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NewsNews • 28 Nov 2022

Warm neutrals and organic forms dictate the Kkonyo Nail Beauty Salon by Design Studio MONO

Based in Seoul, South Korea, the Kkonyo beauty salon is well known for its amusing and vibrant nail art designs. Design Studio MONO seeks to capture the brand’s bright and radiant essence in the salon interiors.  Seeun Park As one approaches the central space, curved, free-flowing furniture around a tree replicates a serene landscape, directing user movement. A material palette of warm neutrals and natural textures creates a welcoming atmosphere for the customers.  Seeun Park An efficient workflow is ensured through the distinct division of zones within the space. The pedicure zone features an inverted design displaying a tiny boundary at the front and stepped seating at the rear side.  Seeun Pa... More

Project • By QUADRUM STUDIOOffices


Calm, with soft colors and arches, the space is waiting for its guests, to which all attention and skill will be directed in anticipation of the work process.  Caption We got a room of 40m2, with a high ceiling and wide windows - the former kitchen of the restaurant. A feature of the room is the structural element of the building, which gives sculpture to the interior and calm surroundings, as well as comfortable forms of space for perception.  Caption The task for the architects of the Quadrum studio (Albert and Inna Bagdasaryan) was to create a space in which only you and the master. A story about where it is not necessary to voice something, everything can be decided on the inner voices and views of the client and t... More

Project • By Cotaparedes ArquitectosShops


Located in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco this project meant our incursion into the commercial genre. The client commissioned us to redesign the brand of beauty salons L'OCCOCÓ, one of the largest franchises of beauty salons in Mexico. They wanted to reflect an image of elegance with the necessary character so that the clients felt identified with the brand. Arq. Cesar Béjar The exercise began by analyzing the existing salons, understanding the dynamics of use, the furniture necessary for the performance of salon activities, the flows of customers and staff and the optimal spaces to work freely. Our language had to simplify the current, to purify it, we had to identify the indispensable and readjust what could be adapte... More

Project • By Pure Mess DesignShowrooms


Caption 3senses is the newest project signed by Pure-Mess Design. Caption Caption The 376 sq m space located in Bucharest reveals a beauty clinic that also provides dental services performed by a team of professionals in their field. Caption Caption The design concept starts from the integration of the three essential senses of aesthetics, in a design that emphasizes a different environment for each one. Caption Caption More

Project • By Laura Ortín ArchitectureWellness Centres


“Nothing is as beautiful as the ruins of a beautiful thing.”Auguste RodinMicroblading is a permanent eyebrow makeup technique that is performed using tiny needles to fill in desired areas with color.Its etymology would be:Micro is a prefix derived from ancient Greek meaning "small."Blading is from English, specifically the union of the word "blade" (means edge or blade) and the suffix "-ing" (gerund). Caption Our client, an expert in this procedure that goes back to a traditional Japanese technique called “tebori”, decides to open a store in the heart of the city of Murcia.Although the center has a wide range of aesthetic services it is specialized in microblading, this provides the project with certain singula... More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPEWellness Centres

La Femme Beauty Salon, Venice

Near Venice, La Femme is more than a beauty salon. It is a centre dedicated to bodily beauty as suggested by the glam taste of the interior. The sparkling atmosphere transports the female universe to a sophisticated Los Angeles neighbourhood. The floor, covered with our Elements Lux Port Laurent, is in 60x60 black marble effect porcelain stoneware. The glossy surface reflects the infinite points of light of the space, the light patinas of the furnishings, the transparencies of the chandeliers.We are pleased to have collaborated with architect Massimo Checchin and with it works to complete this sophisticated project.   More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIWellness Centres

Brutal Salon Bosman, Alkmaar

Brutalist hairsalon Bosman by Jeroen de Nijs bni More

NewsMaterialization • 3 Aug 2020

Say No Mo challenges traditional concepts of ‘beauty’ through design

Say No Mo is a conceptually new format for a salon. Designed by balbek bureau, a traditional perceptions of a beauty salon – and its gender distinctions – are erased. For example, at the heart of the design is a bar used for both beauty services and traditional cocktail receptions. Yevhenii Avramenko Located within an old building in Kyiv, the salon has a total floor area of 200 square meters over two levels. The ground level features several zones: reception, lounge, manicure/bar and pedicure, with the basement level containing makeup zone, hair care cosmetology restrooms and facilities. With a curved-wall geometry and without a single parallel wall, the space also boasts 4-meter high ceilings. Yevhenii Avramenko On... More


Sooyou Beauty Salon

The structure of human body is a moving architecture, while cells – known as the basic units of all organisms, are its building blocks.   As the largest organ of human body, skin is the interface between the physical body and the outside world. Cells are constantly dying, and new ones are being made simultaneously, to maintain the healthy state of the body. It's a battle between death and rebirth.   Overview / MemorySituated at Qunli New District, Harbin, China, the project is a beauty salon that mainly targets female consumers. The entrance wall echoes the arcs of the architecture with its curved shape, creates a unique perspective to look inside, and indicates a sense of mystery in the space.   The design f... More

Project • By balbek bureauShops

Say No Mo

ABOUT Say No Mo is a conceptually new format of a beauty salon. The ‘heart’ of the salon is a bar used for both beauty services and traditional cocktail receptions. The main task faced by balbek bureau from the very start of the design process was to break away from a traditional perception of a conventional beauty salon, and its gender distinction.   CONCEPT The owner of the establishment is Canadian. In her years of working in the beauty industry, she has learned how to make a client happy. This understanding became the basis of the interior solutions delivered by balbek bureau. To get on the same mental wave with the client is perhaps the most important aspect while working on a project. Our architectural team mana... More

Project • By RSDAWellness Centres

Vurve Signature Salon, ECR

A destination for relaxation and rejuvenation, Vurve Signature Salon located in Palavakkam, Chennai enunciates splendour in both design and experience. The architects have envisaged the two- storeyed space to radiate opulence that serves as an exquisite escape from the humdrum of the city, housing various services that the users can avail. The entrance to the salon is through an iconic red door that rests against the subtle facade. The lift lobby encountered at the entrance leads to the first floor of the salon. Parametric forms combined with a vibrant theme create an exclusive experience for the visitors while endowing the salon with a distinct identity. The main hallway is a softly lit space with a parametrically-designed ceiling perched... More

Project • By Co in Collaborative LabShops

Two Cents

To steer away from the aesthetic stereotypes in the beauty industry, TWO CENTS envisioned their new space to be interpreted as a coffee shop, with a buzzy vibe to lift any dull spirits while offering much-needed tranquility in Jakarta's one of the busiest district. co+in collaborative lab The main idea is to celebrate brand core values and beliefs of how every small things matter in life, by paying close attention to the details and design elements in the space, such as form, graphic, and quote. co+in collaborative lab A coherent image can be found throughout the space in the form of a chic interior, defined by wood finishes and metal textures that evokes a sense of warmth. The space makes use of the aforementioned materials by... More

Project • By AKI WATANABE ArchitectsPrivate Houses

art BLD

This is the renovation project of a house with a store and gallery. Another family had lived on the 1st to 3rd floors, and had managed the beauty salon on the basement floor. Housing part had been limited to the 2nd and 3rd floors, and the 1st floor had been changed to a rented store and basement floor to a gallery of the client, because the client needed his house,a gallery, a rent space for a store.   We tried to create space/element that can be created by renovation. Existing stocks have many objects / element which cannot be created by new construction because of many reasons like cost, legal, and so on.    For example, we focused on the fact that it has a large span and fire resistance due to the exiting RC structure... More

Project • By Papadatos SAHotels

Villa Toskana

This hotel in the wine-growing district of Leimen offers a great deal of Tuscan flair and a Mediterranean ambiance, on the outskirts of Heidelberg. Let yourself be pampered in the spacious spa facilities and in-house beauty salon, offering a full range of massages and cosmetic treatments. Dine in either the buffet restaurant or in the à-la-carte Medici restaurant. Savor the natural daylight in the hotel conservatory, and enjoy a wide range of drinks in Lorenzo’s bar. In year 2018 the hotel has opened 78 luxurious rooms, fully furnished by Papadatos. More

Project • By Sneha Divias AtelierWellness Centres

Orchid Beauty Boutique

Sharjah’s most luxurious beauty destination that has been pampering thousands of women has been transformed by Sneha Divias Atelier. The Orchid Beauty Boutique at the Sharjah Ladies reopened in May 2018, after having undergone 3 months of renovation and rede-velopment works. In addition to a revamped layout that allows visitors to enjoy high-end interiors, more space and premium comfort, the beauty boutique showcases unique new features in all its sections – from hair and make-up to personal grooming services, styling, beauty and wellness products, and many more aspects that have brought it up to being pitched against leading beauty salons for women in the UAE.   The overall scheme and design strategy is inspired by the m... More