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Project • By Leonardo MarchesiTemples


Luxor is a modern city built on the foundations of Thebes, the ancient Egyptian capital of the New Kingdom. The whole city was built on the east bank of the Nile, where the pharaohs decided at some point to build a gigantic temple complex dedicated to Amun. Caption The site was always under the construction eyes of the pharaohs, since the pharaohs use to build their homes in brick, (stone was dedicated to temples and tombs), thus not much has been left of ancient royal palaces. Caption The House in Luxor sits on an island, isolated from the noise of the city and aim to reverse the housing construction tradition; a house built with gigantic blocks of stone secured in place by gravity alone. Caption For this reason, the Hous... More

Project • By LS3POffices

Modern Minds with MUSC Health

An innovative mental health and wellness center, Modern Minds with MUSC Health provides treatment for adults who are struggling with mental wellness, as well as those who are seeking growth in their personal and professional lives. The 3,400 SF renovation includes check-in and waiting areas, private waiting area, consult rooms, group therapy room, observation room, and both private and open offices.   Katie Charlotte Photography The design was crafted to create a soothing environment to reduce stress and remove the stigma of receiving mental health services. LS3P provided schematic planning, construction documents, and interior design, including structural finishes, furniture, and artwork.   Katie Charlotte Photography... More

Project • By ORKO Architecture & Design (OR KOCHAV)Apartments

KA House

160 sqm House Renovation in a rural setting,  We maintained a connection to the place with a warm and homely atmosphere and took care of natural materials like black iron in the windows, wood in the parquet and furniture. Windows were opened to let in light and openness, and the alignment of the levels maintained continuity and allowed a free and safe passage even between the interior and the exterior that was re-paved and a new pergola was designed for it.   The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a central living space. A large wooden door opens to a small and inviting entrance foyer, to the right of which is a study and guest toilet. To the left is a corridor to the parents' bedroom, grandchildren's room and bathroom.... More

Project • By housescape Design LabShops

Basecamp Trail Provision

“Building of this technological age usually deliberately aim at ageless perfection, and they do not incorporate the dimension of time, or the unavoidable and mentally significant processes of aging. This fear of the traces of wear and age is related to our fear of death.” Juhani Pallasmaa, “The eyes of the skin : Architecture and the Senses”(p.32). This Place is the third home of the Basecamp Trail Provision, a place for people who interested in natural activities such as ultra-trail running, bicycle, hiking and other outdoor activities. Basecamp Trail Provision has best known normally in the trail runner community in Thailand. The new location located on the foothills and surrounded by the old trees that are at l... More

Project • By Designoir Interiors | Laura Ghiurtz ArchitecturePrivate Houses

House CV

Located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a neighborhood near the city center, this house was built on the foundation of an existing one in order to suit the needs and taste of the clients. The house rebuilt project follows the slope of the land, which makes the access in the house to be on the ground floor (where the master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room are located), then descending to the semi-basement (living room, kitchen and bathroom), through which one can access the back garden. The interior design brief was to incorporate the clients wishes for a large – celebrity-like- dressing room, a master bathroom with shower and freestanding bathtub, a high-end kitchen with concealed appliances as well as the clients love for copper fi... More

Project • By Baxter Green ArchitectsHousing

Pew Mead

Location ·         Box, Bath Project Particulars ·         New contemporary house on a sloping site ·         Planning amendment approved in 2015 ·         Incorporated sedum roofs and photovoltaic panels ·         LABC excellence award ·         Hybrid construction system ·         The design embraced the sloping site and landscape features of the mature blue           cedar trees More

Project • By Baxter Green ArchitectsHousing

Knapp House

Location ·         Devon Project Particulars ·         Contemporary subterranean sustainable house ·         Ground source heating and design to a carbon neutral home ·         Open countryside development meeting Paragraph 79 of NPPF ·         The aesthetic approach was of glazing inserted into the hillside, creating viewings           out but avoiding an obvious building when viewed from a distance ·         a self-sufficient, low impact dwelling incorporating natural materials More

Product • By LODESNostalgia


With its retro flair, Nostalgia elegantly tells of ancient glass blowing practices in three sinuous forms that can be combined at will. The perfection of the glass, the innovative LED technology and six elegant finishes make Nostalgia an extremely contemporary and versatile lamp that lends itself to the creation of captivating atmospheres, whether on or off. More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsApartments


The Tranquil apartment is located at the end of the food street, in V.V Puram, Bangalore. The structure is strategically layered between the residential locality and the ever bustling and lively food street. The area adorns a contemporary character from the contrasting old colonial structures and temples. The design team wanted the characteristic of the surrounding area to be portrayed in the façade. The inside out façade allows the inmates to be in ode with nature. This also allows ample sunlight to veil the interiors. The entire apartment complex needs no artificial light for most part of the day. An open mouthed, wedge shaped feature on the façade cladded with wooden finished high-pressure laminates, denotes its ada... More

Project • By ZIP ArchitectsOffices

Rakpart 22

In the edge of the historical center of Győr, in the neighborhood of Széchenyi bridge a rectangular building complex has been designed. The complex includes three parts. A strip mall run through the ground floor. Two linear masses are placed above them, which contains the apartments. While the office building is situated in the north-west corner of the facility. Avoiding the effects of road 14, bachelor flats are facing to the private garden, so the side-corridor protects them against the noise. The variation of solid and hollow parts gives a characteristic chessboardlike appearance for the façade. The different functions - residential, business – are represented byvaried external casing, fiber cement and plaster. More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsApartments

Modish Hue

Modish hue is an interesting amalgamation of functional and aspirational requirements of the client and the ideology of the design team to play with neutral and vibrant color palettes, within a modest budget. The apartment is located in a bustling neighborhood of food street, V.V Puram, Bangalore. The inside out façade and the strategically placed openings, allow the sunlight to veil the house for most part of the day and this feature has allowed the design team to experiment with darker and bold color hues, though maintaining the unity and harmony with neutral hues, leaving a mesmerizing taste of aesthetics.  The intrinsically carved curves on the main door delightfully welcome the guest. The pencil ribbed storage unit in the... More

Project • By Sovet ItaliaHotels

Riverton Hotel

Overlooking the Göta älv river that flows through the city of Gothenburg, Riverton is one of the most renowned and luxurious hotels in the city. Sovet participated in the interior re-styling project with several complements from its collection, in particular the Slim, the Swan and the Piktor coffee tables collections for the suites. Piktor was also included in the wellness area.  The Slim console completes the elegant and spacious conference area. The available finishes allowed to use the same color palette for all Sovet products offering an aesthetic "fil-rouge" in the different areas. The Riverton lounge area, located on the top floors of the building, offers a wonderful view on the city and the charm of the space is enrich... More

Project • By Alejandro Giménez ArchitectsOffices

Architecture Office

The architecture studio of Alejandro Giménez Architects is located in the historic center of the coastal city of Estepona. The study is accessed from the entrance patio  thanks to a separate staircase to the house. The railing is treated as a simple compositional element composed of metal bars in black and 10 meters high. The profiles go up from the steps to the upper floor, making it a singular element in the project. Upon reaching the studio, a spacious space with a large sloping roof opens onto a terrace with barbecue and chill out area. The studio floor is a continuous gray microcement coating both indoors and outdoors, losing the boundaries between interior and exterior. The grayish color of the floor is enveloped by the wa... More

Project • By StudioNine ArchitectsPrivate Houses

CP Residence

Designed by Studionine Architects, this residence in suburban Ahmedabad revels in delicate tracery and the warmth of natural light. As a response to the client’s needs of simplicity, low-maintenance and soothing spaces, this home, designed specifically for an elderly couple unfolds through simple, efficient planning.    Beginning with a compact site of 1365 sq. Ft.(37’x37’), the architects transformed the constraints of space through a play of interconnected volumes and double-heighted spaces vertically across the floor plates. Using embedded knowledge and traditional building science of Vastu Shastra, the internal zoning and articulation was planned effectively for this south-facing house. The house is essenti... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsExhibition Centres

King Power MahaNakhon

Reminiscent of a Tetris cube, the pedestal of this mixed-use skyscraper in Bangkok is created from framed Sambesi PC weave and disguises the tower’s parking facilities. More