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Commercial Restaurant Interior Design

The primary motive of a restaurant’s floor plan is to organize the available space for the requirement of furniture in the restaurant in the most efficient way.  Restaurant Interior Design and Visualization by architecturedesigning.comReview complete project Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By BWM Architekten und PartnerRestaurants

Stiftsrestaurant Leopold

Established in 1114, Klosterneuburg Abbey is today an important cultural site and tourist destination. Among other things, it is one of Austria’s oldest and most distinguished wineries. BWM Architekten fully refurbished the abbey restaurant in preparation for its reopening under a new operator. They opened up the 640m2space and gave it a cohesive, authentic look inspired by the abbey itself. BWM Architekten / Severin Wurnig Openend up.When guests enter Leopold Restaurant through the new vestibuled entrance, they are transported straight into the abbey’s unique world of wine. To the right of the centrally positioned bar is a 240m2 function room; to the left, the restaurant’s dining area with seating for 132 guests, as... More

Project • By AlkiBars

Cafe Loft Ristretto Kuwait

The Loft kitchen / Ristretto bar is located in the iconic Chrystal Tower skyscraper in the heart of Kuwait City. These are two brands co-existing within the same space. Loft is a restaurant transforming hamburgers into refined dishes. Ristretto is a bar, focusing on the coffee experience, where you can also enjoy milk shakes or some elaborate cocktails. Our Laia chairs in fabric are furnishing the dining area.  Nelson Garrido Nelson Garrido   More

Project • By ShedBars


When the client’s brief is to ‘put the crazy back into crazy golf’ that's exactly what Shed did. BIRDIES the electric sports social hybrid experience is London’s newest crazy golf venue and latest social sports and hospitality venture by SFG Group. Hidden under the iconic Battersea Power Station train arches the site provides a natural den to discover and immerse yourself in a combination of cocktails, fusion tacos and a the craziest of crazy golf courses. Cloud 9 Photography Cloud 9 Photography The approach on each hole was to challenge, confuse, inspire simultaneously whilst adding a layer of golf ‘pun’ humour along the way. Each hole has a specific pun (intended!) Golf theme, not necessarily... More

NewsNews • 16 Apr 2021

MAD Bars House a creative six-storey bar concept

In the historic centre of  Lviv, Ukraine, MAD Bars House by YOD Group is a six-storey building comprising five bars and restaurants. Though each floor functions as a different bar, the spaces are linked by a common staircase and share a common material and colour scheme that emphasizes local culture and craft tradition. The staircase, made of mosaic pixels, indicates the alcohol inherent in the drinks associated with that particular floor. The higher the floor, the higher the percentage of alcohol in the beverages being served. Courtesy YOD Group Upon entry, visitors begin at the ‘Varvar Pub.’ The pub features a long, joint-free wooden bar made from oak pieces that were initially used as joists 150 years ago. On the... More

Project • By BÜRO KLKBars


In the crooked streets of Vienna's historic first district, there lies a hidden gem for cocktail enthusiasts. Situated on the ground floor of a former clergy house from the late 1700s, the interior concept of Truth & Dare resembles the owners’ vision to create a pure and raw space, celebrating high-class mixology and bar culture. The opposing mix of materials and a complementary color concept, which challenges your visual sense, creates two areas each with its very own atmosphere. A monolithic counter clad with stone and black steel dominates the bar area, immersed into an overall cold and dark color palette. Following the ancient walls behind the bar, an unpretentious straight steel shelve displays the gustatory specialities. The... More

Project • By ArchisphereHotels

Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

Prince Eugene of Savoy, a true cosmopolitan and patron of the arts, inspired the latest hotel project in the luxury & lifestyle category: “Andaz Vienna am Belvedere”, part of a division of the Hyatt Group, with Signa as client. This design line by Hyatt places particular emphasis on embedding properties in the local environment: Vienna’s history is incorporated and continued in the visual narrative. The brand name “Andaz” is derived from Hindi and signifies “personal style”. Gabriel Kacerovsky and Claudio Carbone have engaged fully with this ambitious mandate – their designs for “Andaz Vienna am Belvedere” have resulted in a generous lifestyle hotel that impresses not only... More

Project • By Paco Lago InteriorizaBars


How to make a restaurant with everything revolving around the bar? The owners of Casaamigos had in mind an open-concept restaurant, with the customer as the center of the experience and bringing the feeling of sharing a table in your own home.Located in the heart of Malaga center, the place is located in one of the most traditional streets of the city. A multipurpose space in which there is room for everything from live music to a sponsored event or a wine tasting, becoming the meeting point for friends and good food, creating a close experience.The business idea was a creative challenge: the place had to enhance the experience of the customer around the bar. To achieve this, we proposed different solutions that would move the diner through... More

Project • By se studioBars

Buna cafe

Located in a very important commercial and business axis, Buna Café is an space in which you can enjoy an specialty coffee in a modern and welcoming environment.It is a space of small dimensions with simple and clean forms, but with great importance in the details, reinforcing the passion in the preparation of this specialty coffee and the closeness that we want to show the client.What the designers wanted to transmit in this space is the cleanliness and purity with which a coffee is prepared, as if it were a laboratory. But without leaving aside the comfort and the warmth, taking care of every detail so that the client enjoys it. A space in which everything is in harmony and balance, where there is no competition between design and... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Naveena Modern Indian Restaurant Design

This modern Indian restaurant in Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, designed by CAS has fun, vibrant and contemporary vibe, while the splash of bright colors and ornate motifs inspired from Indian Mughal design pay respect to the Indian culture and tradition, creating bright and enjoyable space that enhances the experience of dining with friends and family. More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBars

District Market

Architect: McIntosh Poris Associates Michael Poris, AIA, Principal Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager Charles Heid, AIA, Architect Jennifer Bueso, Interior Designer   Client: Delaware North Owner: Olympia Development   Size: 7,600 square feet; one floor   Site Little Caesars Arena is the centerpiece of The District Detroit, a 50-block, mixed-use development that includes eight theaters, three professional sports venues and five neighborhoods.  The District Market, shared kitchen, and adjacent restaurant are situated on the arena’s ground floor with direct access to Woodward Avenue on the outside, and the public interior concourse of the arena (called the Via).    Program T... More

Project • By HeliotropeRestaurants

Rupee Bar

Sri Lankan and Indian inspired, Rupee Bar is the follow-up venture from the owners of the Seattle favorite, Manolin. Located inside an old brick storefront in the neighborhood of Ballard, the space is small and cozy, and finished in warm blue hues, walnut casework, brass highlights, colorful tile and big, basket-shaped lamps overhead.   Building Area: 700 sf Contractor: Built by Owner Photography: Noah Forbes More

Project • By 370studioBars


“Talerzyki” is a place offering “Polish tapas”, complemented with an adequate selection of cocktails. The owner of the place is Marcin Koch, who also owns the neighbouring “Bazar Kocha”, and the interior as well as the visual identity were created by the Warsaw-based creative studio specializing in gastronomic places. The interior decoration concept is elegant yet relaxed, its dominant inspiration being Warsaw bars from the 1920s and 1930s. The place name meaning “a plate” in Polish, the motif of a plate motif discreetly appears in various zones of the place. A number of references to it can be found: a humorous mural showing a circus monkey juggling plates or the logo itself,... More

Project • By 370studioBars

La Sirena: The Mexican Food Cartel

La Sirena: The Mexican Food Cartel or where Warsaw meets Mexico. A place like no other – working on it was pure pleasure. Comprehensive realization in the heart of the Polish Capital involving the interior design and full visual identity. La Sirena is not another polite colourful coffee shop for gringos. Its ambience reminding of dangerous slums was inspired by the dark side of Mexico with its cartels and culture as presented in B movies. We tried to mirror this atmosphere by giving this place the character of a scruffy eatery where no one can feel quite safe. The place seems to have always been here: dingy walls, rusted machetes, a wall made of corrugated metal touched by time – just to name a few of the elements contributing... More

Project • By 370studioBars

Bar Koszyki

The longest in Warsaw, this 40 metre bar appeared in the very heart of the restored Hala Koszyki, a famous food market hall. We had the pleasure to work on this project from scratch – not only taking care of its visual aspect and functionality, but also co-creating the whole concept itself. Inspired with the pre-war Warsaw and the Mediterrenean aperitivo culture, Bar Koszyki combines history with modern trends. The shape of the stand with subtly rounded corners gives the impression of an endless counter and makes the guest think of the places where the Warsawers enjoyed their time in the 1920s. Meanwhile, thanks to the choice of materials used, the whole bar blends well with the industrial character of the hall. The design was crowne... More