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NewsNews • 27 Dec 2023

MVRDV exhibition showcases Shenzhen Women & Children’s Centre as a model of adaptive reuse

ReviveR is a new exhibition by the international architectural firm MVRDV that explores Shenzhen Women & Children’s Centre as a circular manifesto for a low-carbon, child-friendly city. The exhibition takes place at the Shenzhen Women & Children’s Centre, a recently transformed tower building in the southern Chinese city’s Futian District. An educational endeavor, ReviveR considers a number of narratives that surround the building, from the importance of social and interactive environments for adults and children alike to the significance of the adaptive reuse of buildings as a way of reducing carbon emissions, following the principles of circularity. Zhang Chao Zhang Chao MVRDV completed the tra... More

Project • By B.L.U.E. ArchitectureExhibitions

Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project

“Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project” is in the section “More-than-Human Adventure” and the special section “Shelter for Urban Animals.” In “More-than-Human Adventure,” the furniture is on the outdoor stairs, offering space for people to enjoy the sunshine and meet new friends. On the large stairs, a large table and a long table are for gathering. The long benches also offer space for people to sit together. If anyone wants to be alone, the individual chair and the small bench are the best choices. When a handrail which people always pass by meets a small table hanged on it, the handrail becomes an attractive space for people to stop, stay, and have a cup of coffee. When the large rough column i... More

Project • By grupoDEArquiteturaExhibitions

à sombra do flamboyant | takeo sawada

A exposição ‘à sombra do flamboyant – Takeo Sawada’, exibida entre março e agosto de 2021 no Centro Cultural Matarazzo na cidade de Presidente Prudente retratou a vida e obra do artista imigrante japonês Takeo Sawada que residiu e trabalhou no interior paulista desde que chegou do Japão. Contou com a curadoria de Carmo Malacrida, Valquíria Prates e Valéria Prates Gobato e realização do Sesc Thermas de Presidente Prudente. ©pedrokok ©pedrokok ©pedrokok Desenhar a expografia para essa linda jornada do artista foi um desafio e para tal lançamos mão da madeira, da operação de pré-fabricaç... More

Project • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignPavilions

Berega Multi-Use Structure by Nüvist

The Multi-Use structure is a striking example of how nature and modernism can coexist harmoniously in architecture. This cutting-edge form effortlessly combines organic design with cutting-edge technology to create a flexible area for conferences, exhibits, and other events. • © nuvist Berega Multi Use Structure is a wonderful example of how beauty and usefulness can coexist. It not only appeals to the eye but also provides a flexible space that effortlessly adjusts to accommodate different events by taking its cues from the curves and lines of nature. • © nuvist The structure’s fluid layout is a playground for creativity. Adaptable and reconfigurable, it can host art displays, tec... More

NewsNews • 12 May 2023

Centre Pompidou hosts the largest retrospective on Norman Foster’s work

Largest retrospective on British Architect Norman Foster’s oeuvre over the past six decades launches at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, in the presence of the French Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak and the president of the venue, Laurent Le Bon. Nigel Young / Foster + Partner Nigel Young / Foster + Partner Spanning 2200sqm, the exhibition is curated by the Deputy Director of the MNAM-CCI (Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre de Création Industrielle), Frédéric Migayrou, designed by Norman Foster and executed in collaboration with Foster + Partners and Norman Foster Foundation. Nigel Young / Foster + Partner The exhibition hosts an exceptional collection explored through the le... More

NewsNews • 1 May 2023

“Territories and Landscapes”: A thoughtful exposition of works by Atelier Pierre Thibault

“Territories and Landscapes” is an immersive exhibition by Atelier Pierre Thibault that reflects on the relationship between architecture and its environment. Taking place at the Galerie d’Architecture in Paris from 15 April to 27 May 2023, the exhibition presents 20 architectural projects undertaken by Atelier Pierre Thibault in the Canadian province of Quebec. Built in symbiosis with nature, Pierre Thibault's projects create a dialogue between the landscape and the people who use and inhabit them. Pierre-Ulric Gagné The “Territories and Landscapes” exhibition comprises a display of drawings, models, books, sketchbooks, and objects, set against the backdrop of Galerie d’Architecture&rsqu... More

NewsNews • 31 Dec 2022

LUO Studio curates an exhibition space using corrugated cardboard

Given the concept of zero waste, LUO studio has been probing sustainable practices. Conceived as a backdrop for Zuo Jing’s exhibition called Back to the Future: Breaking the Time Barrier, the vision was transformed into reality solely using cardboard.  Jin Weiqi The low density of cardboard, compared to traditional building materials, allows a shorter time for CNC cutting and processing. In less than two days, 2,566 cardboard components were generated from all 320 pieces of raw cardboard used for the exhibition. Moreover, a small team of six to seven people put together the exhibition modules on site in 2 days, establishing an efficient construction method that can be adopted by non-professionals as well.  Jin... More

Project • By Migliore + ServettoExhibition Centres

The Home of The Human Safety Net

The Migliore+Servetto studio, internationally recognised for its excellence in exhibition design and the design of communication spaces, was chosen by Generali Group to design the new headquarters of The Human Safety Net. The 3000 sqm project includes the Interior, Exhibition, Graphic & Multimedia Design of the third floor and the reception spaces on the ground floor of the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco, with artistic direction by Davide Rampello. Andrea Martiradonna The project is divided into four distinct areas: an exhibition path with an innovative concept open to all, which offers visitors an immersive experience of the Generali Group Foundation and its activities; a café; a co-working area with functional zon... More

Project • By BUREAU (D. Zamarbide, C. Pimenta, G. Zamarbide)Exhibitions

Distant lights

ULTRATHINING Sines  A strange moment for the town of Sines to host Distant Lights, the rich work of Nuno Cera – a quasi-native of the place and someone who has travelled extensively, eyes wide open around the world. We are living a moment in history where the path of fossil energies has again made a turn … back, as the dramatic Ukrainian war seems to bifurcate towards an already confirmed anthropocentric destruction. How much Sines is reacting positively or negatively to this turn is unknown to us, but Nuno’s Distant Lights might have a broader and more urgent reach than what he initially imagined when starting the creative process of the exhibition, before the Ukrainian war. ©NunoCera The title of the s... More

Project • By Tres AtelierExhibition Centres

Ahmednagar Gallery at Ahmednagar Museum

A museum is a place where one should lose one's head. - Renzo PianoIt all started with a memory of childhood when as a child we were roaming around the city, all historical structures acted as curious things for us, thus history evokes the feeling about past experiences and all historical structures were just a storehouse of Images for us.As a citizen of the youngest nation in the world and the fastest-growing country, one should not forget the past and the roots.Thesis of Ar. Suchit was based on the heritage of Ahmednagar, where he discussed the points of developing the city through the lens of heritage. While doing his thesis he asked himself a very sensitive question i,e. Heritage Inherited or Ignored ? . Later Ar. Suchit & Ar. Manda... More

Project • By 2STORM creative agencyExhibition Centres

Business centre ART IN IT

Elements of art were an integral part of ancient architecture. They depicted the development of technology of that period. Architecture offered a means to crown the significance of each milestone in the history. The architecture of the 19-20th centuries has lost the attributes of art due to the pursuit of achievements in science and technology. With our building, we suggest integrating art into architecture by means of modern innovative methods. 2STORM creative agency After analyzing the site, we have found such restrictions: building area limits and engineering communications. The next step was to analyze the location of the future building on the master plan of Unit City. This helped us to find the main view points. The first one i... More

Project • By BeautbureauExhibitions

VEXed + Voided : Two Acts

Act I : An exhibition pavilion to showcase competition entries to the 2018 International Design Competition, organized by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA). The pavilion embraces the annual competition theme VEX: Agitated Vernacular, by subjecting wood, the themed material, to abrasive processes of peeling & sanding, charring, or burning.  The vexed wood is then hand-crafted: rough-sawn, stacked, and tied, to form two black & white cubic geometries that host the exhibition materials. Charcoal, mixed with leftover wood from the processes, is contained in multiple cubic gabion baskets for area seating. Conventional fabrication and vernacular construction techniques merge with contemporary ones to become the new vernacul... More

Project • By IndissolubleExhibitions


Cyborgs, superhumans and clones. Evolution or extinction? What does it mean to be a human today? What will it feel like to be a human a hundred years from now? Technological capabilities are increasing at a rapid pace. Should we continue to embrace modifications to our minds, bodies and daily lives, or are there boundaries we shouldn’t overstep? Conceived as a dark tunnel, the exhibition, designed by Indissoluble, displays a stark minimalism, which highlights the importance of the pieces to exhibit. Surrounded by a monochrome environment, the only point at which this darkness is broken is in the thematic transitions, as light tunnels are built to embrace the texts of the exhibition. The exhibition explores potential future t... More