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Product • By GradhermeticSupergradhermetic


Supergradhermetic is a roller shutter with tubular tilting slats, made with a highperformance aluminium alloy, coated with maximum quality paints and thermoset in a continuous process. The blind allows perfect light regulation, air circulation, and protection of privacy thanks to the placement of the slats.  Gradhermetic's roller shutter can goes up and down till reaching the full opening or a perfect blackout. At night, closed shutters provide a valuable contribution to building insulation from outside.  Slats orientation can be chosen up to 120º. By night cool air is avoided, getting an efficient insulation with the blind in closed position. Supergradhermetic is an environment-friendly product: With proper use savings o... More

Product • By solaris tendeSkylight blinds awnings

Skylight blinds awnings

Horizon and Top Horizon sun shading or blackout systems for skylight and conservatories More

Project • By Bailo Rull + add arquitecturaResidential Landscape


The health and wellbeing of people and their surroundings are the keys to HAUS. A responsible, creative way of approaching architecture with the aim of bringing added value to standardised construction. The construction project manager Marcove and architects BAILORULL combine their experience and reliability to create HAUS, an innovative proposal that applies healthy criteria to the spaces we live in with the aim of improving the lives of people and the environment.The international architecture practice BAILORULL has created Espai Natura [Nature Space], a collective housing development comprising 16 cross-ventilated dwellings –four per floor– of approximately 140 m2, designed to improve the health of their occupants and surroundings. Locat... More

Project • By BandaluxArt Galleries

Arts center for theater of Val de Marne

This industrial building erected in 1895 has been declared a Historic Monument thanks to the countless activities that it housed before eventually becoming a storage space. It was finally purchased by the Ivry Town Council in 2010, when the municipality’s Théâtre des Quartiers needed a space. Today it is a perfectly adapted multicultural venue. The refurbishment project has aptly preserved the spirit of this building while incorporating architectural elements such as solar protection systems in an auditorium with seating for 400 people, the rehearsal hall, the amateur theatre workshop, with a surface of 120 m², and the conference hall, with its 500-m² surface. Bandalux took part in this project, providing the 100% blackout and Poly... More

Product • By VerosolOriginals Metallised fabrics Verosol

Originals Metallised fabrics Verosol

The Verosol Originals collection offers solutions in a vary of options. The fabrics are available in various transparancies and colours. There is a solution for each window in your own style. Fabric can be used in pleated blinds, roller blinds and panel tracks. Verosol Originals are available in 4 transparancies and 36 colours each. This fabric contributes to a comfortable living and working environment, without glare. You can control heat, light and maintain the view outside. The Verosol Originals Fabrics are all flame retardant, formaldehyde free and PVC free. Using the Originals makes a positive contribution towards sustainable building models such as LEED certification, Green Star and BREEAM. More

Product • By English BlindsMade to Measure Window Blinds

Made to Measure Window Blinds

Choose from a stunning collection of luxury made to measure window blinds in a wide range of fabulous fabric colours and designs. Products include roller, roman, vertical, wooden, panel, blackout and woven wood blinds. More