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NewsNews • 21 Sep 2021

Light and transparent House K elegantly navigates a steeply sloping Austrian site

In the small Austrian community of Sulzberg, House K by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten is located on the ridge of the same-named mountain. A light and transparent looking cubic structure, the house opens up to the south floor-to-ceiling glazing while sliding wooden slats on the side fronts provide privacy and sun protection. Albrecht I. Schnabel In response to the steeply sloping nature of the site, the program of the house is distributed over three floors. The house is entered on the street side on the top level via a wide footbridge. Here, a garage, small guest room and spacious, open living room are located.  Albrecht I. Schnabel Designed with maximum transparency, the entire south façade is glazed while the... More

NewsNews • 28 Jul 2021

Kindergarten “Am Schlatt” in Lustenau sees new extension by Bernardo Bader Architekten

Designed by Bernardo Bader Architekten, this new kindergarten wing starts at the northern flight of an existing building and continues as a single-storey structure. Offering a generous sense of arrival, low-lying windows in the access areas create an atmospheric relation between indoors and outdoors.  Adolf Bereuter New group areas are situated along a spacious, playful corridor. At the beginning of this sequence of rooms, the dining room, together with the administration rooms, is directed towards the newly created courtyard-like outdoor area, thus forming the social centre of the kindergarten. Prefabricated external wall elements allowed for a rapid construction period with visible beams of local wood lending a robust, stu... More

NewsNews • 27 Apr 2021

The Eagle Mountain Top Restaurant derives its rock-like form from the Austrian landscape

Located at 2000m above sea level in Sankt Lorenzen Austria, the Eagle Mountain Top Restaurant by Viereck Architects is designed as a crystalline or rock-like form with the shape of the façade derived from the orientation and view from the site itself. Main elevations offer the most spectacular views into the landscape, with clear heights being close to six meters. Tom Lamm Large visible CLT beams define the restaurant space along with CLT ceiling slabs. The CLT beams are organized into a  star formation, adding a dramatic ceiling feature. Triangular areas between beams are filled with perforated acoustic panels in timber, with ventilation and electrical systems concealed behind. Slender CLT columns lean inwards in two dire... More

NewsNews • 1 Mar 2021

Contemporary design response to surrounding farmhouses results in an expressive new building ensemble

In the village of Frastanz – Gampelün, Austria, a new three-storey residential ‘tower’ and patio with carport are situated in a way that creates a new ensemble with two beautiful existing farmhouses that adjoin. Designed by firm Architekten, the new building’s distinct simplicity contrasts against its richly ornamented neighbours. Adolf Bereuter Ecological and economic sustainability were key design themes for the clients. The main structure is built entirely of timber harvested from the client’s private property. The façade likewise is clad with untreated timber from the site. The same timber lines the interior surfaces, where it is soaped three times for a uniquely soft finish. Adolf... More


Hofhaus Sebi/Niederndorf

The striking wooden structure stands on the edge of a closely parceled out new building area in Sebi. Due to a subtle hillside location through the relatively small corner property, it is easily accessible via a heavily frequented street that borders directly to the north. In order to die in this position, the building is an introverted courtyard house with other trigger points. The heart of the building: a protected, functional inner courtyard. Around him himself the house. Optionally, it can be made the same or closed with wooden sliding elements that can be used in the façade occupations and for homogeneous exterior views. Thus north access the opportunity to bring nature into the house on sunny days and to get it quickly if nec... More

NewsNews • 3 Feb 2021

Austrian home showcases contemporary wood detailing

In the mountains of Blons, Austria, this small house four a family of four references traditional building typologies of the Walseral-Valley. The design comes from Innauer Matt Architekten who are known for their work in Alpine regions. David Schreyer In response to the steeply sloping site, the building has small foundations, thereby limiting the use of concrete. The minimal footprint leads to a design that organizes the house over three storeys.  David Schreyer Private/sleeping spaces are located on the lower floor and under the roof. The living space where the family meets is located on the middle floor. An enclosed balcony zone is placed in front of the volume and expands the living space to the outside.  David... More

NewsNews • 16 Sep 2020

Snøhetta realize a lushly sustainable office space in timber for new ASI Reisen Headquarters

As adventure travel company, when ASI Reisen explored design partners for its new head office in Natters, Austria, paramount consideration was given to the ability to create a space which reflected and amplified the company’s core philosophy of sustainability.  To realize this goal, they partnered with Norwegian architecture and branding firm Snøhetta, famed for their integrative approach to design and landscaping.  The result is a striking four-story timber structure enclosed by a metal frame which doubles as a living green wall.  Inside, an open office concept developed in collaboration with ASI Reisen’s employees offers flexible workspaces that were designed with employee comfort in mind.  The compa... More

NewsNews • 27 Aug 2020

Austrian holiday home demonstrates the intrinsic qualities of wood construction

On a southern slope reached via 70 steps of a development staircase, this holiday home in Austria by Stefan Schweighofer stands on the strip foundations of an old container house from the 80’s. The shape, proportions and orientation of the building were carefully considered with reference to the existing houses that surround. Credit: Marc Lins Photography Reduced to the essentials, the black building with gable roof is constructed with solid wood, making a static framework that can be directly experienced and felt, especially in the interior. Credit: Marc Lins Photography The house is insulated with 20 cm wood fibre boards, which are covered with mineral paint by a ventilated, closed wooden façade (rebated formwork)... More

NewsNews • 24 Aug 2020

Klostergasse Studio sleekly emerges from an abandoned site

On a small formerly abandoned site near the Bregenz train station, a sleek, elongated structure in dark-stained concrete has emerged. Designed by Bernardo Bader Architekten, the large scale of the district administrative office and the provincial police headquarters in the foreground, along with surrounding residential buildings of the 1960’s and 1970’s, draw out the character of this new addition to the urban sphere.  Credit: Adolf Bereuter The slender structure comprises four floors that are stacked one above the another. The spaces are organized across all floors with precisely equal proportions, but with varyingly large window openings to benefit from numerous views and positions of the sun. Each unit is designed... More