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Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

Interior Design of Aman Apartment

The client required a 3-bedroom home with a small theatre room and a puja room. The approach was to convert a 4bhk into 3bhk and designing the guest room as a small theatre room making the apartment look spacious and reviving. The brief was simplified with a preference for modern and clean-lined aesthetics. One is greeted by a geometric-decorative panelling that enlivens the vestibule and shields the overall view of the house. A mirrored grid wall with wooden panelling acts as a backdrop to the console unit. Entering the house, one can see the balancing act of shades of grey with solid wood making the apartment look more appealing and live. The vestibule leads to the living area, which is divided into three seating zones. It performs that... More

Project • By HestApartments

Japanese Bedroom

⛩ Japanese dream ⛩Stunning bed and wallpaper with black molding. More
One is welcomed by a refreshing garden balcony that keeps the apartment ventilated throughout the day. The garden entrance is creatively done, distinctive use of wood in flooring and ceiling with little green patch looks mesmerizing.
The garden entrance is creatively done, distinctive use of wood in flooring and ceiling with little green patch looks mesmerizing.
The highlight of the room is the white textured wall on the back of the sitting and a stone-textured MCM cladding TV wall.
The interiors follow a subtle colour scheme, highlighting the luxurious grey italian marble flooring, rich materials and exquisite décor details.
Texture creates a drama to the room with a bunch of brass artifacts, creating an essence of cosy ambience of the room.

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

4BHK Maple Tree Apartment Interior In Ahmedabad

This is a 4 bedroom apartment with the drawing, living, kitchen, dining and a beautiful balcony in the front. The client came to us with a desire to create a home with a modest and timeless interior. They wanted their residence to be very simple, modern, and maintenance-free. The interiors follow a subtle color scheme, highlighting the luxurious grey Italian marble flooring, rich materials, and exquisite décor details. Unexpected touches like the exaggerated lights, brass artifacts, accents, and illusive patterns in the passage add surprise elements. One is welcomed by a refreshing garden balcony that keeps the apartment ventilated throughout the day. The garden entrance is creatively done, the distinctive use of wood in flooring a... More

Project • By Smart Design ExpoApartments

Relaxing neutral bedroom

A lot of interiors these days claim to be "inspired by nature". We want soft, earthy color palettes, cuddly fabrics and trendy plants. The problem is, a lot of such interiors turn out a) bland, b) boring, c) sparse and cold or d) completely impractical - focused on trends and disregarding the user.   That is why this bedroom design was from the get go human-centered - meant to be lived in and not only looked at. The natural hues were chosen not just for their beauty but also to enhance the amount of light streaming in through the large windows and to be - yes, we think about these things - easy to clean.    Subtle but warm and cozy - peaceful with simple points of interest, but most of all - livable, that is the essence o... More

Product • By IndustryPlusLuxury Towers

Luxury Towers

A way to enjoy luxury is to afford time, freedom and space. Luxury Towers is a set of vessels inspired by the personal ritual of dressing up.  A watch, an heirloom ring, a favourite necklace – these objects are wrapped gently by the bubble, floating above the table surface.   L130 x W122 x H113 mm L85 x W80 x H178 mm L290 x W100 x H70 mm More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

Bedroom by Futuris Architects

“Somewhere for the mind to find balance and the body to relax.” This is how our co-founder Albert Galstyan describes this bedroom  A collision of cold grey and warm brown, this bedroom is an embodied comfort. Being an imprescriptible part of the interior, the bed is surrounded by carefully chosen details. A wall mirror for morning and evening routines, reading lamps, and those delicate curtains. We aimed to create a space for You to come to after a long, tiring day, and enjoy the silence. After all, isn’t that the function of a bedroom? #futurishome #futurisarchitects #interiordesign #bedroom More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

Bedroom by Futuris

The quality of every aspect of our lives depends on how well we sleep. Have You noticed that pattern? For us, a bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It is rather a place to rest and restore energy. ▪️In this mansard bedroom, the color range varies from the achromatic, calming grey to the dark blue extracting stability. The thimbleful of beige notes communicates the necessary warmth. The bed complements the atmosphere set by the colors, provoking to relax even through a photo. We made a big emphasis on the rocking chair: an ideal space for You to spend the lone quarantine evenings, reflecting on life and hoping for a better tomorrow???? #futurishome #futurisarchitects #interiordesign #bedroom More

Project • By Home Design StudioApartments


The French colonial style breathed life into a battered apartment from the old housing stock. The owner is a foreigner from Iran, a lover of comfort, peace and sincere signs of antiquity.    Published by: Home Design Studio     Description original   Французский колониальный стиль вдохнул жизнь в видавшую массу судеб квартиру из старого жилого фонда. Хозяин – иностранец из Ирана, ценитель уюта, покоя и душевных знаков старины. Классические молдинги максимально подчеркивают графику исторической постройки и высоких потолков. Всё, что должно быть железным – конечно, изысканная латунь. Всё, что может быть деревянным – конечно, благородный натуральный орех, задающий безмятежную тонально... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

IMA Interiors

The complete fitting out of this beautiful apartment in north of Paris allowed us to deploy our artistic lanaguage and explore the aesthetic desires of the owners. More

Project • By BeSenseApartments

Interior design 7`YA / Дизайн интерьера 7`YA

Apartment in Lviv for a young family with an area of ​​101 sq.m. In this interior, the main feature is monochrome and a huge variety of shades of gray. Playing on the nuances of colors, our team created a "soft" and "quiet" airy interior, where each room smoothly flows into one another. It is important to note that for us the main and important task was to create exactly the space in which each family member would feel comfortable, as well as the opportunity to invite guests.Since the clients were satisfied and the project was planned to be implemented, we believe that the task was completed.   Project  Year: 2019 Location: Lviv, Ukraine. More

Project • By Studio Neta-li NoyApartments

HV Apartment

From rough to a real diamond - apartment by Neta-li Noy In one of the most prestigious projects in Tel Aviv the apartment was designed by Neta-li Noy. This project included the redesign of a high floor, 100 square meters apartment, owned by a physician who loves the good life. It all began with a small request: "I want a place that will give me a feeling of home." Before the renovation, the apartment was a standard, basic contractor, fourbedrooms apartment that was designed and renovated into a spacious threebedrooms apartment. The apartment underwent a complete change. The central area was enlarged by abolishing of one bedroom.The bathroom was also abolished and turned into a restroom. Prior to the renovation the flooring was small 60/60... More

Project • By David Ito ArquiteturaApartments

AML Apartment

Meeting the residents' desire to obtain large spaces in a light atmosphere, using delicate colors, this project seeks to value two important characteristics of the apartment: its great natural light and its large social area.The dining, living and television rooms are arranged in a single environment that is integrated to the gourmet terrace and kitchen. The 12 meter long ripped panel acts as a backdrop for all the social area. The hinged doors are camouflaged in the same panel, connecting the kitchen, the dining room and the door that gives access to the intimate area of the apartment, sheltering the entire wooden-clad entrance hall.  The predominance of white walls, slatted panel, metal shelves, ceramics, corian countertops, cur... More

Project • By COA MimarlıkApartments

P House İstanbul

Our client wished to have a cozy, peaceful home in natural tones. We weren't satisfied with the full plan so we made some changes, demolished some walls, by this way we supported to take the daylight flow in all the rooms, also have a better use for the spaces.The couple asked for different areas, where they can spend individual quality time by themselves or with friends. The most important feeling was to leave all the stress of the daily life, the crowd out and to feel relaxed supported with natural vibes. More

Project • By Tiovivo CreativoApartments

Lord Loft

In the interior design studio Tiovivo Creativo are specialists in custom design and in offering their own identity to each space. After knowing the needs and personality of the owner of this loft, located in a complex of offices in Valencia, the challenge was clear: housing for a demanding and detailed ‘single’, passionate about freedom, cycling, nature, and little friend of conventions, he had to reflect his identity in every detail so that he felt in his authentic home. A romantic of the 21st century who needed to reconcile his social and private life in the same space. All this seasoned with an optimization of the space and a functional design that offered storage solutions, since it started from a space of only 60m2.Noble materials, sta... More

Project • By VA'astu Architecture StudioApartments

Modern Guest Bedroom . Indonesia

Dear readers, here is the work of VAástu Architecture Studio in the first three months of 2017. Let's start telling about Interior Design of this guest room - the apartment. This guest bedroom interior design project is located in one condominium unit area sudirman, South Jakarta. The total living area of ​​the guest bedroom is 18 m². In the design, the team carrying the theme Modern Interior with wood finishing motif. Establish a design based on the client refrence photo given at the beginning of the discussion. Surely there must be slight modifications. We modify the selected colors into unisex colors (can be for male and female rooms) and size adjustments so that the shape and atmosphere of the room from refrensi images can... More