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Project • By Conjuntos EmpáticosArt Galleries

Present-Pasts for an Emotional Context

To define a position in a context that we all hope will be transitional is very difficult, even though we have a strong feeling that it will bring about a change in our lives, whether clinical, material, procedural or socially. This is further compounded by the fact that our own understanding is evolving as the months go by, so the proposal that won this curatorial opportunity in September 2020 will probably not be the same as the one explained today, in March 2021, or the one that will finally be exhibited in May this year. And yet, as good creatures of habit, it is our hope that life will go back to what it was before the pandemic, or at least something similar.   We believe that architecture today should be interpreted as a social... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciCoasts


The Future is the place where we project all our dreams. Often books, movies, stories and fairy tales portrait the future as an utopian fantasy, where everything is beautiful and we can all live peacefully together. Is it possible to envision today the World of Tomorrow? Is it possible to take people into an oneiric dream?   DROPS is an art installation, made of luminescent glazed drops scattered on Caorle's cliff that absorb the light during the day and release it at night transforming a the defence tidal system into a social and artistic infrastructure. A composition of colored drops recall the imprint left by the waves. During the day the installation looks like a mosaic, as a reminiscence of the nearby Venetian tessellations, and... More

Project • By Poly ProductsArt Galleries

Family Module

For the outdoor art exhibition Beaufort ’21, Poly Products has manufactured an unique object designed by Goshka Macuga: Family Module. A group of figures shows a small family scene. The unusual dimensions, 6m high, make this an impressive appearance at the Nieuwpoort Promenade in Belgium. At first glance the object seems incredible massive and heavy but looks are deceiving: the object is in fact very light and does not have a heavy foundation. Poly Products’ XXL-3D printing technique was key in making these objects. Start small and go big: 3D printing is the solution Base of the project were 3 small clay models, each 40cm high. The challenge was to enlarge these ten times without getting incredibly heavy. A digital approach, u... More

Project • By VONN LightingArt Galleries

Cartel Contemporary

With lighting being the main factor in the look and feel of a space, our goal was to give meaningful change to the layout and highlight the architectural details of the room. Large spaces, such as multi-purpose rooms, require more attention to details and good lighting. For this project, it was very important to maintain versatile functionality while also being creative. With such a large space, we wanted to properly distribute our lighting so no matter what the space was used for, lighting would always be constant and functional.  LED Lighting has a lifespan almost twenty times more than conventional lighting. Giving this space a cutting-edge in terms of maintenance and replacement costs because of the long-lasting quality, design an... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciArt Galleries


Visible light seemed to be pure, colourless and indivisible, but after the 17th century when Isaac Newton dissembled it through a prism, we have discovered that it is made by an infinite array of beautiful colors. So, is the Humankind! Every person is unique, every individual is a single shade in the full display of color that we call humanity. Is it possible to create an installation that celebrates people uniqueness while laying the foundation for an inclusive society of tomorrow? New York City will be the stage of a massive urban-land-art event for which the scenography is already set in place. SPECTRUM, requires that each screen and billboard of Time Square displays a single monochrome color, creating an ever-changing composition, s... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersOffices

Porta Romana 19

The redevelopment of the building, with the entrance from Corso di Porta Romana 19 within the historical center of Milan, represents an innovation for the way of approach and the design sensitivity, making a perfect synthesis between historical tradition and contemporary design. The intervention completely renews the building by creating a new glass roof in a contemporary language, harmoniously fitting into the historical context and respecting the architecture of the building underneath. The characteristic features of the intervention are the redesign of the internal facades, the new loggia on the penultimate floor and the new glass structure on the roof. The latter, born from the demolition and reconstruction of the existing pitched roo... More

Project • By Ramon Esteve EstudioArt Galleries

Bombas Gens Art Center

Bombas Gens is an old industrial building with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties. Its Art Deco façades and architecture make it a special, unique location for some new uses according to today needs. The new facilities have been created as an internationally renowned multi-use space where Fundació Per Amor a L’Art will carry out its three-branch activity (arts, society and research). "Our aim has always been to apply a homogeneous intervention criterion to the whole complex, and, at the same time, give each building, be it original or recently built, the characteristic features that it needs for its specific use." - Ramó... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


Komatsu is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of earth-moving equipment. Branded elements spanning four floors draw inspiration from Komatsu's global reach, employee culture, physical impact on earth, and appreciation for their clients, while seamlessly integrating into the architecture. More

Project • By Poly ProductsArt Galleries

Objet Sonore #1

Designed by Peter Zegveld and Buro Luc Ex , Objet Sonore #1 is huge: a soundhorn measuring 6,5m in length and 4m high! Making this with traditional techniques is a complex challenge, using our XXL-3D printer makes it relativly simple. The object is designed to be used in public spaces. The internal speaker and organic shape will amplify acoustic sound. No conventional music though: Luc Ex composed 15 minutes of urban sounds. No 'normal' instruments but closing doors, rolling suitcases, market people screaming and so on. The object was finished in 2020 ans is traveling Europe. More

Project • By ss67architetti | Lucia Barna | Roberto CastellaniSculptures


CO2morrow is a reactive sculpture, first shown at the Royal Academy of Arts in London as a part of the show, “Earth: Art of a Changing World” in 2009. Inspired by Timothy Morton’s idea of the hyperobject, CO2morrow approaches climate change as an issue of consciousness. The sculpture is created almost entirely out of carbon fiber and is modeled after a scrubber molecule that takes CO2 out of the air, based on research by chemist Omar Yaghi. The sculpture is also covered in LED lights that react in real time to data received from a network of sensing technologies in the United Kingdom. During the project, the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, who were helping Lutyens and his team collect data, were hac... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPalaces

Indoor pool in Neoclassical Style Interior

Featuring an exquisite indoor pool in neo classical interior designing style to perfectly blend with the home interiors. The interior designer resorts to glass mosaic and stone decking for the inground pool under the lofty skylight which not only helps in the ventilation but also adds glamour aesthetically as it turns the interior into an enchanting oasis especially during the dramatic night sky.  Altogether, the interior decoration offers profound elegance and timeless appeal through its Corinthian pilasters, classic painted ceiling and French windows.     by IONS DESIGN – Best of the Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE More

Project • By Surfacedesign, IncResidential Landscape

Hacienda Tiburon Landscape

This sculptural garden overlooking the San Francisco Bay reflects the vision of passionate art collectors whose personal artistic vision includes the idea of the landscape being experienced and enhanced through play and exploration. As a result, their whimsical five-acre garden incorporates distinct spaces that weave together architecture and landscape, providing places for reflection, play, and discovery.   At the entrance, a folding deck projects from the house, merging the building with a landscape of magnolias, grasses, and ferns. It also frames an existing stepping-stone installation by artist Topher Delaney, which spells out a Christopher Marlowe love poem in Braille.   The deck’s warping planes create a threshold... More

Product • By Yalanzhi ObjectsLamp Bavovna L

Lamp Bavovna L

Size: 700x1700x300mm Weight: 3kg Surface color: sand Inside color: white Number of light: 9 Cord colour: gray Bulb base: 9*E27 (max 30W)   *upon your request, the lamp can be painted in any color from our palette More

Product • By Yalanzhi ObjectsPendant lamp Malva 60 C

Pendant lamp Malva 60 C

Diametre: 600mm Weight: 2kg Surface color: black Inside color: gold Number of light: 1 Cord colour: black Bulb base: 1*E27 (max 30W)   *upon your request, the lamp can be painted in any color from our palette   More

Project • By Axis MundiSculptures


“Patriotism is an ephemeral motive that scarcely ever outlasts the particular threat to society that aroused it.”— Denis Diderot FALSE FLAG America was founded as an empire. George Washington called it an “infant empire.” Now the country lies in shambles. Mislead by a dysfunctional government, scarred by the inept handling of a pandemic which has run rampant (167,000 deaths and counting), a record number of unemployed citizens, collapsed businesses, a widening wealth gap, looming environmental catastrophes, and disenfranchised minorities of all colors, creeds and sexual orientations. The “American Dream” is officially now over. A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguis... More