthe historic El Dorado building overlooking Central Park and the JacquelineKennedy Onassis Reservoir. Beyond the initial experience of beautiful ArtDeco details in the building’s lobby, the apartment itself required extensivework. SKOLNICK designed the layout to be much more open and lesscompartimentalized with the goal of letting in more natural light andmaximizing the park views and prominent waterfront setting. Zach Pontz Zach Pontz Zach Pontz The opportunity to incorporate the client’s family heirloom Nakashimafloating wall unit, along with large screen-like sliding panels, were alsofundamental inspirations. These elements aligned well wit... More

Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsApartments

Riverside Drive Apartment

This midcentury modern-inspired Riverside Drive Apartment is a combined 2,500-square-foot apartment. It is designed as a home for a family of five that would continue to accommodate the children as they grow older. The apartment renovation transformed the space by relocating the entrance and creating a generous foyer adjacent to the new enlarged kitchen. Alan Tansey Alan Tansey Alan Tansey The former entry area was converted into a family room den, which became the favorite space for the family to hang out, play video games and watch TV. Black steel bi-fold doors with fluted glass offer subtle privacy and allow natural light from the living room windows to filter into the room. Alan Tansey Alan Tansey Alan... More