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Project • By ExpolightRestaurants


NON  is a modern restaurant of Uzbek cuisine in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Cotton is one of the historical symbols of Uzbekistan. That’s why we used it as a part of the design for individual pendant and table lamps, which have become a strong focus of the interior.  Lamps are hand-made with individual designs.  Cotton and glass are very tactile natural materials with diametrically different properties. We placed the cotton twigs in glass bulbs and integrated light into these bulbs. The softness and lightness of cotton create a harmonic contrast with transparent, hard, and smooth glass.  Each glass bulb has a unique shape and relief. The luminaire structure is made of craft glass and brass.  The shape of glass fla... More
LC Privacy Glass: Transparent, door closed
LC Privacy Glass: Conference Room - Private
LC Privacy Glass: Transparent, door slid open
LC Privacy Glass: Conference Room - Private, door slid open
LC Privacy Glass: Inside Conference Room - Private

Project • By Innovative Glass CorporationOffices

LC Privacy Glass: Conference Room

LC Privacy Glass was used to create this state-of-the-art conference room for a prominent Construction Management company in Woodbury, NY. The door and surrounding glass walls, when transparent, allow a full view of the beautiful reception area and mural, and then can become fully private when needed with the flip of a switch. Our patented PowerTrack allows the conference room door to slide open with no visible wires. The front wall can be used as a white board, or instantly transforms into a rear projection screen for impressive, eye-catching presentations. This project was installed by C&L Aluminum using the CRL 702 Series framing system. More

Project • By acdf architectureOffices

FlightHub offices: Technology, Travel and Tribes

ACDF Architecture, a firm renowned for its ambitious, design-savvy commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional projects, is proud to unveil the dynamic new offices of FlightHub, an online travel agency serving over 5 million airline passengers per year. The project comprises 12,800 s.f. of office space encompassing the building’s entire 6th floor, and marks an expansion of operations within FlightHub’s Montreal headquarters.   In approaching ACDF, the client was seeking a clever intervention that would infuse the essence of the company into the standard office floorplate, thus providing a unique identity that would embrace the company’s core business lines. Based on three key elements established by... More

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersOffices

Technology Synergy

This daring project seeks to revive an abandoned building in the center of Bucharest and transform it into a sustainable and eccentric urban footprint. The architects propose an office building characterized by transparent surfaces merging with natural elements such as a rich vegetation, spreading over the built spaces. The atrium of the building is emphasized by a fully glazed surface, a reinforced glass façade that reveals the inner layout of the design. The playful concept focuses on open spaces interrupted by thin lines of glass and metal.  The atrium found on the ground level extends the passerby’s view and offers spectacular lines and colors. The working spaces are thought as suspended units, floating on pillars above the gr... More

Project • By waataaPrivate Houses


Inserted in a rural context next to a running water brook, the house has as an ordering and generating project element the preexisting stone wall confining with the public street. The idea is to extend this wall and integrate it into the design of the house. The material is changed from stone to cork, differentiating the intervention of the pre-existence.  Assuming the wall as an opaque element simultaneously interior and exterior that ensures privacy in relation to the road, the house closes to the north and becomes transparent in the south opposite side to the “private” part of the terrain.  Here, the house lies on a platform that rests above the ground. This separation act contrasts with the creation of patios and the use of ge... More

Project • By Verner JohnsonMuseums

Museum at Prairiefire

As the signature building of a new 60-acre suburban live-work-play development, the Museum at Prairiefire was designed as a civic hub featuring world-class traveling exhibits from the American Museum of Natural History. By engaging the local population in broader cultural and scientific experiences, while architecturally celebrating the rich story of the region, the Museum grounds it within a larger context and helps forge an identity for the community. Through the use of color and sculptural forms, the design boldly contrasts with the surroundings, but touches the sensibilities of the locality by orchestrating distinctive materials, shapes and technologies to produce a new and provocative regionalism.The design concept evokes the... More

Product • By BendheimFritted Channel Glass

Fritted Channel Glass

Bendheim channel glass is available in hundreds of translucent & opaque colors by applying permanent, colorfast, scratch resistant color frits. The frit is applied to ultra-clear low-iron glass, which renders the truest colors. The glass is fully tempered (safety) and heat soak tested for exterior applications. More

Product • By BendheimGlamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Glamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Bendheim introduces its Glamir™ architectural glass collection, providing design professionals several original mirror colors to brilliantly enhance the look and feel of interior spaces. These rare mirrors create a sense of openness, seemingly expanding spaces as they improve the quality and quantity of interior light. Bendheim’s new Glamir collection is produced with specialty low-iron glass, eliminating the typical bluish-green glass tint and allowing the pure, jewel-like colors to show through. The collection begins with the two most difficult hues to achieve: Champagne and Pale Gold. The two mirrors, delicate and warm, lend an atmosphere of timeless elegance and a new energy to almost any space, from a private residence to a fitnes... More

Product • By BendheimUltra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Ultra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Bendheim's Ultra-White Laminated Fade® and Low-Iron Etched Fade® glass designs present an elegant, timeless aesthetic, defining interior spaces when used in partitions, doors and windows, atriums, and staircases. The superior fade effect of Bendheim’s Ultra-White Laminated Fade® glass is produced through a unique ink technology. Ultra-dense and brilliant white at the bottom, the glass smoothly fades to clear at the top. The durable, maintenance-friendly laminated safety glass is available in sizes up to 60”W x 120”H and thicknesses up to ¾”. Bendheim’s new Low-Iron (ultra-clear) Etched Fade® glass is fully etched up to approx. 52” from the bottom of the sheet, then gently fades to clear as it approaches the top. The durable, stain... More

Product • By BendheimVintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass by Bendheim is decorative laminated architectural glass featuring true chicken wire. VintageWire Glass is available in translucent form for partitions and enclosures, as well as mirror-backed for wall cladding, elevator interiors, and lobbies. The collection can be specified in combination with a great number of privacy or less obscuring patterns from Bendheim’s hundreds of varieties, including our post-consumer recycled EcoGlass™. An opaque version of the glass emphasizes the nostalgic appeal of chicken wire by embedding it in antique bronze or antique silver mirrors. More

Product • By BendheimSatinTech® Etched Glass

SatinTech® Etched Glass

Bendheim SatinTech® etched glass offers elegance, a sense of privacy, and exceptional ease of maintenance. The permanent, chemically etched glass surfaces are superior to sandblasted and particle-etched glass, and are naturally resistant to fingerprints and staining over the product’s lifetime. The glass provides a comfortable sense of privacy, gently diffuses light, reduces glare, and minimizes reflections. It is available in a variety of colors, surface options, and patterns, ranging from double-sided full etch to colored pattern-etched wall cladding, etched mirrors, and more. More

Product • By BendheimProjectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Projectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Bendheim's award-winning Magnetic Glass Marker Boards have gotten even better, now featuring high-performance, maintenance-friendly projectable writing surfaces. The exceptionally strong magnetic action of Bendheim’s magnetic glass marker boards sets us apart from all the rest. The boards reliably hold a variety of materials from notes and fabric swatches to color chip samples. The new projection-friendly glass version accommodates digital multi-media presentations while allowing for writing and organizing ideas. The maintenance-friendly glass surfaces resist ghosting and staining, even when permanent markers are used. The laminated glass boards also allow for two distinct aesthetics (i.e., one side of the glass can be white, the oppos... More

Product • By Bendheim+2 Acoustic Laminated Glass Collection

+2 Acoustic Laminated Glass Collection

Inspired by the needs of today’s office worker, Bendheim launches an industry first – decorative sound-control glass featuring a delicate brushed aesthetic. The +2 Collection is named for its ability to provide combined acoustic and visual privacy. The +2 laminated safety glass enables A&D professionals to provide an alternative to the “fish bowl” effect – clear glass office fronts and conference rooms that make employees feel on display – by allowing architects to:Create peaceful, quiet spaces – visually and acousticallyProvide a sense of openness as light passes through the translucent glass wallsProduce a stunning lantern effect at night as the +2 glass walls disperse light from within the spaces The light-diffusing +2 glass mai... More

Product • By BendheimJelly Bean Collection

Jelly Bean Collection

Bendheim's “Jelly Bean” Collection of safety-laminated architectural glasses features bright colors bringing a sense of optimism and comfort to hospitality, retail, healthcare, educational, and corporate interiors and exteriors. It responds to current design trends favoring combinations of bright colors and daylight to create soothing, uplifting and stimulating environments. The fire-polished “Jelly Bean” laminated glasses meet building safety codes, are stable, fade-resistant, and easy to maintain. The colored interlayers reduce solar energy transmittance, preventing heat build-up. They screen out up to 99% of damaging UV rays, helping minimize color fading of fabrics and furnishings. Installed in facades, the “Jelly Bean” Glass Collection... More

Product • By BendheimHoudini™ Privacy Glass

Houdini™ Privacy Glass

The low-iron, ultra-clear Houdini™ glass lets in maximum daylight, while its fine, micro-ribbed surface reduces glare and obscures the shapes of people and objects behind it. Houdini’s outstanding daylighting properties make it an ideal solution for any environment where privacy and natural light are vital, including healthcare and educational facilities, laboratories, corporate offices, and retail applications. The glass offers a budget-friendly alternative to expensive or cumbersome mechanical daylight and privacy controls, such as louvers and laminated privacy films, as well as dust-collecting curtains and blinds. Its contemporary linear pattern and durability make it a timeless, versatile design element. Additionally, the Houdini™... More