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Project • By Grupo GUBIAArt Galleries

Centre Pompidou Málaga

This new exhibition space is the opposite of the traditional concept of museum. There are neutral spaces connected between them, only to content the artworks inside themselves, giving them the main role of the place. Javier Orive Between the careful combination of materials and colors, the white tinted wooden lattice stands out down the space of “The Cube” and the permanent collection area. Javier Orive All the space near the circulation area in access floor _ticket sales, coffee shop, cloakroom_ and the hall in ground floor are paneling with bamboo elements in contrast to white vertical surfaces and grey floorings and ceilings. This material is also in permanent equipment in the building, like seats, ticket offices,... More

NewsNews • 15 May 2024

Lumi Shala by IBUKU is a sculptural bamboo-grid-shell yoga center in Bali

Lumi Shala is an artisanal wellness space at the Alchemy Yoga Centre in Bali designed by local architecture studio Ibuku. Located amid Ubud’s verdant landscape, the structure boasts a sculptural form with overlapping copper-clad bamboo petals. Putu Aris Sumardiana Zuñiga Alonso Emerging from a stone base and mounded foundations, bamboo arches project above to enclose the space and provide a sense of tranquillity. Its form fosters well-being by combining natural materials with handcrafted and innovative systems.  Zuñiga Alonso Completed in 2023, Lumi Shala draws on many of the same unique elements and structural details developed by the studio two years ago in the 2022 Architecture Master... More

NewsNews • 1 May 2024

SOM completes “terminal in a garden” at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport

International and interdisciplinary architecture, design, and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) has reimagined the conventional airport experience in its design for Terminal 2 of Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport in southern India. Envisaged as a “terminal in a garden”, the landscaped transport hub is inspired by Bengaluru’s reputation as India’s “garden city” and rethinks the architectural homogeneity of many of the world’s airports. Ar. Ekansh Goel © Studio Recall Ar. Ekansh Goel © Studio Recall The new 255,000-square-meter (2,744,797-square-feet) terminal is a creative nod to Bengaluru’s rich history and culture and at the sa... More

NewsNews • 3 Apr 2024

Atelier Nomadic designs bamboo restaurant in the Maldives modeled on a pink whipray

Rotterdam-based architectural design studio Atelier Nomadic has completed the Overwater Restaurant at the Banyan Tree Vabinafaru resort in the Maldives. A prepossessing bioclimatic structure, the restaurant is built entirely from bamboo. (Atelier Nomadic is the architectural design studio at Nomadic Resorts.) Joe Chua Agdeppa Joe Chua Agdeppa Atelier Nomadic describes the structure as a “stunning example of biomimicry” — the design is modeled on the pink whipray, a species of stingray that can be found in the surrounding azure lagoon.  Joe Chua Agdeppa Approached via a timber walkway from the main resort, the structure’s sweeping tail guides visitors into the main, voluminous body &m... More

Project • By Arquitectura MixtaHotels

Bamboo Temple at Hotel Impressions Isla Mujeres

The structures developed by Arquitectura Mixta for the Unik Hotel (Impression Isla Mujeres By Secrets) are inspired by the unique natural and geographical context of the project. The hotel, located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, near the Garrafón Natural Reef Park, offers panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea on both sides of the project and is one of the few places in Mexico where sunsets over this sea can be appreciated. Adrián Fernández / Pacha Mother Adrián Fernández / Pacha Mother The 4 Bamboo structures designed by Arquitectura Mixta celebrate the vibrant colors of the Mexican Caribbean as well as the lush life it hosts. Despite their differences in shape and scale, the struct... More

Project • By Atelier NomadicRestaurants

Overwater Bamboo Restaurant

This stunning example of biomimicry takes its inspiration from the sleek silhouette of the Pink Whiprays (Pateobatis fai) that graze in the surrounding lagoon. Joe Chua Agdeppa The naturally ventilated, bio-climatic structure features an incredible sea saltwater infinity pool, and an array of overwater catamaran nets where guests can relax while enjoying breathtaking sunset panoramas, caressed by the gentle sea breeze. Joe Chua Agdeppa Crafted meticulously with bamboo, the structure is amplified by the dramatic Maldivian landscape and reflected in the mirror like lagoon. The looping, shingled tail winds back down the jetty to link the building with the mainland and to guide the visitors into the building. Joe Chua Agdeppa... More

NewsSpecification • 19 Sep 2023

10 structures that demonstrate bamboo’s construction capability

Bamboo is a material of remarkable strength, durability, and versatility. A tall woody grass, bamboo is typically fast-growing — responsibly harvested, it is an excellent regenerative material. Of the 1,600 known species of bamboo grown worldwide, a small number possess the qualities necessary for building construction. Their features generally include a straight culm, flexibility, and a favorable aesthetic.  Bamboo is particularly prevalent in East and Southeast Asia, where it is often utilized as a building material in housing and community buildings. Larger, thicker bamboo is frequently used in construction owing to its load-bearing capacity. Smaller diameter bamboo can be bundled together to create a resilient building compo... More

Project • By reyes ríos + larraín studioRestaurants

Maya de Asia

An innovative culinary proposal that creates a fusion between the local Maya and the far Asian Food. The interior design is an attempt also to create a innovative, coherent architectural concept aligned to the culinary themes. The project is located in Merida, a modern Mexican city with deep roots on the Maya culture region, with an extensive European influence until the beginning of the 20th Century. Making a connection with this cultural links, the design combines local with industrial resources, along with a contemporary language that also combines tradition with modernity. Pim Schalkwijk Bamboo is a locally produced, building-certified material that represents the blend of both, the Maya and the Asian. This material has been selec... More

Project • By reyes ríos + larraín studioPrivate Houses

Casa Kati Kaan

Kati Kaan is an off-the grid, self-sustainable beach house located at the National Biosphere Reserve of Sian Kaan in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo at the east of the Yucatan Peninsula. As an aisled location, it has to save, recycle as much as possible of water and to generate and store power from both, solar and wind generators. As part of the strict regulations for this site, the footprint of the house is limited to a tight land surface of the 100-meter beach-front plot, as up to 200 sq meters of construction and 8 meters above the highest dune are allowed.  Leo Espinosa As a response to the present conditions, the house is placed on stilts and behind the second dune, so the impact to the very sensitive vegetation is minimiz... More

NewsNews • 13 Jun 2023

“Housing Now” responds to Myanmar’s housing crisis with prefabricated bamboo homes

“Housing Now” is a response to the urgent need for suitable emergency housing in Myanmar. Nationwide, more than 1.8 million people are currently displaced as a result of the country’s military coup on 1st February 2021, the ensuing civil war, insecurity, and climate change. As a consequence, the demand for housing in Myanmar is extremely high, while supply is very low. To help address this, Blue Temple, an architectural design studio based in Myanmar, is developing the large-scale production of prefabricated, low-cost bamboo housing units, inspired by vernacular architecture. Raphaël Ascoli Raphaël Ascoli Blue Temple works diligently on projects that seek social and environmental change. The st... More

Project • By Bambutec DesignTrade Shows

Bioclimatic Bamboo and Membrane Shades

Ultralight tensile bamboo structures designed by Bambutec were installed in the open-aired environment of Casa Firjan at Rio de Janeiro after the covid-19 pandemic, promoting healthy ambiances to the public with sustainability and low environmental impact. Juan Dias The Casa Firjan site is located at the historic Linneo de Paula Machado Palace surrounded by green gardens in the Botafogo neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro, covering an area of 6,700 sqm, where a contemporary building was erected. The Casa Firjan was idealized to promote the dialogue between recent challenges faced by Brazilian industries, such as tradition, innovation, creativity, technology, and sustainability. During the summer of 2023, a temporary installation made with bi... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerSecondary Schools

Tani Malandi High School, Mayotte

Building a school in Mayotte means dealing with many issues on several levels in a very different way than here in Europe – educationally, but also socio-economically and ecologically. The small Comorian island of Mayotte, north of Madagascar, belongs to France and is part of the EU. Of the approximately 180,000 inhabitants, more than half are younger than 20. In view of the strong population growth and the resulting increase in the number of pupils, the outdated temporary multi-purpose secondary school needs to be replaced with new buildings. The architecture should meet the requirements and goals of a state school, but also consider the specific needs of young Mahorans. The adolescents and young adults need a framework that promotes... More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsHotels

Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp

Located in the wilderness of South Africa, an intimate, family-owned safari lodge awaits you. Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp in Balule Private Nature Reserve receives guests from April 2021. MOSO® proudly contributed to the camp with the supply of sustainable and durable Bamboo X-treme® decking.   Spacious private deck with a viewThe luxury tented camp boasts six fully furnished spacious accommodation units. Each tent boasts a spacious private deck and an unrestricted view of the northern Drakensberg mountains, allowing you to relax and watch the wildlife follow the sunset. The tents are surrounded by indigenous flora that add to the beauty and ecological significance of the surrounding landscape.   Bamboo decking i... More

Project • By bambuso.idCommunity Centres

bamboo garden house

The Urban Poor Consortium (UPC) Center in Parung, Indonesia acquires a new structure. Two-storied bamboo house is placed next to a pond on the northern part of the plot, surrounded by orchards and bamboo groves. The new facility strengthens the group’s commitment to self-sufficiency and sustainability.  Flooding in Jakarta has worsened in the last few years and raised public concern. Parung is critical to the capital’s hydrology. The bamboo house sits on concrete pedestals. Its small footprint affects minimal impact to the ground surface water, which helps to conserve hydrology in the area. Much needed in the warm-humid climate, the use of bamboo and other natural materials provide indoor comfort without artificial conditi... More

NewsNews • 8 Oct 2020

Lightweight bamboo architecture reflects the spirit of an open-air theatre

Situated in the mountain landscape of Yangshuo, China, Impression Sanjie Liu is an outdoor theater show. Designed by Illab Architects, the theatre comprises a series of bamboo ‘lanterns’ and a dramatic, nest-like canopy made of woven bamboo. Credit: Arch-Exist Photography Rather than compete with the natural setting of the island site, Illab employed bamboo as the prime design material in order to tie in with existing natural bamboo that covers much of the area that surrounds. Credit: Arch-Exist Photography Between the guest entrance and the main stage, a series of bamboo lanterns draw and guide visitors through the site along the circulation path. The lanterns begin as small structures, increasing in size into large... More