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Project • By gon architectsApartments


Since 1993 when Manuel, a journalist who loves rock music and opera almost as much as he loves social networks like Instagram, bought and moved into a 30-square-meter attic in Madrid's Lavapiés neighborhood, the configuration of the space had not been modified. Under a sloping roof of exposed wooden beams without any kind of insulation that made the attic a somewhat gloomy and unsustainable place, the house included two load-bearing walls that segregated it into three rooms (living-kitchen-dining room, bathroom, bedroom) and a semi-hidden and underused terrace. imagen subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) imagen subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) It was at the end of 2020, in th... More

Product • By DuraseinSea Blue

Sea Blue

Dip your imagination into the waters of this soothing blue and let your creative cares float away. No life raft needed.Characteristics● Content: Acrylic, aluminum trihydrate filler, and pigment● Construction: Mineral-filled and cast. HomogeneousTechnical ● Format: Panel / Sheet● Size: 144in x 30in● Overall Thickness: 0.5inApplication ● Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor● Applications: Countertop, wall cladding, partitions, architectural elements, shaped products (sinks, tubs, shower pans). Suitable for healthcare settings, senior living facilities, educational spaces, dormitories, multi-family dwellings, hospitality businesses, food service, retail, entertainment venues, marine, aviation, and transportation.● Durability: Heavy Duty● Ins... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


Global medical supply manufacturer and distributor Medline occupies a new headquarters outside of Chicago. The campus provides multiple areas along a tour path to reveal their brand’s high-energy culture and laser-focus on quality. More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Decathlon Prague Back Office

The world's largest retailer of sportswear operates in 57 countries and has more than 1,500 stores worldwide. They opened their first store in 1976. This year, they opened new back offices for the Czech Republic in Prague. The new offices are located in direct connection with one of the three stores in Prague. It is therefore a fit-out to the shopping center. Nevertheless, the office environment managed to tune in to the company's philosophy and create a sufficiently diverse work environment for people focusing on such a wide range of sports. At first glance, the gray-white interior with the technical ceiling makes the wooden floor cozy across the entire interior. According to the company's visual style, the color tuning and the graphic e... More

Project • By Atelier Tobia ZambottiApartments


Atelier Tobia Zambotti designed a minimalist-pop apartment in Reykjavík, an exotic oasis in the northernmost capital of the World. The design, from the layout to the choice of colours and finishes, addresses the problem of living in the North by creating clean and simple spaces enlivened by exotic touches and accents of colour. It reflects the client’s easy-going lifestyle by playing with ingenuity and eccentricity within a stark framework of white surfaces and bespoke italian furniture. The design baseline, with its aseptic clean lines and finishes, acts as a background for the key features to come into prominence, along with the life that will inhabit these spaces, of which the numerous plants are just the first sign traced... More

Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Restaurants

Vinegar Cafe SU

This project is renovation from 130 years old house to cafe and vivegar factory.This building includes cafe, factory and house.The café sells the vinegar produced by attached factory and serves dishes based on them.  SLICEAn ivy-covered house exterior is kept intact to harmonize with peaceful village and natural surroundings. On the other hand, interior of the house was reconstructed dramatically under the theme “Slice”.A primary element of the interior is blue bumpy surface composed of tables, chairs shelves and a counter that creates the effect of “Slice”.Natural light coming through big window creates blue dim atmosphere with reflection. It covers people to amplify special perceptional experience of b... More

Project • By h3oApartments

Blue kitchen in Prenzlauerberg

The specificity of kitchens in Berlin is the range of objects that form them. Tools, furniture, appliances accumulated over the years. They are often the nicest space in the house because of the overlapping of different times through the non-predetermined cluster of various elements.   Achieving this particular condition of every Berlin apartment in a completely new kitchen was the challenge of the project. How could the design give the city identity to a recently built apartment in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood?   At the same time, it was inevitable to take into account the kaleidoscopic reality of the city. Specially of Friedrichshain, centre of the counterculture after the fall of the Berlin wall and now numbed due to ge... More

Project • By Dana ShakedBars


DELI DESIGN   Published by: Dana Shaked More

Project • By LimonARC | Architecture StudioApartments

the Blue apartment

A new family apartment for a young family with 2 children.100 sqm apartment + 18 sqm balcony.The words cosy, clean, bright and functional were mentioned. The planing & design process began even before the building was built and so I insisted on making changes that would be almost impossible to do after the completion of the building. One of the biggest changes I had planned was  creating a real space for family hangouts instead of a narrow corridor that was planned.The white spaces are functioning as white canvas for new memories by the young family, combined with touches of Blue throughout the apartment. The hardwood floor gives the house warmth and softens the clean lines and white kitchen walls. The kitchen continues i... More

Project • By pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-Trade Shows

Inside-Outside_The stage|Marazzi G @ CERSAIE 2005|

It’s the project of an unconventional and theatrical space aimed to match the plastic qualities of Marazzi’s bathroom products. Defined by a freely moving plastic curtain whose fluid aesthetic enhances the project’s theme, the space is divided in two. The first section is filled with a calm abstract atmosphere, with a graphically patterned floor of blue mosaic tiles, organic shaped lighting elements on the ceiling and hedges of white reeds framing the presentation of pristine basins. At the opposite the black’n’urban sleek, polished interior of the second room distinguishes a private area, a “stage” for the debut of new or work-in-progress top products.With the aim of creating a symbolic experience that would offer new perspectives on the b... More


FERRACES Dental Clinic

This project clearly establishes a two-way dialogue between the clinic and the square facing it.Large, vertical, butt-joint glazed window panes without intermediate profiles flood the interior with a diffused northern light and completely open up the façade, allowing for the interior ceiling’s volumetric “game” - formed of prismatic shapes in shades of blue and white – to be viewed from the outside.This interior-exterior transparency is maintained in the inside spaces, making felt the spatial continuity created by the ceiling’s forms.The waiting area is accentuated by the warmth of its oak skirting board.The façade appears dematerialised through the combination of the large glass window panes and a thin coating of panels of mini-wave micro-... More

Product • By Lambert Kampscoffee bar

coffee bar

Mobile coffee counter for public spaces. The illuminated text on the front leaves no doubt about the function of the object. More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsHousing

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tnE Architects ZT GmbH – harnoncourt | fuchs & partner project team: Marie-Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs, Ernst J. Fuchs, Terezia Greskova, Paul Vabitsch completed in 2015 More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsSculptures


A large, black-blue object occupies the Rosa Room, the former second library hall. The intervention relates to its baroque surroundings in deliberately ambivalent ways: on the one hand the object seems like a foreign object landed in the center of the room; on the other hand its haptic characteristics enable visitors to interact playfully with each other and with the room. If touched by visitors, the object, filled with air and water, transforms these touches into reflections of light that create an interactive painting on the ceiling. The installation, which also features a specifically created fragrance, piques visitor´s curiosity and makes them want to interact with this foreign object. The installation´s haptic, physical, mysterious, an... More

Project • By LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]Secondary Schools


CONTEXT: The gym pavilion is built inside the plot of an existing school located at the south border of Jaraiz de la Vera, being accessible from an end-of-line street from Constitucion Avenue. Parallel to the north boundary of the plot, the new gym pavilion location responds to a double intention: - to maintain the biggest area available dedicated to playground linked with both the existing school and the new pavilion. - to deal with the new street at the north and the future green area of the town . In this way, a natural pedestrian connection from the town center is created, providing vehicular access and enabling school bus park area from the whole valley within a quiet street, making the access safer and more pleasant for the s... More