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Project • By ARW Associates (Botticini+Facchinelli ARW)Offices

Testi 223

The project area is located in Viale Fulvio Testi 223 in Milan, and it is an opportunity to recover and enhance the structure of the former Pirelli Institute, built in the 1950s, after several transformations. The structure, once used as a workshop-school and now abandoned, is composed of two parts: one used as classrooms and later transformed into offices, and one that is a typical factory made up of a sequence of bays with a pitch of about 8 metres and a length varying between 15 and 30 metres with an average height of 7 metres. Federico Covre Federico Covre The brick structure is peculiar, with a shed roof with a metal structure. In recent times (the 1990s) the building has been adapted as a space for events and training, wit... More

Project • By ERRE arquitecturaMuseums

Hortensia Herrero Art Centre

The Hortensia Herrero Art Centre is located in the former Valeriola Palace in the city of Valencia, Spain, an emblematic Baroque-style building dating back to the 17th century that has served various purposes throughout its history, undergone various interventions, and, in recent decades, been unused and abandoned. The project was born to house the private collection of the patron Hortensia Herrero, which includes works by artists such as Andreas Gursky, Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz, Anish Kapoor, and Mat Collishaw, among others, along with other exhibitions by world-renowned artists. Some of these artists have created site-specific works that will reside in specific areas of the Art Center, establishing a continuous dialogue between art... More

Project • By IndiesalonShops

LADOR Seongsu

We took charge of the first flagship store project of LADOR, a Korean hair product brand. The client wanted a resting place in the space of LADOR where they could comfortably receive hair care. Here we proposed a space filled with architectural devices incorporating LADOR’s brand philosophy, based on a comfortable home of LADOR. Donggyu Kim Donggyu Kim 1. Comfortable LADOR house (Curve of embrace is reflected in the space of serving clients)2. Sky blue-coloured bath cube3. Oasis table  (1) The bath cube is inserted in the entire space of 2) LADOR to give the brand identity and the (3) oasis table at the point where the curve of the house and the bath cube meet are placed in the centre of the space to create a flow... More

Project • By FORMrelatedShowrooms

Project Space

‘Project Space’ is an innovative space for creators and artists housed in a preserved building in Thessaloniki’s historic center. The project’s main purpose is for the space to function as a canvas to be used as an atelier or art space accommodating various diverse events and art forms. The space is painted white to serve as a background for all those activities and experiences. The floor plan is split into three units: the exhibition, the private space, and the amenities. The unit situated at the foremost area offers great spatial flexibility and is able to accommodate and adapt for different events and occasions. Wooden structures, ‘boxes’ from plywood and mirrors are the two materials that define the u... More

Project • By Objekt ArchitectenApartments

The Red House

We were charged with the design of a multifamily house on a smaller vacant plot in a semi-open development. The biggest challenge here lay in the shape of the plot: very narrow in front and widening towards the back. In addition, it also had to connect seamlessly to the adjacent blind façade of the house Ypsilon Business Photography Ypsilon Business Photography In order to make the different building levels visible in a quest for recognisability and a captivating volumetry, incisions were made, as it were, where limited overhangs provide the shadow effect desired. These incisions provide a logical transition between the different building depths at the back. At the front, the overhang forms the covered entrance porch of th... More

Project • By Berd StudioShops

Osom Coffe Cantine

Located in the Las Letras neighborhood, Madrid, a space is created that combines the minimalist and simple style of the studio with the eclectic and sustainable air that its clients were looking for. Aleson Del Villar Aleson Del Villar The project consists of creating a space that respects the existing original elements of the premises and being able to combine them with contemporary and simple materials to achieve flexibility in the space capable of adapting to seasonal changes and the menu offered by its owners. Aleson Del Villar Aleson Del Villar The stainless steel bar counter interacts with the pre-existing Corinthian style column located in the center of the premises, so that it does not touch it, but rather copi... More

Project • By icai architectsPavilions

Scape for Every Moment

Soft Place in the Rigid City This street furniture was installed in the plaza in front of the Yokohama City Hall for a limited period in the winter of 2023, after winning the excellence award in the design competition held in Yokohama, Japan. Munetaka Onodera Munetaka Onodera The Minatomirai district of Yokohama is a port area that supported the modernization of Japan and is currently redeveloped and lined with high-rise buildings. The installation site is located in a corner of the small park between rigid high-rise buildings. By inserting soft furniture into the rigid cityscape, we hoped to create an opportunity for people to connect with each other and with the community. Munetaka Onodera Munetaka Onodera We gently... More

Project • By ARCity OfficeHousing

Six Bricolage-Houses in Nantou / ARCity Office

Six Bricolage-Houses in Nantou / ARCity Office Nantou Ancient City, also known as Nantou, historically governed areas including Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, and Dongguan. It served as an administrative center, a coastal defense fortress, and a hub for maritime traffic and foreign trade in the coastal regions of Lingnan across various dynasties. It is also one of the historical and cultural origins of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In the early years of the founding of the People's Republic of China, with the relocation of the County government, Nantou concluded its 1700-year history as an ancient city and naturally evolved into Nantou Village on the site of the old city. Since the reform and opening up, a... More

Project • By Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA)Exhibition Centres

Soft Scape: A Textile Landscape

It is a curation of specialized Home Textile products in a perceptively organised space. Light is the primary material that shapes the given space, and it expresses itself through the medium of fabric. This whole scheme of bringing these materials together only reinforces the idea behind these delicate and soft home textile products that textile is always more than its utility.The fabric used in the project is recycled fabric from their own production waste. Shehzad Mehmood Shehzad Mehmood Shehzad Mehmood Shehzad Mehmood Shehzad Mehmood Shehzad Mehmood Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA) Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA) More

Project • By Estúdio Vinicius MacêdoHousing

Casa Sótão

Sótão House (Attic House) is located in the state of Ceará, in the Serra de Guaramiranga (Guaramiranga Mountains). This region is characterized by a large mass of Atlantic Forest vegetation, offering a unique view. The house design was created to integrate with its natural landscape, amplifying the connection between human living and its surroundings. The site has steep topography, which encourages the design to develop over two floors and an attic. This variation provides different perspectives of the surroundings: the ground floor connects intimately with the tree trunks, the upper floor offers views of the treetops, and the attic provides a stunning view over them. Felipe Petrovsky Felipe Petrovsky Felip... More

Product • By Articolo StudiosFin Short Side Table

Fin Short Side Table

An exercise in robust minimalism balanced by fine detailing. Italian timber veneer cylinders of two sizes make for streamlined functionality; slender vertical fins spaced evenly introduce refined visual and textural detail and guide the eye to the surface, where they extend just beyond the rim. The colour palette is one of simple, well-judged contrasts between light and dark – dramatically, where the fins are set against Dark Veneer; and gently, where they span Pale Veneer. Caption More

Project • By elã.atelierBars

Manana Cafés

Manana Cafés is a micro coffee roastery and coffee shop in Curitiba, with the purpose of bringing high-quality coffee and design products to everyone. The brand was developed by a young, creative, and entrepreneurial couple, with the premise of valuing the regional Latin culture. Initially, they sold coffee kits exclusively online. Considering the brand’s growth and recognition in the Curitiba scene, they decided to invest in a physical space, aiming to create a ‘take away’ environment that could also accommodate customers on-site. @pontesbrenda @pontesbrenda @pontesbrenda @pontesbrenda The first Manana Cafés unit is located in a shop aligned with the building, next to access to a parking... More

Project • By VRP architecten b.v.Distribution Centres

Bedrijfshuisvesting Merwetank Dordrecht

Merwetank is a company that provides storage and transshipment of vegetable oils and fats for the food industry. The company has developed a new storage location in Dordrecht. Due to its good location in relation to the port of Rotterdam, the Tweede Merwedehaven is suitable for transhipment of Coaster ships. Jeroen Musch The site on Grevelingenweg will be developed in phases and will ultimately provide space for an office, a 3,000 m2 industrial hall and 87 silos with a total storage capacity of 70,000 m3. Jeroen Musch VRP architects, in collaboration with various technical partners, are responsible for the design, tendering and management during the implementation of the project. The buildings and silos form a carefully design... More

Project • By Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban PlanningApartments

To Live Cascais

In the vibrant heart of Cascais, Tolive shines in the iconic building of the former Oxford Cinema, a cultural landmark transformed into a modern and luxurious building. The charming architecture of the village of Cascais is its close neighbor, and you'll be mere steps away from Cascais Bay. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption The prime location is one of its great advantages, with main access roads within reach, ensuring access to renowned schools and neighboring cities, thus combining the tranquility of Cascais with the buzz of nearby metropolises. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Project by: Sidney Q... More

Project • By Studio EsarPrivate Houses


Situated on the riverfront and extending over 3 levels with tree-filled views towards the banks of the Yarra, this 1990’s home designed by Australian architect; Neil Clerehan is a homage to timeless design and nature. Jack Lovel With a palette that draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape our furniture and décor selection was curated with local designers and materials. Like all our furniture projects, materiality and colours play a key role in the curation, and become the local heroes in our palettes. Jack Lovel   A palette of Greens, Browns, Ochres and deep Plums tune in to the external landscape, and echo the ambience of the Eucalypts.  In the living room, inlayed carpet in a chunky loop pile... More