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Project • By tamborí arquitectesApartments

Vivienda en el Cabañal

This time, we sneak in a home in El Cabañal, on the top floor of a building from the late seventies which is surrounded by pitched roofs and courtyards. Almost like an intruder, it is erected oblivious to the traditional construction methods of the district. There we find metal beams and pillars supporting slabs made of concrete joists and ceramic vaults. A classic from that era. Germán Cabo Germán Cabo In this little corner of the city, a young couple wish to bring light and joy into this changing space. With this purpose in mind, we embark on a project with an almost square layout. The windows are mainly oriented towards the south and the west, but also facing east and the sea. This will allow us to enjoy a... More

Project • By Edgar Fuentes ArquitecturaLaboratories

Unidad Médica La Paz #50

The building, located on a corner lot with a unique view in the city of Colima, México, has been designed with a commercial focus that combines several independent areas to form a unified whole. The centerpiece of this design is an ophthalmic unit with unique characteristics, with the primary requirement of being inclusive and accessible to all. Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero In its exterior design, materials have been used to create lightweight elements with bold yet balanced shapes. These materials define and frame a series of visual elements that turn this construction into an icon in its environment. The main facade, of considerable length, is crowned by a... More

Product • By K·LINE España y PortugalStore ScreenBlock

Store ScreenBlock

Would you prefer some blinds to protect your privacy instead of some shutters? K•LINE's ScreenBlock blinds, a revolutionary alternative system to the installation of shutters due to their excellent thermal and acoustic performance and airtightness. More

Product • By K·LINE España y PortugalLift and slide window EV 400

Lift and slide window EV 400

With the lift-and-slide system, K•LINE guarantees sealing of the enclosure against wind, air, and water, according to the most demanding standards, even with large glazed surface formats. Caption Caption More

Product • By K·LINE España y PortugalWindow KL-FP

Window KL-FP

With the luminous K•LINE window, let the light flood your home!Thanks to its hidden sash and the slimness of its profiles, its glazed surface is 15% larger than that of other traditional windows. They boast the best thermal and acoustic performance of the best joineries on the market. These luminous windows combine performance, purity of lines, and attention to detail, synonymous with well-being and energy savings.   K•LINE aluminum windows and French doors benefit from the elegance of this material to better integrate into the architecture and style of your home. Their customizable design, with a wide range of colors and visible or invisible hinges, allows them to adapt to all your interior decoration desires. Caption... More

Product • By K·LINE España y PortugalSliding Window Minima Slide

Sliding Window Minima Slide

As its name indicates, the MINIMA SLIDE seeks the minimum manifestation of the components that make up a window. The fixed elements are embedded in all walls, both floors, ceilings and walls. K·LINE K·LINE K·LINE K·LINE K·LINE K·LINE   More

Project • By Clanes ArquitecturaChapels

Capilla Fátima

The program consisted of creating a separate funeral chapel from the rest of the chapels in what used to be a parking lot. Therefore,it was decided to take advantage of the building's structure and create three significant moments. Iván Marruenda Iván Marruenda The altar is the protagonist of the space, a farewell that speaks of the ascension of the spirit. The verticality of the details creates a perception of height. The space was conceived as a tribute to the mortal remains, subtly illuminated by zenithal light. Iván Marruenda Iván Marruenda The main hall is a place for hugs, support, and closeness. A lattice separates the altar from this hall, achieving spatial independence but not tempo... More

Project • By Forma Taller de DiseñoShops

Essencional Market Saludable

In the challenge of conceiving an environment that harmoniously merged the organic and the modern, our team undertook the task of creating a tangible testament to health and design. The result is a space that transcends the conventional, a captivating interplay of shapes, colors, and textures that beckon to rediscover the concept of well-being. Joan Muñoz Each piece of furniture becomes an echo of the brand's life philosophy: conscious and sustainable. The wooden tree, meticulously sculpted to capture unique curves and textures, stands as a symbol of spaces that nurture growth in all dimensions. Joan Muñoz This is a place where health meets creativity, where architecture becomes not only inhabitable but also livabl... More

Project • By Pereda Han EstudioApartments

Edificio Corredor

Located in the city of Chihuahua, in the Panamericana neighborhood, a strategically positioned area with abundant infrastructure, Edificio Corredor is situated on an irregularly shaped plot of 60 m2, adjacent to a gym that previously housed an underutilized warehouse lacking ventilation, lighting, and a connection to its surroundings. Enrique Portillo Delfoz Enrique Portillo Delfoz This warehouse space has been transformed into a small to medium-scale multi-purpose building with the purpose of reversing the deterioration of the area and the trend of displacing housing for commercial purposes. Enrique Portillo Delfoz Enrique Portillo Delfoz The building consists of three flexible units. The ground floor has been designe... More

Project • By HGSE ArquitectosPrivate Houses

House in the mountain

Design of a house in Santa María de la Alameda, Madrid Visually dominating the territory: the procedures of architecture to build the landscape. The positioning in height to visually dominate the territory is an ancestral trait of humanity; for this reason, when good orientation and spectacular views coincide in steep plots of land, it is appropriate to construct buildings that are elevated in their position and shaped as viewpoints for contemplation.  Both procedures, typical of architecture, take advantage of the surroundings to convert the territory into landscape, through the aesthetic appropriation of our gaze. Located in Santa María de la Alameda, a small village in the northwest of the Community of Madrid, the... More

Project • By EL ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Punta Azul

Casa Punta Azul is a project focused as a vacation home made up of two blocks of suites, a main one where we have a more complete distribution with both public and private areas and a secondary one with complete rooms for guests. Connected to each other by a bridge on the upper level that allows different views of the recreational area and the exterior of the property. Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Both blocks share a recreation area in the center where we have a swimming pool with a waterfall and a bonfire area as well as a large recreation area with various areas of green areas that interact with all the spaces on the g... More

Project • By RACMA ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa Trinidad

This 261 sq.m house is built on a 298 sq.m plot of land, which is a fluid space, contained by a continuous ribbon that folds vertically and horizontally, generating slabs and walls, which in turn become completely open or closed facades according to to specific function and orientation. Carlos Anadon Carlos Anadon Carlos Anadon The voids contained by the folds are covered with large windows that provide total transparency and impudence - in appearance - since the privacy of the substantive areas - private and public - was particularly taken care of, remaining outside of external scrutiny. Carlos Anadon Carlos Anadon Carlos Anadon The geometry of the house addresses the most efficient use of the land -consider... More

Project • By LCESTUDIOSports Centres


Located on the ground floor of a multi-family building  on a busy road in Roquetas de Mar, We find an elongated premises with a single façade. Etérea Espacio Creativo Our proposal is conceived as a continuous, functional space that allows multiple training activities to be carried out simultaneously. Etérea Espacio Creativo In order to prioritize the space for training as much as possible, all the “server” spaces are aligned on the northeast party wall where the access, administration, reception and changing rooms are located. In this way we free the rest of the premises for its main activity, achieving the best orientation, ventilation and isolation. Etérea Espacio Creativo Lig... More

Project • By 3DM ArchitectureHousing


twentyfour emerges as a contemporary reimagining of conventional architectural norms, situated in Rabat, Malta. The residence seamlessly integrates with its surroundings by adhering to the timeless aesthetics of Maltese architecture while infusing a contemporary sensibility. This synthesis between traditional Maltese architecture and a modern aesthetic is not confined to the exterior; it permeates every aspect of the residence.  Caption Caption Situated within a medley of traditional buildings, twentyfour represents a departure from the conventional. It is a singular structure that dares to be different, embracing minimalistic design approach, stripping out the décor of traditional elements that set it apart. Meticulo... More

Project • By Club StudioSports Centres


The Project for the new Sports Clinic called Breakers located in Valencia (Spain), is a space designed to accompany the patient in the rehabilitation of injuries, from the most acute phase of treatment to the return to physical activity and strengthening. David Zarzoso David Zarzoso Connecting medicine and sport in the same space. This Clinic had to base its activity on two main fields: medicine (physiotherapy and traumatology) and sports. This condition has been the starting point for projecting a unique space in which both disciplines constantly interact and patients can be attended with the highest quality and professionalism in their recovery process. David Zarzoso David Zarzoso The project, located in a commercial... More