Nanning Tus Park

Nanning Tus Park

BLVD International
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Nanning Tus Park

BLVD International as Architects

Located in the Nanning Wuxiang New District, a “National New District”, Nanning Tus Park enjoys precious natural resources along the Yong River in Nanning. The project is positioned as “a new hi-tech city incorporating industrial development, the core area of industrial upgrading in Nanning, and the demonstration base of the innovative development of Guangxi facing the ASEAN”.

The overall plan includes high-rises residence, western villas, loft apartments and independent office buildings. It covers functional zones such as the Science and Technology Museum, the Hi-Technology Park, the technological and smart community, the smart business and office area, innovative zone and leisure commercial streets. It is expected to boost the integration and interaction of technological, economic, talent and regional development amonghi-tech park, the social community and the school campus with the innovatively synchronic development of the “three communities”.

In the planning of the Tus Park, the links among functional zones were emphasized in order to create an open invigorated space for communication and form an intelligent, green and ecological park for the utmost use of the Tus Park advantages, the integration of resources into the Tsinghua Industry, and the common development of the industry, education and research.

After studying the relationship between openness and privacy in the project from both two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspectives,designers proposed the concept of“yard + aisle”. The scattered dot layout ensures the openness of the Tus Park, while guaranteeing the independency and privacy of each functional zone with enclosed courtyard. At the same time, the central axis of the landscape is designed to connect the individual units through sky corridors, vertically enriching and more closely connecting the landscape in the park to the aim of creating China's top eco-tech city.

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