Vanda Designers
Vanda Designers

Vanda Designers

Designers from Glorieta de Bilbao, Madrid, Spain
VANDA is research, is avant-garde, is in progress. Is passion for architecture and design. Is love and care for details. Is a mash-up of Valentina Elmiger and Aurora De La Fuente.

VANDA is an architectural and interior design practice, with headquarters in Italy and Spain, which operates throughout the world in the design and construction management of residences, showrooms, restaurants, hotels and events.

Thanks to the collaboration of all members of the team, VANDA can offer multiple bespoke solutions, ranging from industrial design to decorative graphic design; from interior design to shop window dressing; from building renovation to garden design.
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Vanda Designers Madrid
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Glorieta de Bilbao, Madrid, Spain