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Project • By BegoluxPrivate Houses

Residential Dining Room

Dining area enhanced and lit up with Woodline 90 Suspended by Begolux. Even though the space is modern, it has a rustic twist due to the stone details on the wall, making Woodline 90 Suspended the perfect luminaire to incorporate into the dining area. Its sleek and simple design, topped with a wood finish makes it a unique and timeless solution, ideal for this type of project. This luminaire is made in aluminum profile but covered in solid wood, and can be finished in walnut, cherry or pine. Its straight, sober lines and smooth design give it an elegant, unique and differentiating look. Equipped with LED PCBs, it maintains a homogeneous line of light along its entire length. Due to the different types of finish, it fits in various envi... More


PL Apartment

This 115 sqm apartment is located in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. The apartment's previous plan featured a segregated layout including the public & private spaces divided by a long wall. The kitchen was small and the public space, living & dining area were located in a long, narrow space. Karin Ravenna The apartment was designed for a couple with a girl and a dog who wanted a contemporary cozy space that would include a public open plan, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a home office, work areas and lots of storage space. Karin Ravenna Interior Designer Yael Perry took the task & created various alternative plans for the interior. For Perry, the most important challenge was to change the long narrow structure and c... More

Project • By mesh design projectsHousing


A large block in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne with a house crying out to be loved again. This project was to transform a dark and claustrophobic home into a breath of light filled openness. Maria Savelieva Maria Savelieva The design balances the need for private and communal areas by allocating distinct zones to each level. The front entry boasts large bedrooms with lots of storage space, generous family bathroom and ensuite, an additional Rumpus room and bedroom cleverly tucked away n the attic space. Maria Savelieva Maria Savelieva Maria Savelieva Steeping down to the open plan kitchen/dining/living area opens up to their large outdoor living space, full of views and natural light. Maria Savelieva M... More

Project • By Studio EcoarchPrivate Houses

Casa PR

A terrace overlooking the Lago Maggiore The house lies on a sloping ground overlooking the Lago Maggiore and the Alps. The building features a regular shape in plan, and it is composed of two parts: a solid stone-cladded basement, which hosts the bedrooms, nestled in the ground, sharply carved by the window openings; a second light volume leans on the first one featuring large windows and deep loggias. Marco Reggi Marco Reggi A shift in plan between the building levels seconds the shape of the ground, reducing the visual impact of the construction. Marco Reggi Marco Reggi The building features a small set of materials: the stone cladding of the basement, light-tones plasters, steel profiles and extra-clear glass.... More

Project • By Borrmeister ArchitectsResidential Landscape

Four Winds

Situated on an enviable prominent suburban corner site within walking distance to Sumner beach clients were keen to rebuild on their existing site. The decision was made to remove their existing family dwelling which would have required considerable remediation to convert into a healthy home to accommodate the new house. The site runs EW and the house follows this orientation facing north enjoying all day sun. Roof overhangs and sliding screens provide flexible sun control. Hill views to the east are captured by the upper rooms and from the western wing. Despite being a flat site, the floor level was required to be raised significantly above the existing ground due to being in a flood management area. This meant steps were required for en... More

Project • By Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsApartments

Chelsea Loft

This renovation to a classic Chelsea loft space upends the typical distinction between a home’s public and private realms to create a continuous space designed for pleasure.  Eric Petschek The space flows freely from the entrance, through the living, dining and kitchen areas at the front of the apartment to the master bedroom and en suite shower at the rear. Only the toilet and two guest bathrooms are enclosed.  Eric Petschek We contrasted the space’s raw unfinished elements —exposed brick, piping, and ceiling beams—with sleek finishes for the built features: marble in the bathrooms; a zinc- clad kitchen countertop; and a large rotating mirrored wall at the entrance to the bedroom.  Eric... More

Project • By Storey Tellers Design StudioApartments

The Ultima(te) Residence

A mix of luxury and simple colour-play formulate an elegantly quirky ensemble in the heights of Gurgaon city. Situated on the twenty-fifth floor of DLF The Ultima, this three-bedroom residence belongs to a young millennial couple. When Storey Tellers Studio conceptualised the interiors for this space, they focussed on the new age requirements of the clients while also keeping in mind their design sensibilities. The home, as a result, attests to the fun yet sophisticated personality of the couple. Conceived in a way that treads lightly on the eyes, the entire layout has a vibrant and free-spirited flavour. Pops of colour are intended to highlight certain elements throughout the home, which are situated in a composition of contemporary tastes... More

Project • By MR StudioApartments

Estoril Bay Apartment

Located along Estoril Bay, facing the Atlantic Ocean, the beachfront apartment was designed as a place for entertaining, in which all aspects of the apartment are intended to act as an extension of the surrounding environment. Michelle Reis Studio Through the removal of the original linear elements that divided the plan, the space was reunified, and into this, a curved elemental form was placed. Michelle Reis Studio   The design response is simple, refined and calming, allowing the clients to rest and recharge. Michelle Reis Studio More

Project • By A I MApartments

Brazilian Taste

The project is born from the prime necessity to convert the property from an office to a residential building. The owner asked moreover to think about an elegant, fresh, flexible space, which could communicate with the numerous plants: their major passion. Caption The whole layout has been then redesigned according to the new needs. That’s how Brazilian Taste is born, an apartment which is characterized by many areas and “microcosms” (living/kitchen/studio/dinner), but all of them are in continuous relation and dialog with each other. Caption The apartment is developed around an iconic element, “concrete box”, a volume which is closed on three sides and which hosts the living room. This is the core... More

Project • By Adam Knibb ArchitectsHousing

Harts Farm

With our Harts Farm project, we delved deep into the sites history, character and surrounding buildings, and noticed the strong farming past which is commonly associated with the area. Along with a barn influence, the proximity of the large neighbouring barn lead us to design a building which took a contemporary stance on a traditional form. Although contemporary in form, the proposal takes on a sensitive approach in order to respect the historic character of the area and the Grade II Listed status of Harts Farm Building.  The materials proposed also reference back to the existing agricultural buildings. Timber slats are orientated to represent traditional barns and along with a more poetic contemporary idea that they mimic the surrou... More

Project • By MR StudioPrivate Houses

Triplex House

Located in the Santo Amaro Bay, between the beautiful Oeiras Garden and the Santo Amaro beach, this sibling house was redesigned to carefully balance the existing house and to carefully meet the long-term needs of a young professional couple. The main challenge was to create a completely revitalised house that translates the contemporaneity and the sense of comfort, calm, and purity, but still maintained the house's heritage. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By YCL studioApartments

Stairway to Heaven apartment

A memorable and minimalist 68-square-meter apartment with a unique staircase-like detail in Vilnius, in the newly developed residential complex of PAUPYS. The accents of this interior were set by contrasting colors and textures, with a unique stair detail on the ceiling, revealed by the hidden technical piping. The stairs detail creates a unique feeling of the upside-down climb, yet it is very slightly visible and doesn‘t create an oppressive feeling, but an interesting volumetric image inside the main area of the apartment. Caption This design uses the neutrality of the main color to draw attention to the rough, strong wood texture throughout the home. It's a three-dimensional puzzle that connects the surfaces with a fluid flo... More

Project • By Arch.LabPrivate Houses

Prairie House

The house is largely depicting a fusion of the client’s lifestyle requirements shaped through the design ideology. The clients are a family consisting of three generations (a couple, their parents and two children) with a simple brief of wanting to be on the same level so that they would be around the young kids and have spaces to entertain their guests additionally. This meant to have distinct spaces for each generation and yet, integrating them on the same level inside, as well as with the outdoor spaces.  Here, we re-interpret the perception of courtyards, basements and shelter. The idea of shelter has been translated as large overhang, trying to complement and extend to the shelter of the existing trees on site. Purnesh De... More

Project • By Think ForwardApartments

By the Sea

By the Sea is an interior design project of a 135m2 apartment with a spectacular sea view, located in a luxurious new residential building in Burgas, Bulgaria. The design is inspired by the nearby seascape, captivating the serene feeling of the Black Sea azure shades, the glittering sun reflections, the golden sand dunes, and the blazing sunrises. Think Forward Think Forward   The apartment consists of a living room, a master bedroom, a second bedroom, a children room, two bathrooms and a vast terrace. The design approach is contemporary and minimalistic, withstanding the passage of time. All materials and products are selected as an interpretation of the seascape, such as Boen light wood sand-like flooring, the azure blue... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsApartments

Aura, Bangalore

Bangalore’s central areas are faced nowadays with fast and somewhat chaotic densification. While we believe that density can, and many times must be seen as a form of sustainability, we also admit that the relationship between habitation within an old urban fabric and the increase of its density is often a fragile one, as places might lose their character. Our project seeks an appropriate answer to this problem by mediating between different sizes and densities in a central neighbourhood of V.V Puram with small streets, long, narrow plots, and a puzzle of old and new buildings of all types and scales. A.J Architects The volumetric proposal seeks to partially open the building to the street, in the depth of the plot. Because of t... More