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LED Flush mounted adjustable downlight, TELESCOPICA Series. Aluminum body structure available in White finish. Integrated LED fixture, recessed installation. More

Project • By Stefano SanfilippoApartments

Casa C.A.F.I.

Complete renovation of an apartment in Palermo. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The contrasting and intense colors predominated, blues, teal and dove grey, the warm colors of the wood and grays were mixed in order to obtain an enveloping sensation throughout the house. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo Spotlights, localized and streep LEDs are the protagonists of the scene, fluidifying, together with the honeyed parquet, the rooms of the house. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The first living room with TV wall is separated from the dining area and welcomes us as we enter. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo A sliding door leads to the living area with kitchen, where domestic dynamics are concentrated. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The hallway leads... More

Project • By ExpolightCommercial Landscape

Forest of Emily Resort

The lighting that we implemented for Emily Resort made an exciting object - a forest doubled in the mirror of the lake, which is observed by hotel residents throughout the evening and night from all rooms, from the restaurant and terrace, as well as from along the embankment from the hotel and events hall With light, we emphasized a living corner of nature that you want to contemplate even more.This forest is perceived both on a macro scale from the opposite shore of the lake and locally, walking along the embankment when you see all its details. And that's why we made it, taking into account these nuances. For this, we had to create 3 independent rows of lamps that smoothly go deeper into the forest. Expolight We wanted to show:- its... More

Project • By Stefano SanfilippoApartments


Renovation of a real estate unit located in Palermo. The intervention involved the entire renovation of a building, in which a living area was created, consisting of a living room with dining table, an independent kitchen with attached laundry / utility room and a guest bathroom. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo Separate from the bedroom, it consists of a guest bedroom and a private master bedroom and walk-in closet. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The chromatic choices, the finishes and the materials were oriented towards calm, neutral colors, which acted as a background for contrasting elements such as the wall with wallpaper and the custom designed cabinet / wardrobe. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The cabinet / wardrobe is the key element... More

Project • By Pham Huu Son ArchitectsHousing

Santo by the sea Villa (final version)

This beautiful beachfront resort villa in Van Phong Bay in Central Vietnam, inspired by owner's passion of Mediterranean-style architecture, has been shared and received attention of architecture-loving readers from all over the world as well as in Vietnam. Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki Since then, Santo by the Sea has been finished with white paint, rough wall surface and outstanding yellow doorways, which not only is homeowner's favorite color but also brings the house a modern and youthful look. Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki Large arches bring natural light throughout the interior space as well as open door to magnificent outside sea and landscape view. Thick walls stretching throughout the house together with large doorway... More

Project • By ExpolightHotels

Lobby of Event Hall in Emily Resort

This project is a record for us regarding the complexity and number of lighting elements - super narrow spots, narrow and sliding beams, static illumination of the back wall with changing colors, and projection media content. A complex multi-component system transforms the event hall for various events: art exhibitions, lectures, conferences and presentations, festive events, and concerts. Caption In lobby of event-hall, we have embodied a cozy light with our already business card - different modes for different times of the day, which are automatically programmed, regulated, and adjusted by our cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System. Caption Just look at this wall with elements that resemble eggshells! It was important to... More

Project • By Louizi+Louizis ArchitectsOffices

Jungle Office

The current study concerns the design – transformation of an abandoned urban shell into the workspace of an extrovert, curious and very active group of new engineers. A place which, besides covering the relevant working needs, will stimulate the sensory appetite and will contribute to the triggering of exceptional experiences among the group members and their familiars. The idea was simple, “let’s put a little jungle inside the building..”.A circular surface with tropical plants (Strelitzia nicolai, Howea forsteriana, Beaucarnea, Asparagus setaceus) and natural stones is placed at the entrance of the office. A fully automated irrigation system with drippers and artificial lighting devices of appropriate wavelength e... More

Project • By ExpolightApartments

Saga City Space

A revealing, soft, muted light fills the facade from the inside. And its openwork part comes to the fore thanks to external sliding lighting. Expolight Previously, we launched a gentle display of the entire field, and now we have included an utterly internal backlight, which with special lamps, gives a balanced light in front of the hidden windows. Expolight For this, we developed special compact lamps and placed them in narrow gaps between the openwork perforated brick facade and the warm facade inside the window area. We made the windows appear, but they simulated bright light from inside the rooms and spread a halo around. And now, with that layer on, dimmed and balanced the outer fill layer, so they're in a relatively correc... More

Project • By ExpolightCommercial Landscape


The Garage has turned from the building of the former factory garage (about 1000 square meters) into a restaurant, wine bar, wine shop, coffee shop, and bakery. Together with the Swiss architect-design company Interstore Schweitzer and the architecture office of Walter Pichler Pichler Architects, our team worked on the main task - to emphasize the facade of the building and create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area. And also, on the lighting of the landscape, they collaborated in connection with the incredible team of landscape architects V Pole Design, led by the founder Juliya Polevaya Expolight Expolight After numerous experiments in the office for this object, we designed and created our kraft shadow lamps, which enhanc... More

Project • By NAN ArquitectosShops

Tourmalet Culture Cycliste

The purpose of the project is to create a space for the sale of bicycles and accessories. Iván Casal Nieto The main concept on which we base ourselves for the creation of the space is that of a velodrome that helps to mark the circulations, supports all the functions of the store and distributes the material to be exhibited. Iván Casal Nieto A large piece of furniture as a central element that included the counter and exhibition space is the main element of the project reinforced by a hole in the false ceiling in which the bare floor is shown making the negative of the counter. A suspended luminaire is also introduced that accompanies the furniture in its form and colored lines are drawn on the floor that simulate... More

Project • By ExpolightRestaurants

Rooftop by Brooks

At Rooftop, we wanted to convey the relaxed atmosphere of the place, which in the morning is a coffee shop with fragrant pastries and coffee, and in the evening turns into a bright bar with comfortable and cozy light. It is interesting that previously in such open institutions, almost no complex controlled scenario lighting was used. For Rooftop, we installed more than 50 groups of lamps with our modules and different types of optics, which are combined into light scenarios for morning and evening, as well as a separate “party” scenario for parties and celebrations. In addition, we highlighted the plants and sculptures with light so that the light sources were located below eye level and did not dazzle.... More

Project • By Elval ColourOffices

UCN Kolding

The impressive UNC Kolding in Denamark dressed with etalbond® FR in Silver White Metallic. Designed by Cubo Arkitekter. Façade fins with etalbond® ACP protect the interior of the building from sunlight leaving the view unobstructed at the same time.  More

Project • By Be ArchitetturaPrivate Houses


Designing a private house often provides the opportunity for the owners to express very clear wishes: here they wanted something contemporary, very bright, where they could live with their family, cultivating their passions. Alessandra Bello Alessandra Bello The present residential area has a low population density, which allowed us to create a fully contemporary design, with a compact front façade. Only to the south-west, the dwelling opens toward the garden with a large sliding window, sheltered by a cantilever porch. Alessandra Bello The horizontal plane theme is enhanced by details such as the floor-to-ceiling windows and the sliding obscure panels of the upper story. Alessandra Bello Alessandra Bello... More

Product • By Articolo LightingLumi Extra Large Triple Pendant

Lumi Extra Large Triple Pendant

The Lumi collection is the primary design of Articolo’s expansive history. Born through the possibilities of contemporary glass design, the Lumi collection reflects a timeless and refined elegance with the simplicity of it’s form. More

Product • By Articolo LightingLumi Extra Large Double Pendant

Lumi Extra Large Double Pendant

The Lumi collection is the primary design of Articolo’s expansive history. Born through the possibilities of contemporary glass design, the Lumi collection reflects a timeless and refined elegance with the simplicity of it’s form.     More