Relaxing neutral bedroom

Relaxing neutral bedroom

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A truly relaxing bedroom

Smart Design Expo as Interior Architects

A lot of interiors these days claim to be "inspired by nature". We want soft, earthy color palettes, cuddly fabrics and trendy plants. The problem is, a lot of such interiors turn out a) bland, b) boring, c) sparse and cold or d) completely impractical - focused on trends and disregarding the user.


That is why this bedroom design was from the get go human-centered - meant to be lived in and not only looked at. The natural hues were chosen not just for their beauty but also to enhance the amount of light streaming in through the large windows and to be - yes, we think about these things - easy to clean. 


Subtle but warm and cozy - peaceful with simple points of interest, but most of all - livable, that is the essence of this bedroom.

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