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Manfuba Waterfront Park Design

The project is located in Nanbu county under the jurisdiction of Nanchong city which is known as “the second city of Chengdu and Chongqing” in Sichuan Province. Relying on the bank of Jialing River, the whole site is located in the periphery of Manfu new town in the southern county, which is the visual link between the new and old cities. Nanbu county is rich in tourism resources and has a profound history. With the help of the linkage of local urban landscape and cultural resources, the plan aims to create the characteristic tourism project and the authenticity and uniqueness of the project. Through the differential development with other cities in the upper and lower reaches of the Jialing River Basin, it forms the core engine... More

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Taiping Ancient Town of Suzhou

Based on the cultural and creative industry as well as publishingindustry, with the core of characteristic culture and life culture,and supplemented by the comprehensive utilization of tourismresources, Taiping Ancient Town forms a characteristic styleblending rich living atmosphere, folk customs, tourism andindustry. It’s a town embracing characteristic industries and atthe same time provides the public with a characteristic town forleisure, entertainment and touring.Challenges set by similar areas around Taiping Ancient Town-There are many tourist towns around Suzhou, which will havea certain impact on the formation. This also requires TaipingAncient Town to be different from other ancient towns inplanning and positioning.Challenges... More

Project • By BLVD InternationalCities

Nanning Tus Park

Located in the Nanning Wuxiang New District, a “National New District”, Nanning Tus Park enjoys precious natural resources along the Yong River in Nanning. The project is positioned as “a new hi-tech city incorporating industrial development, the core area of industrial upgrading in Nanning, and the demonstration base of the innovative development of Guangxi facing the ASEAN”. The overall plan includes high-rises residence, western villas, loft apartments and independent office buildings. It covers functional zones such as the Science and Technology Museum, the Hi-Technology Park, the technological and smart community, the smart business and office area, innovative zone and leisure commercial streets. It is expected... More